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Cancer by RawrTheDinoLycan

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Chapter notes: Lycan: If this poem meant anything to you, or struck something within you then I ask that you please leave a comment or even private message me. If a lot people seem to like it, then I may just open up a little Book of Poetry on this site. Thank you. :)

This poem is mind and is copyrighted. Please do not post it anywhere without my express permission. Thank you.
This dark plague is creeping-
Crawling, seeking, sleeking-
Upon me it smothers my lungs,
And though I wish for you to stay
I must ask you to look away.
Take my love and leave.
Please, avert your eyes and do not see.

Upon this bed I do lay gasping-
Retching, yearning, dying-
I am naked and bare,
Flesh stretched over my bones.
The darkness is coming, I can hear it moan.
My child, do not weep for my departing,
Know I am not leaving,
I am simply making a new beginning.
I cannot stall any long,
The Reaper, he comes,
Through him I hear succulent dreams,
To which I must succumb.

I won’t plead, deceive, it’s come to be.
I feel as if I should say sorry,
You’ve had to see me fade.
But this is the end of my suffering,
The end of this charade.

I’ve been withering, I’ve wilted,
And now I lay here breathless.
My sickness is done slithering,
I’m done trying, and here I greet the endless.
My rapture has come, and now I leave you
With nothing but my word:

From wherever, wherever I soar,
My pain is now cured.
Do not weep, do not grieve, I am gone,
Be happy.
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