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[Reviews - 4] LikedPrinter

Summary: Mochizuki Kano is a small eight-year-old with fear coursing through his veins, suspicious of anyone and jumping at the slighting dance of a shadow. There's a reason for this kid's panicky attitude. And the core of that resides in a monster Kano calls 'Jaki'. A demon who can control Kano at will and torments him, even in his dreams. Who can save Kano when he is unable to explain his violent actions and is afraid to trust anybody, even his own older brother?

Unable to open his heart, how can Kano rid himself of his inner demons?
Rating: 15
Category: General Fiction, OC-centric
Characters: Ibiki Morino, OC, Tsunade
Genres: Dark, Drama, General, Mystery
Warnings: None
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 1 Completed: No
Words: 1859 Read: 2002
Published: 29/10/12 Updated: 29/10/12

Story notes: A story I started a long time ago but never had time to continue. I love it and I think it deserves attention, but I'm so busy these days with homework and family stuff, that I might end up abandoning. But I realllllly hope I don't because I like this one. It's fun to write. I will try to write when I'm done with homework (or procrastinating), but no promises.

Disclaimer(is a disclaimer really necessary for this site? It's... for fanfiction, but oh well... copyright laws are stupid either way) : I do not own Naruto or anything affiliated with the show and/or manga. So don't come after me please because if I owned Naruto, I'd have more reads and more free time.;) 1. You're a Monster by aseris2 [Reviews - 4] Liked (1859 words)
Forgive me if I have any grammar mistakes and don't hesitate to let me know. Also, do review, it really motivates and pleases me. ^_^ I'll even be satisfied with a ":)" (maybe) even a ":(" (or not...) ;D Enjoy!