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Uchiha Legacy: Cast by proxy_flame

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Universe: Naruto

Name: Mika Uchiha.

Aliases: Sophia; Warden

Height/weight/build: 5'7. She's tall for her age and race. 110lbs. Tall, well built for an average kunoichi.

Physical characteristics: Black, coarse hair down to her waist in steps. Very pale skin and black eyes, a scar between her breasts from when her heart was nearly carved out in a fight with a demon.

Personality: Calm. Prefers composing and research to actual fighting. Kills reluctantly but often does so quickly and messily.

Likes/hobbies: Writing music, singing, reading.

Dislikes: Having her skills insulted whether as a musician or as a sealer. Rain.

Occupation: Musician/Shinobi.

Tools of the trade: Pen and music sheets or a notebook for writing down things on the fly.

Basic weapons such as kunai, shuriken and paper tags.

Flame ninjutsu.

A beya staff that she can cast seals with and that acts somewhat as a reservoir of chakra. The staff won't respond to others unless their chakra has been keyed into it.

In Sanmyaku she develops a special rod that fits in her hand with a seal inscribed in the top that produces light up to a foot when chakra is channeled into it. Privately, she refers to it as a lightsaber as a pun.

Three pronged kunai that have been tagged with the Hiraishin jutsu she appropriated.

Combat style: Long range, relies primarily on seals and strategy.

Special: Sage mode.

Background: In her past life Mika was a 15-year old musician named Sophia Roland in an alternate dimension. She was killed at a bus stop and her soul was taken by the Shinigami's shadow and reincarnated into a body he created.

Originally Mikoto was supposed to have only one child, Sasuke, but the Shinigami intervened and created a body for Sophia. She had no other choice but to do as he asked.


Strength: 3-7

Speed: 6-10

Intelligence: 4

Durability: 3-6

Stamina: 3-8

Training: 5-10

Wildcard: Demonic chakra locked in the beya staff.

Basic (natural/inherent) skills: Eidetic memory (primary skill, she wouldn't be capable of anything without it), she is capable of remembering everything she sees, whether that was her intention or not.

She's very fast, and is naturally flexible. Therefore her taijutsu, when she actually resorts to or needs to use it, is so unorthodox that she usually squirms her way around her opponent (and is mildly disgusted that she moves like Orochimaru.)
Chapter end notes: Well, that's the main OC of Uchiha Legacy. Next up are Sasuke, Itachi and Naruto.
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