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Welcome to the Family by RawrTheDinoLycan

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: J: My character is NOT a Mary-Sue, Kapeesh? Also the rating is more for violence and swearing rather then sexual situations.
Chapter notes: Thoughts
"Two people speaking at the same time, same thing."

Warnings: Spoilers, eventual angst, eventual love, fight scenes, maybe some gore, maybe some OOC (hope not!), and some Oc's as well! (plus yaoi and yuri c:)

Claimer: I own this story. I own plot. I own Rokariku and all other Oc's as well.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto ToT
A loud ringing broke the peaceful slumber of two children, for they were just on the verge of becoming teenagers, that caused a massive groan to escape simultaneously from their mouths. One feminine arm came out from the mass of covers before clumsily feeling around for the source of the noise. Once tan flesh came into contact with the hard, cool surface of the alarm clock a muffled victory noise was heard.


And with that one lazy throw, the alarm clock met his untimely end.

The crash caused a head to emerge from the caccoon of blankets on the other side of the room, revealing the face of a teenage boy with messy brown hair and tired, bored brown-black eyes. The sleep left those eyes with a couple of blinks and instead was replaced with a slightly exasperated, bored look. With a scratch of his head the teen got out of bed with a sigh, standing and stretching to get the kinks out of his body before slumping over to the opposite bed to stand before the mound of earthy blankets, the only sign of life being the slightly twitching hand that still hung uselessly over the side of the bed.

With another sigh Shikamaru stripped away the blankets to poke at the body of his twin sister in hopes of arousing her from slumber.

"Come on Roka, we have to go." He met the silence he received with harder poking.

"Roooooooooka," this time the girl swatted at his hand before turning over on her side to ignore her brother.

"... Fuck it," Rokariku yelped at the tugging on her feet before she found herself on the cold, hard floor at the foot of her bed. She stood with a growl, brushing dark brown hair from her eyes, two sets of identical mocha eyes in a stare off, one bored the other glaring.

"So troublesome little sister," was all Shikamaru sighed out before leaving to the bathroom to get ready. While his back was turned his twin flipped him off before turning to the closet to get her clothes. Stupid academy making us get up at this kami forsaken hour, she let out a deep sigh, how troublesome.

Barely ten seconds later Shikamaru came from the bathroom, dressed and ready to go. With an inclination of his head he silently told her that he would wait down stairs for her. She nodded back before taking her own turn in the bathroom. She was in and out of the shower quickly and lazily gathered her waist length hair in both hands before twisting it and piling it onto the top of her head, securing it there with a green bandage and a whole lotta bobby pins, leaving her with a large messy bun type thing on top of her head.

With a yawn she then pulled on her long sleeved fishnet shirt before dragging on her loose, dark green tshirt on over it, it being littered with tears that she never really got around to fixing. Next she tiredlly pulled on her baggy black cargo shorts and secured them in place with her kunai pouch, she then slipped on her dark black ninja sandals before slipping out of the bathroom, not bothering to look in the mirror. Caring about her appearence like other girls did was too troublesome to do.

Once she made it down the stairs she looked up at the clock in the kitchen to see that she hadn't kept her brother waiting long, at all. She was greeted with a warm smile by her mother and an chocolate chip muffin tossed to her by her father... Which cause her mother to go off on him about how he shouldn't feed us junk for breakfest because it had unhealthy side affects and blah blah blah.

Rokariku tuned them out and automatically caught the red apple her mother threw at her before grabbing her double bladed chain scythe and slinging it across her torso like a sash. With a nod torwards her parents and a quick love you both she and her brother were out the door, both munching on their muffins rather than the apples as they trekked down to the academy.

Once her muffin was devoured the young girl looked up at the sky with her hands crossed behind her head.

"Ne, Shika," said boy looked over at her with a bored look on his face, his arms in the same position as hers. She ignored his look of disinterest and continued, "Today we finally graduate the academy."

"Only if we pass the test," his drone was met with a 'duh' look. He shrugged, they both were gonna pass and they knew it.

"Tomorrow we're gonna be placed into teams, which means we're gonna start going on C and D ranked missions." Rokariku let out a dragged out sigh, "Troublesome."

