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The Renegade Generation by Jareth Dallis

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: This is OC Centric with an emphasis on Ginshin and his developing relationship with Sakura.


Author�s Note: Alternate Universe, Ginshin is a teenager. Konoha students attend a high school along with going on missions, also there will be changes to the history to make this work. Along with the inclusion of modern technology and other amenities we currently enjoy so it doesn�t seem like the story is trapped in the nineties..

Disclaimer: This fic will be OC Centric so if that bothers you back out now. Also, I do not own Naruto, anything written here is just a vanity project. Furthermore I won�t be doing jutsu in Japanese, too much work goes into it and I can�t find translations that work for me.

It was a peaceful morning in Konoha, sun brightly shining and not a cloud in sight. After passing their Genin Exams, Naruto and his class were set to attend High School. For within the village, all students were required to attend the High School to attain a proper education so if the incident arose that they could no longer be ninja, the students could have a career to fall back on. Entry into the Academy was guaranteed for all who passed the Genin Exams.

The sizeable campus had many amenities to facilitate the development of the skills of the students, with Clubs that would focus on honing specific techniques to help bring out the potential of the students. Eight wings made up the Academy formed into a circle, with the central courtyard designed to represent the yin yang. The wings of the academy were constructed intentionally to be in the form of the Eight Trigrams. All this was due to an effort to bring together differing elements that serve the village. Those who received their initial training within the village�s primary academies, and those who were brought up in what was known simply as The Temple. Ultimately the guiding principle of the academy was to bring about harmony of the warrior and civilian paths, and this was the reason for the architecture reflected a symbol that reflects finding harmony.

The students filed into the courtyard of the academy, many quickly made their ways to the bulletin boards to find out which classes they were assigned to. Many were celebrating to know that they would be with their friends, while others were dismayed to find out they would be in classes with people they couldn�t stand.

The uniforms for the academy had two standards. The boys dressed in, a white dress shirt with, red tie, and black dress pants. As for the girls their uniforms consisted of, a white dress shirt, red plaid skirt, and tie. There was some deviation from student to student, some not wearing the tie, others had a vest or a blazer to accessorize the style of their uniform within reason that is.

Among those students checking their class assignments was Haruno Sakura, she dressed in almost standard variation of the uniform, except she decided to forgo the tie, and chose a red dress shirt. She was in the process of checking class assignment, her emerald green eyes shone with elation as she saw she was in the same class as Uchiha Sasuke. That was until she noticed who else was in her class, and her jubilation quickly disappeared. There was only one thing that would bring such a feeling of terror to the young girl.

�Hah! Billboard brow, you thought you�d get Sasuke-kun all to yourself didn�t you?� loudly spoke a platinum haired girl, as she stood behind Sakura, none other than Sakura�s rival, Yamanaka Ino. She dressed similarly to Sakura, only with a white dress shirt, and black knee socks being the key difference.

�Oh shut it, Ino pig!! It isn�t all about you! I can deal with you any time. I just can�t deal with you while being hit on by Naruto all the time!� exclaimed the pink haired Kunoichi, frustrated with the fact she would have to still deal with a boy who in her mind just wouldn�t take the hint. Of course, not realizing the irony that it was a fast growing cycle of unrequited love all around.

Ino smirked broadly, and loudly declared, �Sounds like you have the problem! Naruto thankfully doesn�t like me! Which means Sasuke-kun will be all mine!�

�I could tell him you actually think he�s cute, you know.� dryly Sakura replied, her eyes narrowed in annoyance, using a threat to even the playing field once again.

�You wouldn�t!� complained the blonde Kunoichi in horror at the thought of that premise happening, her face showing abject and utter horror as she realized more and more, her pink haired nemesis would do exactly that and grumbled, ��You would��

�Exactly, so if you try any of your dirty tricks I have an ace up my sleeve.� warned the Pink haired Kunoichi with a devilish glint in her eyes, although she was probably playing more deviously than Ino would ever consider doing�possibly. The normally beautiful kunoichi began emitting an aura so demonic it seemed like she was shrouded in miasma.

�Oh yeah!? Two can play this game!! I hear that one of our senpai is a total lunatic, maybe I should tell him he�s your type!� declared Ino returning fire with great ambition burning in her eyes. Of course in the heat of the moment, she neglected that she didn�t know who this infamous senpai was only that he was unusual�possibly crazy. She didn�t need much in the way of facts to go on at this moment, she was on a mission of love, shallow love that would be doomed to fail but love none the less.

�You don�t even know his name!�


�Maybe I will direct him towards you!! Maybe he has a thing for stupid blonds!�

�Stupid?! At least I don�t have a forehead so big you can project movies on it!�

The two kunoichi bickering began to draw the attention of the other students, mostly because they were shocked by the oddity of the fighting that they were witnessing. Even more so the intensity that they were arguing because it could go bad at any moment if things got too out of hand. That was until something else got the attention of the many students that were gathered.

