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Broken by AllTheTricks

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'You think that just because I only have one eye I don't notice how you look at me? I don't need my Sharingan to notice how you act around me these days, Sakura, so go. Out with it. Tell me why the fuck you've been avoiding me since we got back from our last mission in the Mist.' Kakashi spat. Sick and frustrated of the emotional turmoil swirling in his mind. 'why is this happening to me? How does she manage to get past my barriers and worm her way into my heart so easily..'

She wasn't going to lie to herself, the venomous tone he'd used almost made her break down into tears, but she wouldn't. No. She was the Hokages apprentice. She was amongst the strongest Kunoichi in the village, and this masked man won't break her. 'I think we both know exactly why I've been avoiding you, Sensei.' She took note of the shocked face her comment had extracted from her friend. Ever since that kiss Kakashi had just begun to stop wearing his mask around her, but to her utter dismay, the black cloth was planted firmly on the lower portion of his face.

He couldn't help but be shocked from the way she said those words. But she was right. He did understand why she was avoiding him, because she despised him, she hated his guts for what he did. 'But she kissed me back..' His mind was going wild. She was his last friend and he'd fucked up once again and was about to lose her, if he already hadn't. 'Sakura..' was all he could manage. It felt natural rolling her name of his tongue, like it was his sole purpose in this world of misery. 'I'm.. I'm sorry for what I did, I really am.' he pleaded, hoping for salvation from this guilty pain crushing him to the ground.

'Yeah well guess what? It's too fucking late Kakashi, I'm your student, not some slut from Icha Icha who you can just grab and rape.' Tears threated to blaze trails down her cheeks as she spat the words she knew he was dreading. 'What are you doing Sakura? He's your best friend, you've been close for years and now you're just tossing his aside like trash because of on mistake. A mistake that was just as much your fault.' Her mind was a battlefield. Coherent thoughts scattered to the winds, blown away by anger and despair. She knew she shouldn't be taking out all her rage on him, it wasn't his fault. But she couldn't help it. Her emotions were running wild and she could do nothing to reign in the anger that was lashing out at anyone or anything that agitated her, and right now, that someone was the famous Copy-Ninja.

The words broke him. After all these years, Kakashi thought he knew pain but nothing had prepared him for this. Not the death of Rin, not Obito, not Minato. Hell. Not even the recent deaths of Sai and Yamato. 'They died because of you Kakashi. Sakura is right to be angry, your lust distracted you from your mission and got Sai and Yamato killed, you deserve this pain, Hatake.' He felt something shatter inside. She hated him. His worst fears had come true. The woman he'd come to love has discovered his true side and she hated him. It was a curse. Everyone he ever came to love or become close to was brutally torn from him, one way or another. He was left with no one. He had nothing. He was empty. A shell, devoid of a soul. ' I'm so sorry, Sakura.. And you're right, you're not a slut. You are a beautiful young woman who deserves someone much better than a broken old man like me..' He tried his hardest to mend the gaping wounds he'd created in their friendship, but to no avail. 'And if that is how you feel, I guess I'll leave you be then.' He mumbled, slowly losing his will to live. 'Good day, madam.'

She watched as he gave a lifeless nod of the head and lethargic wave as he turned and walked away. 'Sakura, what have you done?'
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