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Project Konoha by crimson sun06

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Table of Contents

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Interpol case no. 6290 report:- Classified

Date: 30 August 2009

The victim Mustafa Pasha was shot 3 times. The weapon has been identified as an AK-47. Preliminary autopsy reports confirmed that one of the bullets went through his left kidney, another went through the 12th rib exiting through the back after severing the 6th thoracic vertebra, the third and final bullet went through the left ventricle of his heart. All 3 were fatal and the victim died on the spot. The victim was in the process of giving a speech to his child troops and preliminary investigations suggest the assassin was one of his own soldiers. Mustafa Pasha was one of NATO's confidential ground allies. Motive for assassination is believed to be the rivalry with the local warlords. The perpetrator was never apprehended and is believed to have escaped.

Case status: Closed

Chapter 2: Life on the other side

A man in a white coat came approached him. He was lying on a cold metal table stripped naked. A white blinding light bulb hung over his head. The man was holding a recorder in his left hand and a scalpel in his right. He couldn't make out his face.

"Subject 9 shows faster than normal reflexes."The man spoke into the recorder before using the scalpel to place a small cut in his right forearm the cut healed promptly, the pain didn't bother him. He was used to worse...way worse."Along with an extremely advanced healing factor. The subject shows the height development as expected of one his age, but an increased muscle mass and greater bone density along with increased tolerance to pain."

"The other subjects didn't survive the procedure. The reasons are unclear as to why Subject 9 has not only survived but is actually thriving." The man switched off his recorder after detailing some of his other findings regarding him.

The man approached him, his face close to his, touching his face in what could have almost been considered an affectionate gesture.

"You are special subject 9. I expect great things from you." He said in a low whisper his breath caressing his ear.

Naruto opened his eyes. A quick survey confirmed that he was in his new apartment. He didn't suffer from the usual disorientation associated with waking up in the middle of the night. A glance at his watch showed the time to be 2:30 AM, he considered going back to sleep, but eventually decided against it. The same dream again. He never had these before. He started dreaming 2 years ago and had only become more frequent in the last six months. Rubbing his eyes to chase away the residual sleep he flipped off the covers and made his way to the bathroom. Flicking on the lights he studied his reflection in the crystal blue eyes stared back at him, his hair still dark blonde though his natural color leaned towards a lighter shade. He stood at 5'3, a decent height for a boy his age. His pectorals and abdominal muscles were well developed indicating a healthy lifestyle.

Finishing his morning ablutions he walked back into his bedroom. Slipping into his tracks and sneakers he went out of his apartment to go for a run. After an hour of running he had worked up a decent sweat but was still breathing comfortably. Making his way up a small hill he noticed the sun rising in the horizon. By the time he finished his regular exercise regime the sun was completely up. Another look at his watch indicating the time to be 6:30.

Good he thought plenty of time to meet Teuchi. He made his way back to his apartment and was in the process of unlocking his door, when a not so welcome voice greeted him.

"Well someone is an early riser."

"Morning Anko-san." Naruto forced a smile on his face as he turned to greet his neighbour.

Anko smirked evidently not fooled."Morning brat. What got you out so early?"

Naruto just shrugged, not taking an offence to her calling him a brat.

"You are a riveting conversationalist you know that?" Anko said slightly exasperated.

At this Naruto almost cracked a smile... Almost.

"My teachers did complain that I am a motor mouth."

"So you do have a sense of humour. Maybe there is hope for you yet. Anyway gotta go brat. Places to go people to see and all that." She trailed off making her way back into her apartment.

Naruto shook his head as he went into his own.

A shower and a breakfast of boiled eggs and toast later Naruto was ready for the day, hurriedly exiting his apartment before he ran into Anko again, he made his way to Teuchi's.

"Right on time." Teuchi said approvingly. "Your school starts at 9. Would you like some breakfast?"

"No thank you, I had my breakfast before getting here."

"Great so you can wait while I have mine." If Naruto was annoyed he didn't show it.

"Good morning Naruto san." Ayame's voice greeted him as she placed a breakfast of toast and juice for Teuchi.

Naruto returned the greeting politely before taking a seat.

His eyes gave Teuchi's apartment a once over. It was a simple two bedroom apartment, furnished simply but tastefully. The windows had purple curtains, which he guessed was Ayame's doing.
He would have lived with them, but the place wasn't big enough for that. Thankfully he didn't need to. He was thankful for that. Living alone gave him no small amount of liberty and also kept him from answering questions that were bound to arise if he did live with them.
He did wonder how Iruka had convinced them to let him live alone.
He may never find out the answer to that question.
Or the many more pressing questions he had.