�TODAY IS THE DAY THAT I BEGIN MY FATED RISE TO HOKAGE!!! AND MY FIRST GOAL IS TO TAKE OVER THE STUDENT COUNCIL!!!� boldly Naruto declared as he stood in front of one of the bulletin boards striking what he thought was a heroic pose with his index finger pointed towards the Hokage Monument. He dressed in the required uniform, but with the dress shirt unbuttoned and untucked wearing an orange t-shirt underneath.

This declaration didn�t fall on deaf ears, not that anyone could ignore that announcement as loud as the boy was. Rather many of the second year and third year students were either complaining that they lost money or that �This isn�t going to end well�

�I don�t think they heard you in the Kumogakure Naruto�why do you have to be so obnoxious about it�this is such a drag�� complained Shikamaru, dressed in a similar lazy manner to Naruto, only his t-shirt was black. His voice carrying all the irritation of such a horrible and loud declaration of war on the existing student council, he then dryly added, �We haven�t even been here a day and you�re determined to beginpicking fights with people we should probably avoid��

�Eh?! The student council is probably some honor student who couldn�t win a fight!� barked Naruto as he went through his mocking actions, trying his best to portray through charades his idea of a boring honor student.

�Honor student? Hahahahaha�no. Unable to win a fight�pffft hahahahaha�.I can�t�I can�t wait for Garou and Shiraizou to hear that, it�s just so precious how you new kids think!!� interjected a second year student, his almost condescending amusement echoing throughout the courtyard. While most students either wore the bare minimum of a school uniform or even the standard, he took it up a notch, a three piece suit, he dressed in with a red dress shirt, black tie, black vest, and black dress pants. His long black hair was neatly tied back, while his face bore the features prominent within the Nara clan, a constant look of boredom, and laziness that couldn�t be matched.

�Hey Roku�let me guess the Student Council President, is your designated idiot friend like this loud mouth is for me�� replied Shikamaru, showing some annoyance at the predicament they were in already, having hoped to fly below the radar long enough to get used to High School.

�Hey! Who are you calling an idiot Shikamaru!?� complained the blond Genin, taking aspersion to being called an idiot, it was rather annoying to him to be called out on his foolish behavior.

�You, because you intend to piss off people right away and no doubt drag us into it with you.�

�Nah, the Student Council President is kind of laid back�well�that isn�t true. Last year was one hell of a year. But�it�s not my job to protect you kids.� warned Roku as he walked away content with his vague warnings.

�Oh gee thanks for the warning, I can only imagine Kasegi is running bets on this, isn�t she?� queried Shikamaru with one eyebrow raised, not liking the ominous threat regarding the student council president and his behavior.

�Well yeah, when isn�t she? She�s still running bets on you.� sarcastically replied the older Nara as he walked away keeping quiet that he had some money riding on a few outcomes that he was sure would happen regardless if he had helped protect them from things that would likely unfold under the right circumstances.

��Oh great�we got another cocky loudmouth�that�s my thing! Except ya know I can back up everything I say!� grumbled an irritated voice from the steps leading into the campus courtyard, which drew the attention of all the students in attendance as he gradually came into view.

His messy spiky silver hair made him look as if he just woke from bed, it was neither short nor was it long by any scope of the imagination as it reached the middle of his neck, some of the hair haphazardly falling in his face. His eyes just spoke of danger, bearing a striking resemblance to those of a wolf down to the color. A smug and wild grin was his constant expression. His variation of the uniform was a white dress shirt, black tie, a red vest, black dress pants, with a red and white fur lined coat draped over his shoulders. Physically he was of a lean muscular build, he had some muscle mass but in terms he was built like he was designed to move fast yet he had a fair amount of muscle mass so he could strike when he needed to.

�Remind me again why I have to dress like I work in a host club? I swear once I get outta school I aint wearin sleeves�ever�EHHHHHHHHHHHVER again.� complained the silver haired boy, his face showing heavy dissatisfaction with his current mode of attire. This complaint he broadcasted heavily suggested that perhaps he was more prone to wearing a more casual style of clothing.

�Because, Ginshin, you are the Student Council President, why you were elected still defies my imagination, but it�s clear you ran because you�re a moron. Furthermore, why do you insist on wearing that thing�you look like a you have some delusions�oh right I forgot who I�m talking to.� came the sharp reply of a dark haired Kunoichi, her white eyes making it clear she was born of the Hyuuga line. Her sharp manner of speaking was only matched by the intense gaze of her eyes. Her black hair was styled into a hime cut, with the length braided into two braids that trailed down her back. Her body was slender and more of an athletic build, with a smaller bust perhaps comparable to that of certain Kunoichi.

