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The Redemption Song by Jareth Dallis

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: An AU featuring Ginshin as usual.
Author’s Notes: This is another AU

Author’s Notes: This is another AU. Yes Ginshin will be in it. Only a small selection of OC’s will appear in this fic, but not an overbearing amount. This is more mainstream continuity but will still be somewhat AU, which is a given with OC’s.


It was a late night on the border of Oto no Kuni…a prison installation hid behind the haze, just one of many. It was employed by Orochimaru under the guise of just being another Otogakure base; in actuality it was where he kept people he captured from various villages.


Two Otogakure Shinobi made their rounds through the prison area, making sure all cells were secure. They stopped every now and then as they heard an utterance of a phrase, “The road of Excess…Leads to the Palace of Wisdom…” though they shrugged it off each time; that was until they stood outside the cell where the utterance of the confusing phrase was coming from.


The individual in the cell was leaning against the wall and just staring straight ahead. He had a slender frame which was decently muscular; his arms and back, bore various tattoos. The left arm bore a tattoo of a scroll akin to that of a summoning scroll. Running up and down his arms were an assortment of skulls, dice, cards, stylized tomoe and a crescent moon symbol with a small circle between the books of the moon. His longer silver hair fell over his shoulders. His face bore two hoop piercings in his lower lip-one piercing that went through his nose and one in his right eyebrow. His eyes were a golden brown color. A collar was fixed tightly about his neck and this served to restrain his chakra-meaning he was a threat.


The man in the cell slowly tilted his head to the side as he continued to utter the phrase again, again and again. One of the guards unlocked the cell door; it was mandatory to check and see if certain prisoners were still functional or if they had completely lost their grip on reality.


As the door to the cell swung open his eyes ceased to be vacant and he bolted across the cell, hitting a running shoulder block and driving one of the two Shinobi into the wall. As he backed off he jumped into the air and applied a headscissor, throwing the guard towards the cell, following up with a running front kick and kicking the man’s head into bars; his face was practically welded to the bars of the cell, blood flowing like a river from the facial wounds.


 “E-EMERGENCY!!!” shouted the other as he moved to unsheathe his sword. He gripped his sword but before he could pull the blade free, the prisoner quickly rushed at him, leaping into the air and dealing a strong knee to the temple, causing the ninja to land on his back as he clutched his head. The prisoner was far from done as he rushed towards the wall, running up the side into a modified back flip. As he came back down the Ninja’s eyes widened; he let loose a guttural scream before his life was ended by the prisoner landing both feet directly on his chest, crushing his chest in one fell swoop.


“Told you it would work,” spoke a female voice from the next cell; obviously she was the one who helped master mind the escape.


He remained silent as he retrieved the keys from the cell door and moved through the keys until he found the one that unlocked the restrictor collar. “…Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m just lucky that the Snake didn’t know I can fight without chakra…,” he gruffly responded as he unlocked his collar and tossed the object to the side before casually walking out of his cell to the one of the female.


Within the cell was a woman that was roughly the same age as he was. Her skin was fair, hair coming to the middle of her back and jade green. Her eyes were mismatched-her right eye blue as a sapphire and her left green as an emerald. Her lower lip bore two hoop piercings.


“…So we meet face to face...funny; never pictured you being such a looker…Although you could use a haircut,” she commented as she tilted her head in a playful manner.


He rolled his eyes as he unlocked the cell door, cockily replying to her, “Is that so? …Wasn’t my plan to end up lookin’ like some girly bishounen...”


He swung the door open, slowly approaching her. He hooked his finger under her collar and proceeded to unlock it, removing the restraint that suppressed her chakra.


“What the hell…!? He couldn’t have gotten far!!” cried out a ninja from the other cell; soon enough the thunderous pounding of feet echoed through out the installation.


The male prisoner rushed out just as the sirens roared throughout the installation; he clenched his fists as he agitatedly said, “Did I ever tell ya? Heaven fucking hates me…”


“…That’s okay; luck is for losers,” the green haired woman replied as she rolled her shoulders, a wild grin crossing her face.


Much, much later, in Konoha, the Chuunin Exams were nearly complete: the finals were fast approaching.


“Oh come on Kakashi-sensei, why can’t you train me?!” loudly Naruto asked the much taller, almost scarecrow like Jounin, not keen on giving up.


Kakashi sighed as he rubbed his temples; he could almost commend the boy’s tenacity but he wasn’t going to give in. He collected his composure as he shifted his lazy gaze down to the boy and explained, in a laidback manner, “I already told you I have decided to train Sasuke. I will find you someone to help train you for the Final-”


He was suddenly cut off by a loud commotion coming from down the street; three ANBU rushed to the source. “Hold it right there. Identify your-” one of the ANBU began to say as he was sent flying and hit the ground with a thud, the owl mask they were wearing cracked in multiple directions.