His eyes paused at a folded newspaper, catching the front-page headline.

Hyuuga Hiashi elected member of House of Councillors.

Naruto picked up the newspaper and read the rest of the article.

Hyuuga Hiashi ex-president of the Hyuuga Industries was elected as a member of the House of Councillors. He was fielded as a candidate of the New People's Party... At this point Naruto's eyes strayed to the end of the article. Hyuuga Hiashi has been a very vocal advocate of extensive militarization of the JSDF. In an interview he insisted that considering the current political climate of the world Japan can't afford to look weak and he has found supporters to his cause in his adopted party. When asked if it wasn't to further his company's interests, who are known weapon developers, he insisted that his company was there to serve the nation. He emphasized that there were troubled times ahead and Japan would need to be as ready as possible. It must be noted that Hyuuga Hiashi lost his daughter to what many political pundits had called "Blackmail to loosen his stance".

At this point Naruto stopped reading his fists clenching around the newspaper.

"Great man Hyuuga Hiashi. The country could use more leaders like him." Teuchi said buttering his toast when he noticed the article Naruto was reading. "Mind you I had my doubts about the man before, but even the death of his own daughter didn't shake him from his resolve. I can't imagine doing that if I was in his place. You okay kid?" He added when he saw the distress on Naruto's face, but the very next second he was sure he had imagined it because his face had retained its natural nonchalance.

"We should get going." Naruto said indicating the time.

"Yes, of course." Teuchi said cramming the rest of toast into his mouth before getting up. "Have you got all your documents?"

Naruto nodded.


"Naruto Uzumaki."

"Parent's name?"

"Teuchi Ichiraku... He is my guardian."

"I see..... .Well everything seems to be in order." The woman behind the counter said. "You can get your uniform and other supplies from the school stores and here is your class schedule. Your class is 3rd from the hallway. Welcome to Akiruno High."

As he walked out of the office he could see Teuchi in the hallway.

"Thank you for accompanying me Teuchi san. I am sure I can manage from here on."

"Okay kid, see you after school and good luck." Teuchi said amiably patting the boy on his shoulder before walking out.

The school was a simple 3 floor structure, with classrooms lining the hallways on each floor. Following the directions of the school secretary Naruto made his way down the hallway pausing in front of the one proclaiming 8-C.

He tentatively knocked 3 times on the door before doing his usual countdown from 10. At 5 the door was opened by a tall bearded man in a white shirt and black pants. Naruto's observant eyes noticed that the man was a smoker judging by his slightly blackened lips and yellowing fingertips.

"Yes?" The man said staring down at him.

"Ohayo sensei. I am the new student." Naruto said a little uncertainly at the same time handing him the slip of paper the school secretary had given him.

Taking a look at the paper he nodded once at Naruto and allowed him in.

"Well class we have a new transfer student joining us today. So why don't you introduce yourself?"

Bowing once towards the class he said "I am Naruto Uzumaki and I hope to have a productive time here."

"You don't look Japanese." Shouted a boisterous looking boy from the back of the class.

Some of the students snickered at this but most stared at him with a look of vague interest.

"Okay that's enough." Shouted Asuma and the giggles ceased. "There is an empty seat next to Saburo, why don't you get settled in?" The boy Saburo raised his hand indicating where he was as Naruto made his way to the seat. On his way he noticed a blonde haired blue eyed girl eyeing him with a curious gaze. Naruto dropped his bag at the floor near his seat as he turned to listen to his new teacher.

"Well class we will be covering grasslands for the next few classes and a quiz at the end of the week. Uzumaki san you have only missed a week so you shouldn't have too many problems catching up. I am sure your classmates will be happy to help." Naruto nodded.

It was lunch break. He had attended 4 classes since the morning. Geography taught by Asuma, Maths by a man named Yamato, Political science by Yamada and History by a woman named Akiko. He had gym with Maito Gai, science with Meiling and art with Rei after the break.

His thoughts wandered to the newspaper article he had read in the morning as he waited in line in the cafetaria. The name Hyuuga dug up a lot of memories. In many ways that name, or the girl who carried that name had been a catalyst to so many upheavals in his life. He may have argued with himself that it was Iruka but things had really started changing after...her. Taking his tray now filled with assorted nourishment he made his way to an empty table, wanting to be alone with his thoughts.

"Hello I am Ino." A voice broke into his thoughts. He mentally cursed himself for not minding his surroundings like he should have, allowing the girl to surprise him.