��Awww c�mon Hotaru, Ya know ya love that bout me! � with a playful grin Ginshin replied as he turned and walked backwards in high spirits enjoying his morning so far.

�Idiot�� was the simple reply from the stoic white eyed girl, only faintly blushing as her eyes darted off to the side, with a faint smile on her face.

Watching the two enter the plaza, Ino�s eyes lit up with excitement and when she saw the newcomers, a dynamic that she couldn�t help but notice. Of course her eyes were fixated on the silver haired boy for the most part, with a playful glint in her cornflower blue eyes lit up with mischief, as she playfully glanced over at Sakura and quickly grasped hold of her shoulders and pushed her straight towards the silver haired boy.

�Wha!? Ino what are you-� the pink haired Kunoichi tried to argue, but it was too late , and in an attempt to maintain her balance she ran forward unaware where she was going.

�It�s a good morning�though I do feel I forgot to do somethin�. Eh, it�ll sort itself out!� Ginshin happily said unaware of what was about to come his way, which instantly became clear as he turned around and saw the pink haired girl lunging towards him. He could have easily stepped out of her way, but instead he allowed the collision. Perhaps he was being a gentleman�but the odds were he was thinking he could meet another attractive girl, because he had that kind of reputation.

As she collided with him her face ended up buried within his chest, upon realizing she had come to a complete stop she shyly glanced upward, her cheeks tinged bright red, only for them to become flusher as her eyes met with his. Her heart was beating heavily in both embarrassment at the situation she was in, but also because she found this boy she didn�t even know to be so striking.

�Are ya okay?� he calmly asked as he placed his hands on her shoulders, doing his best to help her regain her bearings. He was if one thing someone who actually cared about others not wanting to see bad things happen to them. Well that isn�t true, but that was the old Ginshin not the new reformed Ginshin.

�Y-Yeah�just my stupid friend pushed me over here. I don�t normally run straight into boys I don�t know��

��Eh? Is that what happened? Just glad you�re okay!� was the simple reply he gave as smiled gently at her, he knew he had one chance to make a good impression on her, of course he also knew it wouldn�t last long because he was who he was, he then went on to speak, casually saying, �As far as awkward meetings go, nice to meet ya, I�m Jinketsu Ginshin, Student Council President. Not every day I have a cute girl crash into me, so in all�it�s a good day!�

�I�m Haruno Sakura, this is my first day�d-did you just call me cute?�

�Of course! Why wouldn�t I? It�d be a lie if I said otherwise!�

�Oooh la la. Sakura has a new boooooooooyfriend!� Ino called out from across the courtyard, much to the chagrin of Sakura who became annoyed at such comments.

�Is that your friend?� coolly he inquired as he glanced towards the noisy girl, raising an eyebrow.

�Yeah�that�s her�� sighed Sakura as she hanged her head in exasperation.

�She�s kinda cute�kinda noisy too, though�what she�s sayin� is flattering.� said the Jinketsu heir with a satisfied grin on his face actually liking the inference, of course he�d probably be happy with any suggestion he was a girl�s boyfriend.

Narrowing her eyes in offense, and some jealousy that he could call Ino cute, she angrily said, �Hmph, now being called cute means nothing and don�t get any ideas, Ginshin-senpai. �I kind of like someone already, also I barely know you!!�

�Aww and I was gon� introduce you to mom!� sardonically he replied with a satirical smirk on his face teasing her about it just a little.

�Don�t be a smart ass.�

Of course this scene didn�t go unnoticed, Naruto�s right eye twitched uncontrollably as anger and jealousy overtook his normally irrational thought processes, resulting in him being more incensed than he normally would be. Clenching his fists a dark aura overtook him as he began to stomp towards Ginshin and Sakura intending to do something about it. He saw enough, the fact the two were gazing into one another�s eyes was enough to set him off into a jealous fury.

�Naruto�come on! Please not right now!� reasoned Shikamaru knowing this wasn�t going to end well, but�he wasn't about to make the effort to hold Naruto back, because it would be pointless, he knew his cousin Kasegi probably figured this would happen and was running bets on it.

�No�that guy is asking for an ass kicking!! Hitting on my Sakura-chan so casually...I hate him already!!!� bellowed Naruto as he sprinted forward readying himself to attack as he had his right fist chambered to his side to unleash havoc on the offending party.

�I�m telling you it won�t end�well�annnnnd the idiot is already gone�what a drag��

But�just as he reached his target, two feet planted themselves right into his face and sent him flying throughout the courtyard bouncing across the stones as if he were a stone tossed across the water�s surface, a female voice angrily shouted one thing, and that was �ONII-CHAN!!�, oddly all that was missing from the scene was a voice saying, a new challenger appears.

