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L.N.M.C: LEAF NIN-AGENTS MISSION CORPS: Nin-agent Naruto UzumakÝ's story by hayasa senju

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: Ok this has been bugging me for quite some time so that's why its here on other news is that this will most likely turn into a series Coz I'm not doing the kyuubi scene and this has alot of potential to be one so ya :D. Well the next story of the series will most likely be ''the story of Minato Namikaze''which will be a sort of prequel to this one
Chapter notes: Oh and i will make a chapter separate to thus story Coz I'm not doing the mizuki thing in this so it will be in that so let's start :D
It was the morning after the fight with mizuki and Naruto had gotten his L.N.M.C. BADGE and learnt the shadow clone Jutsu which makes his Arsenal of Jutsu besides of the academy three up to two because he already knew the Wind Style: great breakthrough . Right know we see Naruto in the academy with no one else there because he was early for once but to early. He is wearing a shortsleeve white v-neck T-shirt with cobalt blue trims with dark blue jeans which were tucked into red, black, white Reebok hightops. He also had on a holster on his right thigh, on his head was a hip-hop cap turned backwards the flap(1) was cobalt blue and the other part was black. Around his neck were a pair of dog-tags one had the kanji for Nin-agent,the other the number 9 and his newly acquired L.N.M.C badge in his pocket. Now he was playing Subway Surfers on his black Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with an orange cover pouch and he was winning.

Slowly but surely the room started to fill and almost everyone was on there phones. Girls gossip chatting on the phones and boys playing games. Naruto decided to stop playing and started reading Batman fanfiction(2). Then he heard an awful lot of noise which made him cringe.''Ino and sakura, stupid fangirls I bet its them.''thought Naruto and boy was he right.

A few minutes later Iruka came in and gave his speech and the finally he started saying the teams out, Naruto put his phone away now at full attention.
''Team 1....

Team 7 Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto UzumakÝ and Hinata Hyuuga your sensei will be Kakashi Hatake.
Team 8 Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame and Sakura Haruno your sensei will be Kurenai Yuhi.
Team 12 Ino-Shika-Cho your sensei will be Asuma Sarutobi.''
''Ok so that's it I hope you all good luck and your sensei will be here after lunch''finished Iruka.
Chapter end notes: Ok so next chapter I'll tell you what sasuke and hinata are wearing and it will be meeting Kakashi and he will also be wearing something else.
1.what do you call that part of a captell me and get added to my fave list
2.remember its modern world so they watch and read what ever we read and watch besides Naruto obviously.
Please review =^^= :D
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