Shikamaru nodded his agreement, "With our luck we'll be paired with some loud mouth idiots." Sigh, "What a drag."

Rokariku nodded in agreement before once again turning her gaze to the sky, which was a beautiful and pure azure color. Puffy shapes of white were floating lazily across it and Rokariku dropped her head dejectedly, Today's the perfect day to watch clouds and I'm gonna' be stuck in some damn room. Troublesome.

She picked her head back when a high yell rang throughout the area. Both her brother and she looked at one another before sighing out again, Naruto was up to his old tricks.

"We're probably going to have to endure a lecture now,"

"Plus probably do some inane task."

They both sighed, "What a drag."

That blonde haired Naruto was always causing trouble, as a result most people couldn't stand him. Plus, for some reason, all the parents supported the dislike of the hyperactive blonde. At least, that's what Rokariku has gathered and she's pretty sure she knows the reason behind it but she's always been too lazy to prove her theory. Personally Shikamaru and she didn't particularly hate the boy, they just found him too troublesome to really deal with (What didn't they find troublesome?). The fact that he was always getting into trouble and causing them to have to pay the price along with him didn't help matters any.

Irksome little blonde. Why can't he just chill out and watch the clouds?

Rokariku took another glance at the sky, so calm.

She reeeeaaaally didn't want to be in school taking some ridiculous final exam.

After what seemed like forever they finally made it to the academy, walking in leizurely to plop down in the back row in their normal arrangement, with Rokariku being the closest to the wall and Shikamaru in the middle. The young girl didn't have to look over to know that her brother was already resting his head in his folded arms, snoozing like no tomorrow. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes, knowing that doing so would only make her a hypocrite as she was usually doing the same thing as her brother.

Honestly she didn't even know why they went to the academy, the were both damn well smart enough to simply skip it or graduate early. That seemed too troublesome though, if they did that then everyone would know how smart the were, which would lead to things like expectations and pressure. Screw that, they'd rather just be thought dumb and lazy because at least that way they could still doze off in the sun, under those white, fluffy clouds.

With another sigh Rokariku rested her chin on her raised hand, the other folded infront of her, and began to look around to catalogue who showed up early and on time. It was a small habit of hers that she just couldn't break, not that she really tried or anything.

In front there sat Hinata Hyuuga, the girl looking like a timid white mouse in her oversized coat, pale Hyuuga eyes, and short blue-black hair. As usual her eyes were downcast and she was twiddling her fingers nervously. Poor little thing was like a bunny, one is scared to startle her less her heart gave up.

Rokariku dismissed her, there was no way they would be paired in the same team together.

Next her eyes came upon Shino Aburame, bug-boy. He just sat there with his glasses and oversized jacket. How boring... I wouldn't mind being in a team with him. The boy was always calm and boring, yet being born of his clan would make him undoubtly strong and a good ally. He would do.

Rokariku raised her eyebrow before filing him away, chances of them being teammates were slim to none.

Kiba Inuzuka was next, as usual he was playing in the middle row on the far side of the room with his dog Akamaru. The boy was feral looking and Rokriku had always wanted to touch the fang tattoos on his cheeks. She controlled herself though since the resulting reaction would be too troublesome to deal with. The kid was nice enough, but he was also exasperatingly cocky and short-tempered. Plus his grades weren't that good so chances were they wouldn't be paired together.

A yell coupled with a rather loud arguement brought her out of her wanderings and what she saw made her sweatdrop and question the worth of humanity. For there were two girls fighting shamelessly over who would get to sit with the last Uchiha, Sasuke. Both girls had bright and noticable hair, one with a shock of pink and the other with bright blonde. The girls were pretty enough, but their incessant screaching grated on the Nara Twins' last nerves.

Rokariku dismissed them, not bothering to even think of their chances of being in a group. Chances of having the Yamanaka or Haruno were surprisingly high but Rokariku desperately wished to break the Ino-Shika-Cho trio. Choji would be find, but having either Ino or Sakura in her team would guarantee a very troublesome genin life.