Skillfully landing right next to Ginshin and Sakura was a young woman, who had the most unusual that looked like a terrible dye job. Her hair began as blond and had a gradient transitioning into orange and then red as you reached the tips, it was loosely braided into a solitary braid that trailed down to the middle of her back, her bangs framed the sides of her face, neatly held out of her face with some ornate hair clips that looked like phoenix feathers. Her azure blue eyes took an almost innocent shape, of course that was hard to tell when she was glaring with fierce anger. She had dressed almost similarly to Sakura, only her dress shirt was sleeveless, which was due to the fact she had Miko like sleeves on her arms, additionally she wore black knee socks.

�R-Rekka!?� was the startled reply of the silver haired Shinobi as he was shocked by the arrival of the young Kunoichi, who he clearly knew and that is when it all dawned on him as a sheepish grin crossed his visage and he shamefully said, �I�promised to walk you to school��

�That�s right!! And when I get here and find you flirting with this flat chested whore!!�


��Hah! This is natural! Oh�could it be you�re actually just jealous because I actually have breasts? Don�t worry puberty should come to you sooner or later, oh�never mind, it seems you were just cursed with those mosquito bites!�

�What?! At least I have an athletic body, those clunky things probably throw you off balance all the time!

��Not again�why does this shit always happen to me�� thought Ginshin as he could quickly see things were going to go downhill fast, he began to try sneaking away only for the two Kunoichi to grab him by the arms. A look of sheer terror took to his face, he didn�t fear too much but he knew one thing, never piss off women because they�re insane. His eye began twitching as fear and panic took over, the color quickly draining form his face as he knew his day was about to become a living hell, and fast.

�Senpai�tell the Dye Job Whore to back off!�

�Gin-nii�please explain to this girl with the body of a boy�not to mention personality, that we have a special bond!�

�I�I wanna stay outta this�n�ummm y�both look pretty?� sheepishly Ginshin answered rhetorically, unsure of what to say to be honest, and knowing that no matter what he said he would get beaten up, of course he didn�t say anything he would regret in the next, oh�ten seconds give or take.

The two Kunoichi turned their attention him with fierce and intimidating glares aimed directly at him, veins were clearly visible in their foreheads as their anger was aimed directly at him. The twitching of his eye became much more frequent as he knew he was about to suffer a terrible fate.

�Senpai�you�MORON!!!� angrily Sakura shouted as she stomped on his foot, and began unleashing furious chain of punches into his solar plexus, the punches with each blow became harder until she executed a fierce uppercut knocking him into the sky.

Of course his punishment wasn�t done yet, as the blond Kunoichi flew into the sky executing a flurry of well-placed kicks mostly aimed at his ribs. The flurry continued to mount up, until the young girl�s legs disappeared into a blinding flurry, almost as if her leg was becoming like metal that had reached its melting point. That�s when she executed a step-up enzuigiri, which connected with his head and sent him crashing downward into the ground, she then furiously shouted, �GIN-NII YOU JERK!!!�

�Ugh�embarrassing, the next Hokage got his ass totally kicked by some girl!! I will never live this one down!!!� angrily Naruto shouted as he slowly got to his feet only to be knocked flat on his ass once again, when the Senpai he was going to pick a fight with crashed right into him.

�It�was�worth�it�� Ginshin managed to wheeze out before he collapsed onto the ground, glancing to his left he saw Naruto knocked down and casually said, �Ya okay kid?�

�Yeah�don�t worry about me, I can heal pretty good�what about you. You�re probably not doing too well, I�ve been on the receiving end of Sakura-chan�s anger before. On top of that, you got kicked around by that cute blond!� replied Naruto having some minor respect for anyone who could take a beating from Sakura like that.

�Ehh, don�t worry �bout me�small perk of bein� related to two of the dead idiots carved on that mountain.� casually Ginshin replied as he formed a hand seal and shrouded his body in a steel blue aura, his body quickly began to repair any damage he suffered.

A fox like grin took to Naruto�s face as he jumped to his feet and loudly declared, �Good!! Then I don�t have to feel bad about kicking your ass for hitting on my Sakura-chan!�

�Eh? Man�ya gotta get your priorities in order�� in an exasperated tone Ginshin responded as he stood to his feet and began to walk away, after collecting his coat he slipped his arms through the sleeves and casually walked away, nonchalantly commenting, ��Ya wanna be Hokage, but you�re flapping yer lips, honestly right now�I�m closer to bein� a leader than ya are. A leader doesn�t seek to fight, a leader, well�leads by example. Also�Sakura aint yours, she�s a lady, treat her with some respect, or you�ll have me to deal with. It�s one thing to not give up on a girl but try not to annoy her. �Sides fightin� over a girl is immature, don�cha think?�

�Don�t talk like you�re already her boyfriend, just cause you two got along for a few moments!� barked Naruto as he clenched his fists not liking the tone of this guy, he didn�t like his attitude it was pissing him off more than anything Sasuke could do.