“…That’s my identification. Now get out of my way, I need to speak to the Hokage…,” an individual down the street said with an almost guttural growl to his voice; he quietly popped his knuckles and kept walking ahead.


“We cannot let you near the Hokage. You are a threat…IDENTIFY YOURSELF!” the remaining ANBU once more demanded his identification.


“I am…,” he began as he sprung forward, striking both in the midsection with a running shoulder black take down and planting both down with authority. He slowly stood to his feet, his long silver hair blowing in the breeze and smirked, continuing, “…The Rated R Shinobi, the Rule Breaker, The Innovator of Chaos, the Sennin of sexy…I am Jinketsu Ginshin! Remember that name and remember I don’t take shit!”


“OH MAN!!! THAT WAS SO COOL!!! And that attitude, HE’S TOTALLY AWESOME!!” Naruto chimed in, almost as if he was star struck as he looked at the Shinobi.


Kakashi stared in shock as he looked at the person who stood in front of him, quietly saying, “Those tattoos…that definitely is Ginshin…”


“Who is he Kakashi-sensei? I want him to train me!” the blonde Genin quickly asked, clenched his fists excitedly as he looked at the almost feral looking Shinobi.


“He was my teammate long ago but he was listed as Missing In Action seven years ago…And no he can’t train you Naruto,” responded the cycloptic Jounin, quickly shutting down Naruto’s ideas of being trained by a loose cannon like that.


Ginshin crouched down and gripped the sword of one of the ANBU, unsheathing it as he coolly said, “Gonna borrow this for just a moment.”


ANBU that were keeping watch nearby gripped their swords, worried about what the lunatic was about to do. They had no idea who he was and kept on their toes. Slowly Ginshin pulled his hair back and used the sword to cut a good deal of the length off and just as slowly let his hair float away into the wind. Carefully he dropped the sword before he slid his hands through his hair, causing it to assume a spiky yet messy hair style.


‘…Those ANBU don’t realize they’re in over their heads. I better diffuse this situation before it gets out of hand,’’ Kakashi momentarily thought to himself, slowly walking towards the tattooed ninja, wanting to prevent more injuries to the ANBU. He knew well enough Ginshin had more than some aggressive Taijutsu techniques at his disposal-he could do a lot more damage if given the chance.


“That will be enough!” shouted an elderly man, his voice rough but showing authority. The elderly man walked through the dust at a languid pace and revealed himself. Dressed in the robes of the Hokage office, wearing the hat of the Hokage office on his head as he approached, he wasted no time in waving off the ANBU. “You must be tired…because the rebellious heir to the Jinketsu Clan I remember would have caused more damage than this,” reflectively the Sandaime remarked as he smiled warmly, reassuring the shinobi that it was going to be okay.


“…Eh heh…you know me too well old man…I’ll be fine…I…just…need…a nap…,” Ginshin responded as he stumbled slightly before lightly colliding with the wall, sliding down as he passed out from exhaustion.


“You three…! Take him to the Medical Corp.; he is one of ours and needs some rest,” the Sandaime quickly ordered-three of the ANBU were to carry Ginshin to the Medical Corp. The three Masked Ninja did as told, carefully carrying the exhausted shinobi away for medical treatment.


“…Old man! Can that guy train me!? I want to learn those awesome moves!!” Naruto exclaimed as he ran up the Hokage, his eyes brimming with enthusiasm. Obviously he was impressed by the guy who bested three ANBU with less than elegant taijutsu.


“Naruto…,” Kakashi sighed with exasperation, not too thrilled that the boy was showing the same tenacity but had shifted to someone who was possibly one of the worst influences-outside of a certain Sannin.


Hiruzen chuckled as he looked at Naruto; he lightheartedly remarked, “We’ll see Naruto. He would certainly be a decent teacher for you since your style is just like his.”


“Hokage-sama…you’re sure that’s a good idea? One Ginshin is bad enough,” the cycloptic Jounin asked as he pointed down the street; the dust and smoke had cleared. Another squad of ANBU was sprawled across the ground, all unconscious with their masks fractured or completely broken.


“Before we decide anything I will talk to him. We need to know where he has been for the past eight years. My guess…? He was a prisoner somewhere,” the Sandaime explained as turned and walked away, silently lighting his pipe as he strode off towards the tower.


Peering around the corner, Kabuto watched the whole turn of events unfold and a frown crossed his face as he retreated down the alley. ‘He got out. Orochimaru-sama won’t like this…,’ the white haired shinobi quietly whispered to himself as he headed away from the scene, knowing well there would be others looking into the chaos that had erupted near the village gates. If he was seen walking away he would draw too much attention so he had to be careful for the moment.


Author’s note: And that Ladies and gentleman is the prologue!

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