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A Legacy in the Dust Bingo Book! by Shizake Uchiha

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Here is the future sensei: Hotaru Hyuuga. Submission by Silverwolf1213
Name: Hotaru Hyuuga

Gender: Female

Animal Partner: A ferret named Hiro

Age: 25

Clan: Hyuuga

Country: Nine-tailed Fox Village

Family: She is the granddaughter of the Hyuuga prodigy, Neji Hyuuga. Her parents were also excellent shinobi but died on a mission when she was very young. Her parents' names were Atsushi (father) and Chiharu (mother).

Background: Her parents died when she was only five - she could faintly remember them but she didn't know enough about them. Once they died, she was raised in the Hyuuga compound, but she never knew love. She was raised in the old-fashioned Hyuuga methods: strict and firm. She was fashioned into the ideal cold-hearted strong Hyuuga.

Personality: She's very, very strict. She gives no leeway to her students. Her training is brutal to the point where others literally feel like they are dying. She takes hard work to a whole new level, as she takes to heart the saying, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Her goal is to break the stereotype that says the Hyuuga branch family is inferior to the main family.

Appearance: (Sadly, these are not my pictures)

Best At: Taijutsu and fire-style techniques

Worst At: Genjutsu and using weapons

Fighting Style: She utilizes more offense than defense, though she does know the Hyuuga method of defense. She can use the Hyuuga clan's Eight Trigrams and Gentle Fist techniques, but she usually combines them with her fire-release attacks.

Special Abilities: Combining the Hyuuga method of fighting with her fire-release techniques. She can also use combination fire attacks with Hiro.

Chakra Nature: Fire

Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan

Crush: I don't think she can have one, haha :P

Other: That's it, I believe.

I hope this works for you! Tell me if anything needs changing!
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