�Huh�? I told ya�she isn�t yours so don� be pullin� this Alpha Male shit with me. All ladies deserve to be treated with respect because it�s the most badass thing y�can do!� declared the student council president as his eyes narrowed in agitation and an aura of killing intent began to emanate from him, and he spoke once more with some hostility in his voice, �Treat her with respect, or I�ll teach ya the meanin� of fear. Got it?�

�I did like Sakura, she seemed nice but�I aint bout to fight over her. Gettin� involved in petty shit aint my style. More trouble�n its worth...I don�t need more hurdles as I try to change who I am from who I was.� mused Ginshin as he continued to walk away, until he encountered Roku and two other individuals.

The first was a towering and imposing man, bearing the two fang markings on his face highlighting his link to the Inuzuka clan. His hair was of chestnut brown, cut into a Mohawk, the hair indiscriminately resting in whichever way it wanted to go, the sides of his head weren�t shaved rather just clipped short. His uniform was practical if anything, wearing only an unbuttoned white dress shirt, with a black t-shirt underneath, and black dress pants. His build was strikingly like that of an enforcer or perhaps a bouncer. He towered over the other three whom weren�t short, but his presence made them seem diminutive.

The other one was of similar in height to Ginshin and Roku, his matte black hair was a slight mess with a few stray hairs popping out here and there, with a large section of his hair combed back, so it wouldn�t be falling into his face. His dark eyes were of a more gentle nature than his comrades, yet had intensity like that of a falcon. His manner of dress was akin to that of Garou, except he opted for a black dress shirt. Physically he was built in a lean manner like Ginshin, rather than being built like an imposing brute like Garou, or lanky like Roku was, yet he had more muscular definition than Ginshin.

�I�m shocked you didn�t accept his challenge, Boss. You�re going soft.� analytically Roku commented as he looked to Ginshin, not sure what happened in that situation because he had known the fool for a while and that normally resulted in a bareknuckle beat down. But, that didn�t happen this time instead it was handled with diplomacy.

�Ehh, don�cha think that sets a bad example for a Student Council President?� chimed the silver haired shinobi as he continued to walk not caring that it might be perceived as weak. No, far from it, he was trying to change his behavior for some reason or another.

�You changed man, you used to be cool. We�d kick ass before school, after school�then you changed�� spoke the towering Inuzuka as he looked to Ginshin who was remaining calm in the face of all these claims.

Quirking a brow, Shiraizou couldn�t stomach this new restrained Ginshin he was seeing and calmly said, �Yeah, who are you and what have you done with Ginshin? I mean yeah you hit on a girl you don�t even know, but seriously�you didn�t make an open challenge or hit anyone with a Wolf Snap. Hell where were your signature moves? You calmly shut down threats using words instead of executing a Go To Sleep, hell where was the Manticore Tamer?!�

�Cryin� out loud you guys�I am entitled to be civilized, besides�� began Ginshin somewhat annoyed with the treatment he was getting because he was trying to act like someone with a position of authority should, he then stopped and looked off into the distance and continued as he reflectively said, �It aint so nice bein� the guy known for bein� a short tempered lunatic, and have ev�ryone be �fraid of ya. It�d be nice if I was liked instead of reviled an� dreaded.�

�Oh I get it�you took a liking to that girl, who is clearly Bara�s cousin, so that�s what happened!� exclaimed Roku with amusement and a heelish smirk on his face, knowing that this would get a rise out of the one he called Boss.

�S-Shut up! Like I would be taken that easily! I have plenty of girl�s crazy about me�eh heheh�but��stuttered the Jinketsu heir, somewhat embarrassed by the assumptions, trying his best to act cool about the situation he was in, his cheeks were tinged a faint shade of red as a matter of fact.

�Aha!! Gin-chan�s in looooooooove. It was only a matter of time until there was a girl who could defeat you!�


�Ginshin is in looooooooove!!!� sang all three in unison, much to the chagrin of the Jinketsu heir, which amused them even further as they continued to sing in amusement, �Ginshin is in looooooooove!! The infamous Alpha Male has been bessssssssssssted!�

�THAT DOES IT!!� roared Ginshin, as blood veins protruded from his forehead as his anger had reached its peak. He proceeded to form hand seals and summed forth a pair of mechanical gauntlets, slipping his hands into the weapons the top and bottoms connected and sealed shut. Clenching his fists tight he pounded his knuckles together before lifting up the hood of his coat at which point his voice became more demonic as an aura encircled him his eyes piercing through the darkness of his hood as he angrily rasped, �Don�t run�you�ll only die tired��

�Okay, we went too far��

�You think�?� growled Ginshin his bestial canines becoming more pronounced in his angered state as three, foot long claws extended from each gauntlet with a resounding snikt sound.

