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Legacy of Shadows by beisenman1892

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Hello I am Beisenman, Thanks for taking the time to check out this story. All criticisms are welcome though I would prefer constructive criticism over flames. As stated in my summary this story takes place post Naruto Shippuden, and focuses heavily on OC characters. I hope that you find my story entertaining and I hope to receive feedback, both good and bad. Thank you again and enjoy.
Legacy of Shadows.

Four years have passed since the end of the Fourth Shinobi War, and an era of peace was washed over the world. Remnants of Madara and Tobi’s army and influence still remain hidden through-out the lands, and new villages have been discovered harboring talents unheard of in the hidden leaf. Whether or not the world is ready for these new discoveries though is another question. A new generation of shinobi must take up the mantle of their predecessors. And so our story begins’…….

Chapter 1: Life or death situation: Escape to the Hidden Leaf.

Somewhere near the border of the Hidden Leaf and the Land of Tea….

“Haru, are they close?”

“Makoto, keep moving please we need to get to the Leaf, maybe they can offer some protection.”

Haru Naito and his wife Makoto ran for their lives from their village. Haru was a tall well-built shinobi with a katana strapped to his back and a small curved tanto on his leg. He wore black shinobi pants and a black shirt with a grey vest. His hair was black as night and his eyes were a piercing green. Makoto wore a similar shinobi outfit but without the swords. Her dark brown hair danced in the wind. She also had piercing green eyes, an effect of their village’s strange ambiance. She carried a small knapsack filled with scrolls on her shoulder and in her arms was a small child not even two weeks old.

“I’m going as fast as I can.” She responded. Under her voice she softly prayed. “Oh please don’t let them take him.”

“Don’t worry my love; they will not lay a hand on our son. Not as long as I am alive.”

The two ninja running through the woods looked around, keeping watch for enemy troops. In the kunoichi’s arms the child calmly slept, the light of the moon shining down on him through the trees. Makoto silently cried over her child, Haru watched from behind ready to protect his wife and child. Out of the trees to their right, multiple kunai flew towards Makoto. Haru quickly intercepted and deflected them with his own kunai. The sound of a river running echoed in the distance.

“Makoto take him and get across that river, the other side is Hidden Leaf territory, and they cannot follow you there.”

“No not without you, please, I can’t lose you too.”

“If my life will save our son, and you, then so be it.”

“Please, come with us. I need you.”

“You never were meant for the life of a shinobi.” Haru looked at his wife with a smile. “I love you.”

“I love you.”

“Now, leave now Makoto.”

Makoto sped off into the trees not wanting to leave him behind, but knowing it was for their child.

“Now it’s up to me.”

Haru grabbed the black handle of his katana and the matching handle of his tanto. Unsheathing them the blades began to glow in the full moons light. He channeled chakra throughout his body allowing the energy to heighten his senses. He focused on the signatures that surrounded him and prepared for the fight of his life.

A moment later four ninja jump through the trees weapons drawn, and hand signs forming. Haru armed with a katana in one hand and a tanto in the other stood waiting for the best chance to strike. The first shinobi closed in on him swiping with his kunai. Haru easily knocked the kunai away with his tanto and impaled the shinobi through the chest with his katana, killing him instantly as the chakra in the sword caused his heart to implode.

Two of the other shinobi created shadow clones, as the third threw multiple shuriken. Haru readied himself for attack. He pushed off the tree branch that he stood upon and began slashing through clones and dodging their blows. As he quickly sheathed his weapons, he made his own hand signs.

“Ram, Ox, Rat, Hare, Rat, Shadow Style: Realm of Shadows Jutsu!”

The world around becomes a black abyss, nothing can be seen by the trapped shinobi, while Haru listening and feeling for vibrations, dispatched the enemy ninja by slashing their throats.


Taking a breath, as the darkness fades, Haru stood in the middle of three bodies, relaxing his own body, and preparing to run and join his wife.

“Shadow Style: Shadow Chain Jutsu.”

Out of the shadows surrounding Haru, chains shot out, wrapping themselves around his legs, arms, torso, and neck holding him in place. As he tried to struggle and free himself from his bonds, the chains tightened, almost crushing his throat. Another man walked out of the trees followed by more ninja. A scar adorned the left side of his face, a scar shaped like a crescent moon.

“Hello my dear bother, it was so rude of you to leave without saying goodbye.”

“Kaizen, I should have known you’d be the one following be.” Haru coughed.

“Haru, Haru, Haru, did you really think you would get away, I am heart broken. You would actually abandon your own family.”

“You bastard, you killed my son!”

“Oh really now Haru, I only killed one of your twins, the other is very much alive isn’t he. Did you really think that I would let them both live when I found out about the prophecy.”

“You killed your own nephew. You are a cruel sick monster, my brother. But at least my other son is outside your reach. Makoto is in the Leaf now safe from your grasp.”