Dismissing them with a grimace the brunette began to contemplate the Uchiha. One would have to be blind, deaf, and dumb to not know of the story behind the infamous Uchiha Massacre. Personally Rokariku didn't see the big deal behind it, Itachi must have had his reasons and everybody's got to die sometime. At the same time, to think of Shikamaru betraying her... Her heart clenched painfully at the thought and she felt a headache coming on. Without her twin, she wouldn't be able to survive. Period.

Yes she was what some would call morbid and callouse but the fact remains that she was simply realistic. If Sasuke knew her views on the subject chances were he would flambe her alive. She didn't want to become a shishkabob before seeing her sixteenth birthday, thank you very much.

Bringing her thoughts back to the subject at hand, Rokariku thought of the possibilities of the cold, talented Uchiha being in the same team and them. The chances were low, but higher then the others at the same time. Though Shikamaru and she did not use their intellegience in class, preferring instead to slack off, they weren't the worst ones in class. Talent like the Uchiha's would have to be put in a team with someone like Naruto, in order to balance out the stupid.

She snickered quietly to herself at the thought, at the same time Uchiha looked up and caught her eye. Unlike most girls in the class she didn't blush or shy away; instead, she just looked right back, raising an eyebrow when the other wouldn't look away.

If he wanted a staring contest then fine. She didn't see why girls fawned themselves over a callous prick like him, they cerainly weren't making themselves more attractive in the boy's eyes surely. The boy was too troublesome, both Nara twins did not care much for him.

Rokariku rolled her eyes at the Uchiha's stubborness when a munching distracted her. Ignoring the Uchiha she turned her dark gaze to the boy sitting next to her brother and smiled.

Chouji Akimichi was overweight, as was the norm in his clan. The swirls on his chubby cheeks made him look adorable and combined with his squinted eyes he always reminded Roka of a squirrel nibbling on some nuts. Just replace nuts with bag of chips.
Chouji was the best friend that either of the Nara twins had and together they were the three amigos. The Naras appreciated his personality and calm, amusing attitude whilst Chouji appreciated the fact that they looked at him on the inside, not the outside. Plus the two had always been good friends of his and he basically felt that they were his siblings.

Rokariku's smile widened and she leaned over her brother's now awake form to snatch a chip from the boy.

"Roka! My bag's almost empty, don't steal my chips!" Rokariku just smiled at the other while nibbling on her chip. Shikamaru grunted at the light weight of his sister before pushing her off him and onto her own seat, taking the oppurtunity to steal the rest of her chip. Shi pouted indignitantly, "Shika! I stole that chip fair and square!"

Shikamaru just smirked at her and chewed on the crunchy BBQ flavoured chip. Just as his sister was about to pop him a new one, younger sister's could sometimes be so troublesome, a poof interrupted the classroom. The poof was too big to be just Iruka which means that...

Rokariku did a once over of the classroom and sure enough the only one missing was...

"Naruto! How could you deface the Hokage memorial with paint?!" Sure enough there in the front center of the class lay Uzumaki, his slender form tied up and his eyes squinted in a pout.

What a drag, both Naras simlutaneously thought. With a sigh they both layed down their heads, already bored with the lecture their sensei was dishing out to the blonde haired, blue-eyed, whisker-faced troublemaker. While Iruka droned on and on about respect and such Rokariku slowly felt her eyes become heavier and heavier before finally dozing off.

What she guessed was a few minutes later she felt a soft nudge on her shoulder; however, before she could swat it away a voice called out to her and she cursed under her breath before sitting up in her chair. An irritated Iruka stared back at her and asked her if she would like to join the rest of the students.

Sure enough all the students, save her and her brother (that's where the nudge came from), were lined at the fron of the classroom. Some of the more juvenile ones snickered at her, most likely assuming that she was emberrassed to be called out in front of all them. She rolled her eyes at them before shrugging and standing up, following her brother's example by shoving her pants in her pockets and walking leizurely down to the rest.

Once she was about to join the line a tanned hand stopped her, right in front of the others, and her eyes followed the arm up to the face of Iruka.

"Well Rokariku, since you decided to doze off you can go first." This caused more snickering and a mumur from her brother about 'troublesome sisters'. Again the girl shrugged and pulled her hands out of her pocket. From the murmerings she could deduce that they were being forced to have a surprise test on the replication jutsu because of Naruto.

