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Did that just happen? by RawrTheDinoLycan

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Story notes: I do not own Naruto. I own this plot and my Ocs.
Chapter notes: Lycan: Whaddup homies? Hope you enjoy this little concotion!
The car was black, nonsensical neon green designs swirled down it in no particular pattern, and chrome wheels spun so prettily along the asphalt when she ran. The Mazda RX-7 Veilside was as magnificient to look at as it was to drive.

Not that anyone drove it but Taylor of course.

The teenager had spent her life saving's on the car, and had spent a good deal of doing illegal business to pay for the customized paint job and numerous technical adjustments. The car was her life just as much as racing was. She lived for it. She breathed it. She dreamt about it.

Everything revolved around the race.

"Hey everyone, better watch out, the Kit's back in town!" The call caused numerous hoots and cheers to erupt in the huge garage, along with many jeers and name calling. The girl whom they spoke of just smirked and made her way to her car.

Some watched with fascination as the teenager walked, others with the apathetic contempt of competition. To the outside world she wasn't much. Her body was tall and lanky, almost boyish, tanned and calloused from hours of working in the sun on her car. Her hair fell in shaggy layers to her underdeveloped breasts, the bottom dyed black while the rest shone a deep violet red.

She observed her competition from the corner of her acidic green eyes, enhanced by the slitted contacts that made her eyes seem cat like.

To the outside world she was a delinquent. Here, in this garage surrounded by ravers and racers, she was someone else. Someone to be emulated. Someone to be respected. Someone to be feared.

And damn if that didn't make her feel good.

"Taylor! It's about damn time you showed up, you have like, two minutes before you're suppose to race!" Said girl grinned in reply before catching another, shorter girl in a sidelock and giving her a noogie.

"Chillax Mouse," the girl glared at the nickname. "If something goes wrong, you'll be here to fix it! Afterall, you are the best mechanic in this part of the underground," Taylor chuckled, trying to appease her friend.

'Mouse' glared.

"How the hell am I suppose to check your car in two minutes?"

"Why didn't you just check it while I was gone?" Taylor fired off.

"Because you took the damn keys and it needs to be running!" Mouse, more commonly known as Hobbit, snapped back at her long time friend before turning around and working on the girl's car.

Her real name was Minnie, no not after the mouse, and she was usually the more patient of the two (except when her friend decides to show up an hour late to her race). She's petite, only coming to her tall friend's chin, but has the attitude of a giant. Her black hair, streaked with ruby red, came to fall at her chin in the front but barely brushed her ears in the back. Her normally warm brown eyes were narrowed in concentration while she worked on the Mazda's engine.

Now their friendship there also came a partnership. Hobbit was known as one of the best mechanics around, and Kitty was a driving prodigy. They were near unstoppable.

"Racers have two 'till!" The girls turned their heads at the barely heard yell. Between the raucous caused by the other people and the absurdly loud techno music, the exclamation could barely be heard.

Good thing the girls trained themselves to hear it.

Taylor turned around and leant against the door of her pride and joy, where she crossed her arms and directed a grin to her best friend.

"Oi! Here that? We're 'bout to go up," Minnie snarled from her place under the hood before slamming it back down, much to Taylor's indignation.

"Hey! Be careful there!"

"Oh shut up. Because of your tardiness I wasn't able to do the checks on your driver controls," her mechnanic complained, waving a wrench around in the air to emphasize her point. Taylor chuckled nervously, hoping Hobbit wouldn't turn the tool into a weapon.

"Chill, you can just ride passenger. The kid I'm going up against is a newbie trying to make a name for himself, easy pickins girl, easy pickins,"

"Are you willing to place a wager on that?" The voice was like whiskey, burning their ears with it's sheer smoothness. Taylor clammed up instantly, turning cool cat eyes on the newcomer.

The man was most likely in his twenties and had the distinct air of cockiness about him. With his slick backed black hair and well groomed good looks, standing there in his sharp suit, he screamed new money. The smile plastered on his face reminded Taylor distinctly of a shark.

"What's your business, stranger?" Taylor questioned, fingers already itching for the switchblade in her back pocket. From her place by the front, Minnie subtly shifted her grip on the wrench.

Play it cool, indifferent. You can gut him once he messes up.

"You just seem quite sure of your abilities," the man stated, annoying smile firmly in place, "so I was wondering if, by any chance, you would be willing to put a wager on it."

Taylor let out a rather unlady like snort.
"I don't gamble so-"

"Oh, but it could be so interesting!" The man cut her off, causing a vein to twitch in her head. "If you win, I'll give you all the cars and money you want. If I win, however, you and your mechanic work for me in the underbelly in this society." His eyes were practically glowing.

"Ch, I race for the thrill, not for cash," the sixteen year old sneered back, just as the warning shout called out to all racers. Without further delay the girl grasped the handle of her car, pulled it open, and hopped in.

A larger hand stopped her from closing the door and she glared up with acidic eyes.

"Take your hand off my car before I cut you," the racer growled out, only to get a chuckle in reply.

"Say you agree to my stakes," Taylor blinked her eyes.

Strange. She could have sworn, for the briefest of seconds, that his eyes had flashed black.

Another call rang out, her eye twitched.

"Fuck Kitty, just agree so we can get to the race before this ahole gets us disqualified!" Mouse shouted from her position in the passenger seat.

"Fine," was the gritted reply. "But once I win, I'm shoving my blade in your side."

The stranger chuckled before letting the door go.

He couldn't wait to win his latest prize.
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