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Schizophrenia by Hazard

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: A story just looking to see if it catches on, mainly a project at this point and using 3rd person instead of 1st person perspective from what I usually use.
Chapter notes: Hello readers! New project I'm working on, so any feedback at all is most appreciated and I hope you enjoy!
On a cool summer night, Ino had come home late one night having fun with her friends Sakura and Tenten to see her mother trying to help her father Inoichi up to his feet as he coughed up blood.

“Get some help Ino! Something is wrong with your father!” Her Mother shouted at her shinobi instincts overtook her fear as she bolted out the door screaming for help. Shortly a passing ANBU heard her calls and dropped by to help escort her mother and strangely ill father to the hospital. Certainly Lady Tsunade will have to look at Inoichi, since he is such a valuable asset to Konoha.

Rushing into the hospital Ino rushed up to the front desk and yelled at the secretary, “Where’s Tsunade! My dad needs expert medical attention now!”

The rattled woman quickly up and bolted down a hall to apparently help in some kind of way, and with her absence Ino left the front desk and chased after her mother and father into the hospital.

Ino ran down the halls of the hospital asking for directions and quickly found Inoichi’s room to see him already hooked up to an IV and an oxygen mask with some doctors running initial tests.

“What’s wrong with my husband?” Ino’s mother asked and one of the doctors gravely looked over to her and responded, “Not too sure. From what I can tell so far something went wrong in his lungs and perhaps his heart, but now we’ve got him stable. Go take a seat outside, this may be awhile.”

Ino and her mother slowly left the room to sit on the floor outside left wondering what suddenly could have caused Inoichi’s health to drop so drastically so fast.

“Mom, when did dad feel ill?” Ino quietly whispered to her mother only to hear back a sheepish reply, “Mere minutes before you got home. He started by saying he was light headed, than suddenly collapsed. I didn’t know what to do.”

Both mother and daughter sat quietly throughout the night to see doctors enter and leave the room, including Tsunade and Shizune who looked very focused, and maybe a tad bit frustrated.

The morning has finally come and Ino woke up to her mother shaking her saying, “Wake up sweetie, its morning. They say he’s stable for now, but he won’t have too long.”

Ino and her mother entered Inoichi’s room to see him laying down very still with an oxygen mask and his glazed eyes staring up at the ceiling.

“Dad?” Ino slowly asked trying to hold back tears, and Inoichi’s head slowly turned to look at his daughter. He slowly removed his oxygen mask and smiled saying, “Good morning.”

“How are you feeling?” Ino’s mother asked her husband and he coughed a little bit before responding, “Not too well. Tsunade says my lungs are shot and I’m terminal. I don’t have much time and I have a bit to say to you Ino, so mind talking with me one last time one on one?”

Ino looks to her mother who simply nods and leaves the room and shuts the door upon exit. Ino looks back to her father who is getting more oxygen from his mask before speaking and says, “ Ino, I know you’ll grow up to be a superb shinobi and I wish I could see you all grown up, but I haven’t been truthful with you all this time about something.”

Now Ino emotions we’re going back and forth between confused and sad. What could he mean by “Haven’t been truthful”? Ino changes her tone to a bit confused from sad and asks, “What exactly?”

Inoichi takes a deep breath from his mask and replies, “I’m sorry to tell you, but there’s no other time to tell you but now…..I’m not your birth father. Your real father’s name is Urami Yamanaka. You’re mother can fill you in on the details….but now I must rest. I loved you like my own.” Inoichi goes back to breathing through his mask and closes his eyes and Ino runs out of the room with many questions for her mother.

Ino throws open the door and nearly tackles her mother who frantically asks her, “Why didn’t you tell me? Why couldn’t you tell me who my real father was?”

Ino’s mother composes herself as she puts her hands on Ino’s shoulders and says, “It wasn’t the right thing to bring up, and we both decided that you didn’t need to know about Urami.”

“Well its just strange to say. Dad’s last words to me were that you would provide details about him. So, who was he?”

Ino’s mother tilts her head in confusion until she realizes Ino wasn’t told by Inoichi anything at all about Urami. “ Dear, he’s alive. But there are very specific reasons why he was never mentioned at all.”