Rokariku made the correct handsign and put up the illusion of being Iruka, her bored face replaced by his more cheerful one. Iruka nodded to her to get back in line and she did, muttering under her breath, "What a drag," before going to stand beside her brother. She finally took note of all the insults being muttered to Naruto, things like "Dobe," and "Deadlast." She rolled her eyes at the immaturity at it all before she heard a rather nasty insult come from Sakura.

How troublesome.

"Ya' know this is just a simple transformation jutsu," most stilled at her words, "you all must be muttering because you feel insecure in your abilities to preform it properly." Shikamaru rolled his eyes beside her and Sakura got a very mad look on her face before snapping back, "This is a simple jutsu! I could do it in my sleep!"

"Then quit complaining and muttering insults. You're so troublesome." With that she closed her eyes and leaned back against the desks, dismissing any further comments made by the pink haired girl. By doing so she completely missed the shocked look Naruto sent her.

Never had you come to defense, he always assumed that Rokariku hated him along with everyone else. The troublesome boy didn't realize that she simply couldn't be bothered to befriend him unless he made the first move, which he had of course never done. The other students just had somewhat shocked looks upon their faces, Rokariku hadnever bothered to really speak up before, preferring to stay unnoticed with her brother.

In fact, most of them thought that the two were complete idiots, which suited them just fine. Really the oly reason they made low grades on everything was because they simply couldn't be bothered to apply themselves. The only thing Rokariku every applied anything to was training once in a while, along with cloud watching with her brother of course.

One by one all the students preformed his/her transformation flawlessly. Then it was Naruto's turn and well... His could use some work... Okay a lot of work.

Rokariku sighed, troublesome idiot.

Some snickered at his attempt and resulting pout but others, such as her brother and she, just sighed and went back to their desks.

Soon enough it was time to take the exam, which turned out to be a simple clone jutsu. Again, everyone passed. Everyone except Naruto that is.

Afterwards, in the courtyard, the majority of the kids were congratulated by their parents. Their were shouts of joy and smiles all around. It was kind of annoying, all the noise, the Nara twins thought anyways. They too were greeted by their parents, their father giving them a lazy smile of pride and their mother gushing over them. They each internally rolled their eyes but put up with it with good humour.

Of course their parents couldn't stay for the whole thing, their father having a mission and their mother having to take something to the Hokage. That was just fine with them, now they could just chill out with Chouji and watch the clouds for the remainder of the day.


Rokariku blew her bangs out of her face before saying fuck it and removed her headband from where it had been on her arm, identical to Shikamaru's; instead, she moved the black band to wrap it securely around her forehead and keep her brunette locks out of her brown eyes. She stretched afterwards, waiting with her brother for Chouji to escape the happy rejoices and promises of numerous foods from his parents. He seemed to be enjoying all the food promises though, of course.

Finally he came over to them with his puffy squirrel like cheeks and they began on their way to their favourite clearing when something caught Roka's gaze. Over by a lone tree sat Uzumaki, his normally exuberent blue eyes saddened and downcast. Inwardly Rokariku cursed herself for giving a damn, wishing she could be more like her brother when it came to total indifference to people other then his friend's and family. Outwardly she told the two that she would catch up with them later and receive no inquiries in return, just two nods. Her big brother new she could take care of herself.

She lazily walked over to the boy from behind and was about to say something to him when she caught the tail end of the conversation between him and some jounin who had showed up out of nowhere. Great, the kid was now going to try and steal the secret scroll in order to become a genin because of some weird jounin who gave off a serious creeper vibe.

Damn freak.

He was gone by the time she was close enough to Naruto to touch him, which she did, laying a tanned hand on his shoulder. The blonde started with a jump and she barely resisted the urge to mumble out how troublesome he was. His azure eyes widened slightly when he turned around and saw who it was standing behind him.

It's that girl who defended me...

His eyes narrowed and the sparkle died from them again when the thought that she may just be there to insult him. He averted his eyes from her, preferring instead to once again look at all the happy families in front of him.

"What do you want?" Rokariku blinked in mild surprise at his tone, a far cry from the usual happieness and hyperness that usually laced it. She shrugged and shoved her hands into her cargo shorts again, chances of him being depressed were high so it's not like she didn't expect it or anything. Before she answered she walked beside him to lean up against the ancient oak tree that held the swing up.

