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Beware the Siren's Song by RawrTheDinoLycan

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: I do not own Naruto. I own this OC and this plot. I am a starving author and make no profit off this story, other than the sheer love given to me by my readers.
Chapter notes: Lycan: UGH! I've got to stop writing ten different stories at one time *sweatdrop*. Well, tell me what you think of this, er, newest addition to my Oc family.

Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto.
Claimer: I do own all Ocs and this plotline.
Life is difficult. It can be filled with hardships and misery, happieness and loss, smiles and tears. Nothing in it is ever certain, the future is always changing. Fate is never set in stone.

Destiny can always change.

Psh, yeah right.

"You know your orders children," his voice hissed in the darkness, slithering over her skin like a disease. On the outside she remained emotionless, the silent soldier, the perfect puppet. Beside her three forms bowed to show their understanding, all of them filled with the absolute adoration for the twisted soul seated before them.

Midoki remained silent, but nodded her head in understanding. This man had saved her, had tortured her, had given her meaning to live.

She would not fail him.

Perfect puppet indeed.

"For the purpose of this mission I want Dosu to appear as leader, but you all know whom I am really leaving in charge, correct?" His voice was horrendously fake, dripping with something akin to care, as if it really bothered him that they might die during this ridiculous mission. As if he really cared for their existance as anything more than pawns. Should she herself die then he might be the slightest bit angered.

Angry that he had lost such a successfull experiment, such a willing soldier. He would get over it though. There were many orphans in the world; in the end, she could be replaced.

Replaceable. It was the one word that haunted the back of all their minds. That if they didn't obey they could easily be disposed of.

This man who had 'cared' for them, who had saved them, would be just as willing to kill them as the village ninja they were about to encounter.

The Konoha village. Indeed, the leaf shinobi would be out for blood by the time their mission was over.

The three forms bowed once again in understanding, though it was clear that they would not enjoy the position as her underlings. They would do it though, simply because it was what this man wanted. This demon. This snake.

"Good," his voice dripped with satisfaction. "You three may go," he motioned to the three who bowed beside her. They nodded minutely before disappearing, leaving her alone with this man who had simultaneously save and condemned her so many years ago.

"You won't fail me, will you Midoki," though to most it sounded like a question, Midoki knew better. It was merely a statement, once again made out of false concern. He knew she would either succeed or die trying. She had done it all her life.

She nods, chin touching the headband worn loosely around her neck.

Green eyes glint in the low candlelight, looking everywhere but the dark orbs directly across from them.

"You are dismissed,"

"Yes, Orochimaru-sama."
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