“Like what? Tell me mom, I want to know.” Ino replies as she crosses her arms, as she desperately want to know about her mysterious birth father.

“Fine. Urami Yamanaka was my first Husband and your father. We split up 6 months after you were born and 2 months after that he was sentenced to prison for war crimes. He was a powerful and feared shinobi for his time and pride of the clan until he disgraced the Yamanaka name through his shifty actions.”

“What do you mean shifty exactly?”

Her mother takes a few seconds to gather her wits again and quietly continues, “Your father is a cruel, sadistic and vile man. He was the former head of the interrogation and torture sector in Konoha and was a huge war asset during the 3rd shinobi war. His methods were…shocking to say the least. The only reason he wasn’t locked up immediately was due to the information he was able to gather, but after the war when prisoners were released many wanted his head on a post, and for good reason. Most his techniques and jutsu are now classified as forbidden due to there twisted nature. He currently resides in the lowest levels of Konoha prison, where he’s been for the last 15 years. That’s all I have to share.”

Ino seemed to be thinking as she processed the information until responding with a response that surprises her mother, “I want to meet him.”

“What? Ino darling, the man is crazy. I used to love him, but no daughter of mine will go near that maniac. He’s locked up for everyone’s good. Now, let’s drop the subject and go in to see Inoichi.”

Ino continued through the week with daily visits to the man that raised her, but questions had been looming in the back of her mind as both her parents had refused to go any deeper into the subject which left Ino more skeptical, leaving her with only one choice. She would have to meet him against her mother’s wishes.

About a week sine her dad arrived at the hospital Ino head into town and quickly found Sakura who looked to be doing some shopping and Ino snuck up behind her and asked, “ Hey there pinky, what’s going on!”

“Jeez Ino, I’m trying to buy some food. Oh, I’m sorry about your father, I dropped by his room two days ago and left some flowers, I hope he liked them.” Sakura replied as she placed more fruit into her basket.

“He likes them very much, but I came here to ask you a favor.” Ino said looking a bit more nervous than usual, and Sakura picking up on it cautiously asks, “Well You’re Tsunade’s student right? I figured you could come with me and give me clearance through Konoha prison.”

“Konoha prison? I have access to get in there, but what could you want from that dirt hole?” Sakura exclaimed trying to read her friend as best she could.

“Well…it’s complicated. Easier if I explain on the way, so lets go!” Ino said with some slight excitement with some overlaying anxiety in her voice. With some skepticism Sakura left her basket as Ino pulled her through the market district and north to Konoha prison.

After a 20 minute walk the two girls finally reach their destination and with Ino explained what she knew to Sakura, she seemed understanding but still a bit skeptical of what Ino’s whole intention was to meet the man.

“Here we are. Let’s go in and find out what cell he is in.” Ino stated as the duo marched into the spiral complex that leads deep into the ground. Ino and Sakura quickly found his file, and thanks to Sakura’s access they were to be given a guide down to the man’s cell shortly, while in the meantime giving them time to review Ino’s true father’s file.

“Let’s see what we can further more learn about Urami Yamanaka…” Ino muses as she opens the Manila folder to show a standard shinobi license. The Konoha shinobi symbol is printed right next to a picture of a male in his late 20’s with semi-long messy blonde hair and a Konoha headband wore tilted slightly to the left on his head. Ino looked remarkably like him as they share same kind of eyes and basic facial feature, only Urami looks more rugged and has a slightly narrower face and jaw line.

As the two read on about him Sakura reads out, “Look at this; the missions your father has completed is crazy. 45 D missions, 89 C mission, 30 B mission, 18 A missions and 6 S ranked missions! Granted most of those must have come during the war, but still impressive. Also says here he works as a bodyguard to the 4th Hokage for awhile until his death.” As the girls were completely absorbed by the file of Ino’s father a middle aged chunin coughed and said to the girls, “I’m ready, let’s get visit done.”

The chunin led the girls down many spirally torch lit staircases passing cells of various creepy criminals alike as the chunin rattled off, “The farther we go down, the criminals just get more dangerous. That’s why if there’s ever a breakout we can collapse the whole cavern and nobody dangerous will escape. Whoever you’re seeing must be for a good reason. He’s nearly at the bottom of the prison.”