Looking up he saw the same blonde haired girl who was staring at him at Geography smiling at him as she plopped in front of him.

Squashing his look of surprise he put a smile on his face and greeted her back holding out his hand, she was being friendly no reason not to be friendly back."Naruto Uzumaki." She took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"So who is it?" She queried without a preamble.

"I am sorry?" Naruto said thoroughly confused.

"Mom or dad?" Ino persisted.

"I am afraid I don't follow you." Naruto said more than a little nonplussed.

"Your hair and eyes." She stated "I inherited mine from my dad. He is part Norwegian. He gets it from his mother. What about you?"

"Dunno I am an orphan." Naruto shrugged.

"Oh I am so sorry I didn't know." Ino exclaimed her hand flew to her mouth.

"Don't worry about it."

Ino was feeling extremely awkward now. But tried to make small talk anyway.

"So where are you living?"

"Li apartments."

"Well we are practically neighbors then." Ino said recovering somewhat. "So who are you living with."

"I am living alone."He said. "But my guardian lives barely two blocks away." Naruto added avoiding the follow-up question.

"I see. Well if you need any help with anything don't hesitate to ask." She told him. "And not just school work." She added giving him a smile and a wink
"I will keep that in mind." Naruto said not wanting to look foolish though he had no idea what the last part of her statement meant.

"Ino what are you doing there?" Came a high-pitched voice 5 tables down.

"I am getting to know our new classmate. Come on over here forehead. Introduce yourself."

A pink haired girl with a somewhat large forehead made her way to Naruto's table and was immediately followed by another group of guys. All of them dressed in their regulation school uniform making Naruto stick out like a sore thumb. He was attracting a little too much attention. It went against everything he was taught and knew.

Everyone introduced themselves. A boisterous boy named Kiba, a silent boy Shino, an overweight boy who went by the name of Chouji and a languid boy who went by the name of Shikamaru.

Naruto lost the thread of conversation even before it began and was thankful for the bell indicating the end of recess. If he knew what was waiting for him after recess he wouldn't have been so grateful.


Suffice to say Naruto was thankful once he was out of gym class.

At the end of the day's class he went and collected the essentials from the school stores which included his uniform and books.

Once he was done he made his way out of the school campus and saw Ino waving enthusiastically at him, he returned the gesture with a wave of his own a little surprised with the familiarity the girl was treating him with.

Ino was soon joined by the pink headed girl from class 8-B, Sakura was her name.

Taking a bus, the journey to his apartment didn't take more than 15 minutes.

Dropping his school supplies he went to Ichiraku's to begin his shift there.

"So how was your first day?" Teuchi asked him once his shift ended.

"It was okay." Naruto answered wiping his hands after having finished doing the dishes.

Teuchi studied the blonde in front of him. He was unlike any other 14 year old he knew. He didn't talk unless spoken to first and didn't seek out conversation . Even though he was polite and wasn't a slacker when it came to work he couldn't help but be a little uncomfortable around the boy.

"I will see you tomorrow Teuchi san."

"Naruto wait." Teuchi hailed him.

Tossing him a roll of cash he said."That's for this week."

Naruto pocketed the cash not bothering to count gave him a small smile and walked out bidding good night to Ayame on his way.

"Well he seems like a nice boy." Ayame said addressing her father.

"He does, doesn't he?." Teuchi said sighing heavily.
"What is that supposed to mean?" His daughter exclaimed offended at the hidden meaning in his words.
Teuchi looked at his daughter's affronted face. So full of life and innocence. Untouched by the ugliness of the outside world. He couldn't help sighing resignedly. To her the boy was a potential sibling. A remnant of a man she saw as an older brother. Someone who needed their care and protection.
Teuchi knew better. Something about the kid made him uncomfortable. Something he couldn't put his finger on, and as fond as he was of Iruka he wondered what kind of problem had he saddled him with. But he kept his thoughts to himself. No use alarming his daughter. Je smiled at her and patted her head.
"Nothing kid. Now fix your old man some dinner would you? Its been a long day."
Naruto unlocked his apartment having avoided Anko in the hallway. A shower and a quick dinner consisting of rice and beans later he hit his books and started his homework. It was 10:30 by the time he finished. Not wanting to dwell on his thoughts regarding the events of the day he hit the bed, and was soon in a fitful sleep consisting of memories and nightmares... Something he didn't think held any distinction from other.
Chapter end notes: As you can see I am trying to build up here. A bit of character development in the introductory arc before the story finds its feet and the action that is sure to follow. Do leave a review citing concerns or adulation. Until next time.
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