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Naruto Unanswered Mysteries by Maia Nishikawa

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Story notes: If anyone has other things they're wondering too, message me them in a review and I'll post the questions with your name attached. If anyone has answers to these, we would love to know, and if you message in a review, I will post your answers with your pen name attached too.
-Naruto Questions-

Feel free to message me with more if you want them added to the list!

What is in Kakashi’s book? How perverted is it really?

What does his face look like?

So about Tobi. He started out being this silly guy but eventually changed voice actors and supposed identities for a while until we find out who he is. Had Masashi Kishimoto always planned it like that? Or was he not sure what to do with that character and being indecisive till the end?

What are any of the characters phobias?

What does sasuke like? Does he really not like anything?

What is tenten’s last name? Why doesn’t she have one?

Is orochimaru gay for kabuto or vice versa?

Was there anything between Orochimaru and Anko?

How did gai get to be a jounin through hard work if he’s so stupid? In the data books it shows that since the beginning he hasn't improved at all. So his training isn't working at all.

Was there ever anything between Jirayah and Tsunade?

Did Itachi ever tell Kisame the truth about him and his clan?

What kind of things go through Itachi’s mind?

Why did people tease Sakura about how big her forehead was? I looked at it plenty of times and it looks normal sized compared to everyone else's.

How does one become a jounin? Are their jounin exams?

How many people has naruto actually killed by himself?

What DOES kakashi do in his spare time other than reading and visiting the memorial?

Were kurenai and assume ever married? She wears a ring now.

Did kakashi have feelings for rin too?


Did sasuke ever have any crushes?

Why is kisame half shark? Who are his parents?

Why does diedara have mouths on his hands and chest? Who are his parents?

Who was the strongest ninja in the series?

How does gaara take a shower with his sand shell?

Is gai straight?

What was Shisui Uchiha like, if Itachi was best friends with him?

Was Zetsu ever human?

If Kabuto has complete amnesia, and couldn't even remember his own name, how do we know he was born on February the 29th?

That’s what I have for now. I hope one day we can find out at least some of these answers! Once again if everyone comes together to message their questions I can write them into here and then we can get a big list. If anyone has any ideas of the answers to these I’d love to know. Well bye!
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