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IF ONLY I WERE YOU by Halleluyah no yuki

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Trust me,
I have a purpose

she looked up at the scorching sun,then down at the burning soil,a lone eagle casting its shadows on the desert floor. she looked back up at the brown eagle,circling above her.she winced as a knife was embedded in its neck.she turned to the floor, waiting to see the blood spill on it,but the scenery ghost ad changed,she now saw fresh green grass and plants littered across the forest floor, with dew still dripping off them. The air was cool and moist,compared to the humid, suffocating desert winds.she looked up at the sky, dark clouds blocking off the suns rays as it started to rain.She stared out, as if through a looking glass as the rain began to dampen and blur her vision.she closed her eyes,squeezing them shut as she brought a hand to her face,wiping something off it.She looked down at it.
'tears?'.she looked up once more,staring at the person in front of her. The scenery had changed again, only this time,it wasn't a dream.

"principals office. .now!".
she stared up at the middle aged woman,holding a previously filled glass of water over her head.she blew her wet bangs out of her face before getting up,ignoring the stares and murmurs,she lethargic walked out of the class,her back pack in tow.she walked down the brightly lit hall,chewing on a piece of candy,she stopped briefly by a window mirror, checking out her appearance. She groaned at the way her mascara pooled above her cheeks, highlighting her green eyes,making her look less than human. she walked on,slinging her back pack over her shoulders. she came to a huge door painted bright red with a golden dooR knob,all signs pointed to horror. she adjusted her bag straps then plastered a huge smile on her face.she reached out to turn the knob then slowly pulled the door open as she peeked in.
"you're supposed to knock you know ".
she heard a harsh voice say from behind her.she turned round to face a fair skinned woman with red hair tied up neatly in a bun with a pencil sticking out of it.She nervously scratched behind her head as she was lifted off the floor by the back of her hoodie and dragged through the door.
"principal Rogers,a present for you".
The woman called out to a sandy hair coloured young man in a two piece grey suit.he turned briefly to look at her before promptly burying his head in his hands.
"not again. ..".she smiled widely at him before turning. to the blonde haired boy staring at her with a curious expression on his face. She felt a chill,then another. she wrapped her hoodie around herself tighter. she took a step back,then two. she turned to the principal who was angrily ranting at her,then back at the red haired woman who looked at her coldly, then at herself.
'why is this happening? '.
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