Kaizen laughed quietly as he stepped closer to his brother, drawing his own sword on the way.

“Come now Haru, do I seem foolish enough to stop chasing her while you continue to fight. I sent three shinobi after her as soon as you two split up.”

A grave look appeared on Haru’s face. His wife couldn’t have been captured. Or worse, could she have been killed. No, this could not be true. A moment later one bloody shinobi landed next to Kaizen.

“Kaizen sir, the woman, and child are dead.”

Haru’s face paled at the news. Makoto was dead, as were his sons. Kaizen had truly taken everything from him now. Tears began to run down his face.

“What did you say?”

“She dropped the baby into the river as we cut her down and he was swept away. There was nothing we could do. Plus we sensed that a squadron of leaf shinobi was heading our way, we need to hurry before they realize that we came this close to their territory.”

Kaizen looked at his disciple with fury in his green eyes. His grip on his sword grew stronger as his anger burned into his body.
“You failed me Ryoshi, but never again.”

That said, Kaizen quickly slashed through the neck of the ninja, severing the head from the body. Kaizen turned to see his brother and saw the tears in his eyes. He laughed quietly at his brother’s misery. Finally he was victorious and his brother’s time was at an end.

“Well brother it is time to take my leave, unfortunately you won’t be following. Goodbye, Haru.”

Before turning to leave Kaizen impaled his brother watching as the blood flowed from his body. He smiled down with his last look and then vanished. Haru laid alone, released from the chains, dying in a pool of his own blood. In the distance he thought that he heard something that caused him to smile. A glowing figure stepped through the trees. It was the spirit of his wife. She walked to him kissed his forehead and whispered into his ears. As he slipped from this world his spirit held Makoto’s. He heard the cries of a child and smiled.


Rushing through the trees, child in hand, Makoto found the river. She landed on the edge looking past, staring at her chance at freedom. Turning around, she hoped to see her husband following but he was not there. Softly crying she faced the river preparing to cross, and stared down at her son. As she jumped she heard a noise from behind. Glancing behind she looked into the eyes of a shinobi charging through the trees gaining on her.

As she started to land she glanced back, seeing him flying through the air at her. As she touched down, pain shot through her, forcing a blood chilling scream to escape her lips. Looking down she saw a blade sticking through her chest, narrowly missing her child. She dropped to the ground still holding him for dear life. Three ninja surrounded her.

“Ha…..Haru…..I…….I’m sorry.”

“Now then Makoto I’ll be taking that child back for lord Kaizen.”

“N…….No………please…don’t do this.”

As he reached for the child, the sound of a thousand birds echoed around him. He felt nothing but agony as a blue lightning covered hand stuck out from his chest, sending shockwaves of pain through his body killing him almost instantly. The other two shinobi glanced at the arm sticking through their partner’s body and followed it to a man in a mask. Almost instantly a sword found its way through the heart of the second shinobi, and the third named Ryoshi looked up ahead in fear. Standing before him, holding the sword, was a mask with red eyes that looked into his very soul.

“You are in my Genjutsu now. You will go back to your leader and report that the woman and child are dead, the child swept away by the river. Enemy ninja are on their way. Now go.”

Still under the influence of the Genjutsu, Ryoshi retreated back into the forest. The mysterious ninja bent down to check on the woman.

“You need medical attention, I will try to get you back to our healers.”

“No….It’s too late…..for me….Please….my son.”

“He is ok. I will protect him.”

“Thank you……please look to see……if my Haru is alive.”

“I will. What is your son’s name.”

“Ku…..Kum….Kumori…….Kumori….please call him Kumori Naito.”

“I will.”


Without being able to finish her sentence Makoto died smiling and looking at his baby in this man’s arms. The mysterious ninja picked up the bag of scrolls and cradled the child. He then called for back-up to take care of the body. As he promised he went in search of the woman’s husband.

As he neared a small clearing the child began to wake and softly cry. They had found the body of Haru. The ninja saw a set of swords with black handles and picked them up hoping to one day give this child his father’s swords. A voice alerted over the communicator in the ninjas ear.

“What did you find?”

“Two dead shinobi, one carrying a child. The woman was killed in our borders.”

“Ok, Naruto is on his way to help with a medical team.”

“Thank you Sakura. I will be heading back soon, tell Irina I’m on my way to see her.”

“Ok, oh and Sasuke.”


“Your daughter is waiting for you, daddy.”

“Daddy huh, I like the sound of that.”

With the young child in his arms, Sasuke Uchiha of the Hidden Leaf sprinted through the forest looking up to see the familiar monuments carved into the mountainside, watching over their village. He couldn’t wait to see his wife Irina Uchiha and their new daughter.
Chapter end notes: Thanks for reading the first chapter of this story. The next chapter will skip ahead twelve years to the main timeline. This entire story will be driven by OC’s but the original cast will also be featured, some in more prominent roles than others. Please review and let me know what you think.
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