�We just had to whine about how he changed��

�Mercy is for the weak�now act like the Harbingers that you are and accept your punishment!�

Shikamaru approached Naruto, now that Chouji and Kiba had arrived, and saw the dumbfounded look on the blonde�s face, and coolly progressed to state, �You just got defeated by the Student Council President, Naruto, not physically, but verbally. That is the person you�ll have to surpass. He is you, but better, if you want to surpass him you might have to actually apply yourself...�

That was when Shikamaru noticed the commotion between the four lunatics watching as the axiomatic leader of the quartet rampaged trying to mete out punishment upon them, he then said with bemusement, �Or�not�please tell me we don�t act like that?�

�Nah�we�re definitely cooler than those losers-� Naruto began to say only for a few kunai to fly past his head and hit the ground with the notable shink sound as they pierced� the paving stones, carefully glancing back he saw the demonic senpai staggering towards him with twitchy movements as if he were some monster from a horror film.

�Care�to run that by me again�my hearin� aint so good y�see�considerin� I�m just a loser�maybe I�ll educate ya on why the rest o�the �cademy calls me the Innovator of Chaos!!� snarled Ginshin as he pointed the razor sharp claws towards Naruto poised to attack, light reflected from the extremely sharp blades as a

Kiba�s animal instincts were telling him this was not a situation that was good to be in, a feeling that broadcasted that there was no good to come of challenging this man.

�Yeah! You are a loser! The fact a moron like you is the top guy around here pisses me off! You piss me off you think you�re so cool strutting around in your fur coat like some wrestling heel.�

�Well that officially upgraded this to defcon two. Shika, does your idiot always pick fights with the lunatic with clawed gloves?�

�Naturally, doesn�t your idiot? Also wasn�t he speaking much more properly before?�

�Yes, yes he does�ah that�when he�s really angry he begins to speak with the dialect he normally speaks in, when he�s angry he goes country.�

And suddenly the would-be fight was disrupted by the timely intervention of Hotaru whom grabbed hold of Ginshin�s ear and twisted it, �Damnit! We�re going to be late, if I let you fight. You are such a moron...oh I could be like Kikka and like normal people�but noooooo I have to hang out with, the resident heel stable��

�Whew�she didn�t notice us�that would have been such a problem�� Roku commented in relief, thinking they wouldn�t suffer an even worse fate, but of course he spoke too soon.

�And you three, you�ll be assisting in my target training today�because I know you had a part in this.� declared the Hyuuga as she ceased twisting Ginshin�s ear and moved onto drag him away by the collar of his coat, visibly annoyed by the fact she was surrounded by idiots.

�DAMNIT!� the three loudly cussed knowing they had signed their own death warrants.

�Ya�ll deplore the day y�crossed me!! Lemme go Hotaru! I aint done yet! Lemme at least put the fear o�heaven in �im!! Y�aint heard t�last of Jinketsu Ginshin!!� the silver haired boy continued his tirade of threats flailing his clawed arms wildly as he was pulled away, the whole act was cartoonish and silly to outsiders, but�who are we kidding it was the funniest thing anyone could see.

�No, we�re going to be late, and I don�t want Anko-sensei getting angry at us again.� scolded the white eyed kunocihi as she continued to drag Ginshin away by the collar of his coat, not in the mood to put up with his idiocy this early in the morning.

�Well may as well go, if he somehow gets loose before he calms down, the bitch will probably add more to our punishment, what a problematic scenario, last time she made us buy tampons�remind me why he�s our best friend?� complained the well-dressed Nara as he slumped over in annoyance at the situations they always found themselves in.

�Because he was an outcast loser like us, and we all picked a fight together�� reasoned Shiraizou as he pulled out his comb and fixed his hair while walking towards the academy, the way he spoke made it seem as if he already accepted his fate of being associated with a group of outcast lunatic fringe students.

�What a loser!! He�s probably all talk!!� barked Naruto, not even phased in the least at the threats that were sent his way.

�The scared dog barks loudest, Naruto. You probably didn�t sense it because you�re a fool, but I felt it the presence of an Apex Predator, I think he�s the one my sister told me to avoid.� warned Kiba his voice showing much off the irritation of dealing with Naruto and his idiocy in picking fights on their first day at the new school. Normally he was one for a challenge but he didn�t want to end up making an enemy where he shouldn�t. His bestial instinct, often informed him on the best course of action and in this case it was to avoid confrontations with those four.

Without being aware these four junior fools had just encountered the four resident trouble makers of the academy, well former trouble makers. Nara Roku, the Harbinger of Death, Inuzuka Garou,� the Harbinger of Calamity, Uchiha Shiraizou, the Harbinger of Strife, and their leader Jinketsu Ginshin, the Harbinger of War. As whole the quartet was known as The Four Harbingers or in proper terms, The Four Horsemen.