The girls finally reach the steel plated cell and the chunin motions to the duo that it’ll be one seconds as he opens the small slider on the door to tell the individual he has visitors, and then shuts it and returns to the girls to say, “I’m going to open the cell door. He has chakra restraints on and has an anklet and chain keeping him into the wall. He can’t harm you, but just for safety don’t stand too close, okay?” He quickly puts in a special looking key that causes a few mechanisms in the door to shift and he slowly pulls it open to reveal a man facing the opposite wall doing pull-ups on a horizontal bar going across the room. He’s dressed in basic prison pants and his shirt is tied around his head like a bandana, but his long blonde hair is still poking out from all sides and he gruffly asks in an irritated voice, “I don’t get visitors often. Let me guess, another scholar looking to do a history report?”

Both Ino and Sakura freeze for a moment and the man stops doing pull-ups and drops to the ground and barks out, “Well if you’re not going to talk to me you might as well ju-st…leave.” He stutters as he turns around and looks at the two young women standing before him in his cell.

In a flash his expression goes from borderline pissed off to extremely intrigued and in awe as he asks, “Well I’ll be damned if I didn’t recognize my own daughter.”

Ino is still at a loss for words so Sakura speaks up and says, “Hello Urami, my name’s Sakura, Ino’s friend who is your daughter.”

Ino opens her mouth and is barely able to spit out, “ Hi. I guess you’re my true father.”

Urami looks at the ground for a moment before looking back into Ino’s eyes, which remind him of his own only too much and asks, “Now, what brings you here to today to see some me? And how did your mother allow this?”

“She didn’t. I came here myself to meet you since my other dad is terminally ill. I wanted to get to know you a little bit I guess.” Ino slowly says as if unsure of her own words and Urami scratches his chin and nods to himself.

“Very well. What do you wish to know?” Urami gently replies and Ino quickly follows up with, “Well first off, how did you get into here?

“Ahh, but of course. I’d assume by now that you’ve already heard about my work in the 3rd shinobi war, as that’s public record and part of the reason, but there are two other parts. One is years ago I had a genin team and I let them die on the field of battle as a part of data gathering, and the other is having close ties to Orochimaru since we used to collaborate on experiments together. I regret being in here for my actions to see I’ve only led myself into a pit of my own self-deceit.” Urami explains earning him some very unsure expressions from Ino and Sakura.

“That’s awful…you let your genin team die?” Sakura says out loud to herself as she thinks of her own team as Ino is a bit speechless as well.

“I won’t blame you if you despise me, many already do. But I can see by your headband you are a shinobi too. You must see the extent of how much my methods did deviate from the norm of shinobi. The 3rd Hokage didn’t approve of me at all, and partly because of Danzo’s wishes I was allowed to be left alone and do what I did when I was younger, but now I’m in my early 40’s with nothing left, and only myself to blame.” Urami laments and suddenly Ino has an idea by the look on her face.

“I have a question? Could you teach me to become a better shinobi?” Ino asked to Sakura’s surprised who hastily replied, “What do you think you’re doing?”. Ino felt that her friends around her, like Sakura are becoming superior to her own skills as a shinobi and that she needs something too, to give her an edge. And what better way to do that from learning from her birth father since he knows the clan trade and Inoichi is on his death bed, and she still has many questions for her father, Urami Yamanaka.

Urami is silent for a few seconds and replies, “I can’t deny my own daughter her own desires, but first I ask for one thing of you, and only one. I desire something of my own, that which is my own freedom. Set me free and I’ll be in your debt, Ino.”

Ino nods and looks to Sakura who looks very skeptical, but can’t turn down a favor from her best friend and says to her, “I can’t say no to you, I’ll see what I can talk Tsunade into maybe having a parole form or something.” As Sakura hopes to herself that she doesn’t regret helping Ino, even though all her instincts are screaming not to in this circumstance. Something is just not settling for her about Urami, yet she can’t explain it.
Chapter end notes: There's chapter 1 folks. I'll probably update my Death Before Dishonor story again before I get back to this one, but yeah. Hope it was a nice little read leaving you wanting more!
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