"Be careful with that Jounin," blue eyes widened, crap did she hear us talking? "And yes I heard you both talking about the secret scroll." Naruto looked over at her with wide eyes, panic racing through him at the idea that she would tell the Hokage or Iruka, "No I'm not going to tell him." Her admission did little to quell his fears, and he was kind of freaked out that she was answering all of his mental questions, could she- "No I can't read minds. You're just easy for me to read."

Naruto sweatdropped at the utterly bored look on her face before asking, this time his voice laced with panic instead of bitterness, "What are you going to do? Tell the Hokage?"

His eyes widened in surprise when the girl shook her head no. "Why would I do that? Then I would have to tell him why you're doing it and how I found out. Much too troublesome." Her voice was very much like her brothers, low and drawn out, if speech could be catergorized as lazy then she would definately fall under that category.

This girl is weird.

"Who are you anyways?" Rokariku sweatdropped, she had been in class with this kid since they entered the academy and he didn't even know who she was. "I mean," he continued, oblivious to the brunette's thoughts, "I always see you hanging out with Shikamaru and Chouji but never caught your name."

The girl resisted the urge to facepalm the ground. With a heaved sigh she told the blonde he was an idiot and the blonde yelled idingintly back, "I'm Shikamaru's sister. His twin sister, Nara, Rokariku."


Complete silence before Naruto broke out in a grin and nervous chuckle, rubbing the back of his head. Woops. "I knew you two looked alike!"

Rokariku just rolled her eyes before turning so her back rested against the tree. With another sigh she crossed her arms under her neck and looked up at the pretty blue sky between the verdant green leaves of the tree.

Damn, no clouds.

For a while silence reigned between them, though surprisingly enough it was not awkward, at least not to Rokariku. Naruto just returned his gaze to the embracing families in front of him, a melancholy look haunting his aura. Rokariku raised an eyebrow at his behaviour before muttering something.

Naruto turned his eyes ot her with a giant question mark above his head, "What did you say."

Rokariku sighed, "You're so troublesome." Naruto bristled slightly while shouting a hey, the ninja ignored him, "I was telling you how you could steal the scroll."

The look on the other's face was priceless and caused a smirk to light up Roka's face.

"Wh-why would you do that?"

"Because you sure couldn't come up with a plan that didn't involve getting caught. Now quit being troublesome and listen to me." Naruto shut up and leaned torwards her, nodding every once in a while as she explained the plan.

At the end of it she still retained her ever bored face whilst Naruto's was rather... Shocked as fucking hell (to put it lightly of course). The girl still stared up at the sky, absently wondering what her brother and Chouji were doing.

Most likely munching and cloud-gazing, lucky bastards.

She could see clouds rolling lazily across the sky. Damn, she was missing it.

Naruto disrupted her envious thoughts.

"Why are you doing this?" The somber and morose air had once again come about him. Pity, the younger Nara was actually starting to miss his bubbly personality. Weird.
In response to his question the girl shrugged her shoulders, "You're new attitude is troublesome."

The giant question mark once again made an appearence on the boy's face, Rokariku sighed- troublesome boy- before knocking him upside the head.

"What the hell was that for?" The blonde pouted and rubbed the bump on his head. Rokariku gave him a small smile before ruffling his hair and walking away, wishing for his good luck over her shoulder and waving off his attempts to call her back.

She missed the sparkle coming to his eyes and the bright smile on his face.

A few minutes later found her in the same spot as her brother, namely plopped down on her back, arms crossed behind her neck, watching the clouds lazily roll by while munching on some chips with Chouji. Neither of them inquired as to where she had been, if she wanted them to know then she'd tell them.

For hours that day they lied down and just watch the tranquil sky.

For tomorrow they started their life as ninjas
Chapter end notes: J: Neh, it's been quite a while since I have written a Het fic. *sweatdrop* So drop a review and let me know what ya' thank.

Second chapter is written and ready to be posted pending readers' responses.

Please in your review tell me who you want this chicka to be with. :3 Options are Naruto, Gaara, or Haku!

Ja Matte!
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