�Those gauntlets Ginshin-senpai uses look extremely specialized I have a sneaking suspicion that he has a lot more up his sleeve than claws, something about the way he carries himself tells me he isn�t some average slacker from a lesser known clan.� mused Shikamaru as he analyzed the situation they were just in there was something about the combination of the four senpai that bothered him.

�He did mention he was related to two dead guys on the Hokage Monument�but I doubt he�s my cousin, since one of them was my dad�which means�HE�S RELATED TO THE FIRST AND SECOND HOKAGE?!� in a confused manner Naruto bellowed, as the tumblers in his mind finally turned over and he realized what that comment meant.

�And you finally realize that comment means something? Naruto, you are stupid beyond belief. If he is related to the Senjuu that means he is possibly more skills than he lets on, though that rampaging violence was most definitely legitimate, I don�t think he�s a prodigy but he probably has his own talents. Early summary, I�d say he is you�but better.�

�Then I�ll just have to become better than him by dethroning him!! And then I will become the King around here!� Naruto once more declared, throwing his fist into the air with new found determination to prove that he was infinitely better than the dangerous senpai.

�You have your work cut out then, Naruto. I noticed Senpai is a lot smoother than you with his advances on girls like Sakura, she did look kind of happy with him.� said Chouji whom had remained quiet the whole time, stating one area that was not analyzed by the rest. That one being that Ginshin was far more casual in his approach to approaching Sakura.

The blond Jinchuuriki was rendered into naught but a pillar of salt frozen in abject horror at the revelation that it was true, and then internally he began to despair thinking, �It�s true, it�s true!!! Sakura-chan was even blushing when he spoke to her!! What does he have that I don�t?! He even got his ass kicked by her!!�

�And he realizes now that Ginshin-senpai is the greatest nemesis he will ever know, what a drag�this guy is such an annoying friend�� complained Shikamaru as he buried his face into his own hands, not sure why they had to put up with a friend. Then he became much more relieved when he had the epiphany that Roku probably had it much worse because his designated idiot was more of a trouble maker.

At this point, there was another incident happening within the school, on the first year�s floor in classroom 1-A to be exact wherein Ino stood amongst a throng of female classmates making a boastful declaration proudly stating, �So Sakura shall not be a threat to us anymore! She met a Senpai, and she was basically like, �Senpai!! I looooooooove you!!�, hehehe��

�And to think, it was I who introduced them! So beautiful!� exclaimed the platinum blond Kunoichi as she shed a crocodilian tear feigning tears of happiness at a situation she caused, she never once thought about the consequences of her actions. At least until the hairs on the back of her neck stood up, and she felt the glowering look of the one she was talking about become focused on her.

��Inooooo�I hope you have your affairs in order�BECAUSE I�M GOING TO MURDER YOU!!� roared the pink haired beauty, her eyes narrowed into a look of furious anger, her fists clenched as she walked towards her nemesis ready to dish out some comeuppance with righteous fury. Once she reached the desks that would prove an obstacle, she waited for Ino to smirk thinking this was going to stop her assault, and summarily leapt into the air flying above the desks and crashing downward planting her fist into the floor, only because Ino had barely managed to dodge to the right.

�Ooooh, Sakura-chan�s angry�did Ginshin-senpai dump you already because he didn�t like your big forehead!?� taunted the platinum haired Kunoichi, as she gracefully bounded across the desks avoiding her angry friend, making a rude face as she gracefully strode across the desks one after another.

Of course green eyed demoness, wasn�t going to play this on Ino�s territory and began to swat the desks away one after another ensuring Ino ran out of road to flee upon. Seeing that her nemesis was out of a place to run from her, jumped into the air in an attempted takedown maneuver, but it missed once again as the platinum haired Kunoichi vaulted into the air above. And that�s when she saw the disheveled silver hair of the Senpai that caused this awkward circumstance come into view.

�Hey�Yuu-nee are you here?� Ginshin asked in a serious tone as he peered into the classroom only to be greeted by the sight of Sakura flying right towards him, a faint chuckle escaped his maw, with his wolfish grin showing before he skillfully stepped forward. Each movement was calculated as he caught her in his arms shifting her weight so he was holding her in a princess style carry, and dryly went on to say, �We gotta quit meetin� like this, Blossom. People might start talkin�.�

��This day officially sucks�� Sakura said in a tone filled with dejection as gloomy expression overtook her as she let loose a weary sigh, she then looked up and angrily said, �Wait! Why are you here Senpai!? Are you stalking me?!�

��Yes, I came just to see you, Blossom! When we met it was like kismet!� Dramatically he declared his voice laden with immense sarcasm as he gently helped her out of his arms, a lazy smirk on his face as he glanced at her, he then grinned broadly and said, �Nah�my older sister is your teacher, just wanted to tell her a few things�but guess she aint here yet. Aww well better not stay too long Hotaru-chan will get angry once she realizes that�s just a Shadow Clone.�

Then it dawned on her that he was calling her Blossom, causing her to blush furiously to which she loudly said with awkwardness, �W-Why are you calling me, Blossom!? We don�t know each other well enough for you to give�

�Cause you�re a pretty blossom!� he confidently said with a wink, the same wild grin plastered on his face as he looked at her kindly. Then, then he began to hear the gossip of the other girls and he too became flustered.

�Wow, Ino was right�they are an item. Senpai must be some sort of smooth talker.�

�Of course, he keeps calling her Blossom!�

�Hmph he must be some loser if he�s going for girls in the First Year. Talk about a try hard, look at that gauche fur coat.�

�He�s too handsome for her if you ask me, why would he want someone so flat?�

�Oh man�it�s too late...they�re already talking!� whined Ginshin as he slumped over in despair knowing how fast rumors spread, realizing due to this some situations in his life would become hectic he threw his arms up exclaiming, �Now the school will devolve into sectarian violence!!�

��My life is over�and it�s your fault!� protested Sakura as she glared at her Senpai unhappy that because of this,her chances with Sasuke were being dashed little by little. Of course she became all the more angry when her irritation fell upon deaf ears, gripping his ear she twisted it and in hostile manner she snarled, �Why aren�t you upset in the least that you�re ruining my life?!�

Once Ino finally got a good look at Ginshin, a sly smirk crossed her lips as devious machinations overtook her mind, she couldn�t deny that she found him attractive. But the foremost thought on her mind at the moment was agitating Sakura even more, she had done so well thus far. But now she had to do something really egregious to really make her angry, that�s when it hit her she�ll make the situation between Ginshin and Sakura more awkward the devious smile on her face became increasingly more evil as she quietly thought to herself, �I�ll make them look like such a couple that she will never be able to come back from it and then Sasuke-kun will be mine!�

�Hey, Hinata, get your phone out.� the Yamanaka heiress said, with a sly grin on her face. Her evil plan would need an accomplice to succeed and she knew who to use.

�W-Why? Y-You�re not going to try embarrassing Sakura again a-are you?� timidly the former Hyuuga heiress asked, her face flush due to her usual shyness. Her long silken black hair was neatly tied back as it trailed down her back. She dressed in another variance of the uniform, wearing a black sweater vest in this instance in an attempt to camouflage her large bust.

�Not�exactly. But if she�s believed to be dating, Senpai, Naruto won�t be chasing her as much!�

�W-wont Sakura be angry?�

�What?! Nahhhhh!! In fact this is for her own good! This is like ripping off the bandaid!�

�I-If you say so...�

�Relax! It�ll be fine!! Just when you get the picture, send it to me and I will take care of the rest!�

�I can�t use that jutsu, and Sakura will be expecting me to push her again�so I need to�yeah I�ll target him!� the blond thought to herself with a cunning smile on her face as she calculated her approach, satisfied with her plotting she made her move. She swiftly proceeded to rush between the two gripping onto his coat and tugging on the sleeve, then catching Sakura distracted grabbed her by the arm, and proceeded to send them towards one another, and then proceeded to exclaim, �Whup! I forgot something!�

�W-Wha!?� in a startled tone, Ginshin staggered as his balance was shifted by Ino crashing between him and Sakura, then his eyes widened as he saw this time he was staggering towards Sakura for a change.

�Huh!?� shrieked the pink haired Kunoichi as she was sent flying towards Ginshin, all the while cursing the horrible first day she was having.

And that�s when it happened, the two trying to catch themselves ended up in an embrace, but it wasn�t enough and their lips brushed in a tender kiss, causing both to blush furiously. But in the time that it took for them to realize the situation they were in, and that they were kissing, it was too late. Pictures were taken and posted to all forms of social media.

Realizing what had just happened she jumped back from him as he did the same, a look of sheer embarrassment on their face as she proceeded to angrily complain, �T-That was my first kiss!! How could you!�

�H-How could I!? I had no control on the situation! I got good reflexes but I aint that good!! Oh man�y�know what, just tell Yuu-nee I need her to tell me who the class rep is by the end of the day!!� replied the Jinketsu heir embarrassed beyond belief as he knew this was going to result in more problems for him, more than� he wanted. And of course he knew any chances he had with her were forever dashed, not that he liked her that is.

Meanwhile, a short distance from Konoha in the allied village of Tougenkyou, which is the village the Jinketsu originate from. At the Jinketsu Clan�s farm, a loud yell from an older woman was heard as she angrily said, �WHAT THE HELL?! I DIDN�T APPROVE OF THIS!?�

Author�s Note: And finished. I�m sure there are some errors here and there, I got some rust from not writing for a while.

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