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Summary: Everyones doing it...So Let's jump on the bandwagon!


All about yours truly.
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1. Chapter 1 by milliexchan

2. Chapter 2 by milliexchan

3. Chapter 3 by milliexchan

Chapter 1 by milliexchan
Author's Notes:
yeah...it's all meeee. for those who may be curious...
Name: Millie

Age: 20

Home: Leicester, UK.

Occupation: Cocktail Waitress! hahaha. Oh yes.

General Interests: Going out to clubs and dancing lots! Music, music, music! (punk/ska/emo) Reading and writing. Generally being quite geeky and ridiculous.

Favourite Anime/Mangas: Naruto (obviously), Death Note, Gravitation, Tactics, Loveless, Bokura Ga Ita, NANA, Saikano (She: The Ultimate Weapon), Elfen Lied, DNAngel, Tokko, Battle Royale, Kare Kano, OHSHC, Doll... and more...

If you want to know more about me:

Chapter 2 by milliexchan
My friends are awesome, and I love them all. If it wasn't for them, life would be extremely dull, and I'd probably never leave the house and be rubbish...

Dane is my best male friend. He's always been there, since we were little.

Molly is the girl I grew up with, and she's like a sister without the annoying parts >.<

Martin is the rival for 'best male friend' award. He is pretty much awesome in every way, and good looking too. Ha.

Mitch (Mitch Mitcehlson) is my best friend at work, pretty much. He gets me, and he gets my jokes. If I'm ever sad, this boy has the best hugs in the world! Plus, he's a bit of a womaniser, with his stupid hotness.

Joe is my other close friend at work. He's the resident gay, and we always argue about boys, as we have entirely different tastes! He likes anime and fanfiction too, so we bonded over that.

Amber and Jeanette (Bambi and Jane) are my girlies at work. We have friendship bracelets and a few too many in-jokes.

Katie is my housemate, and fellow ginger. We've bonded over the fact that we love to gossip, and like Hollyoaks and The Gilmore Girls.

Priya is my partner in crime. We've been known to act like the same person in different bodies.

I think my friends are really important to my writing, because I often (loosely) base characters on them, and scenarios on situations I've been in with them.
Chapter 3 by milliexchan

I find inspiration from normal stuff like, my own experiences, everyday occurances and my friends' dramatic lives...

(Priya Quote:"Millie, your life is so dramatic, it should have subtitles!")

I also get inspired by songs, poems, books, films, and snippets of conversation I hear at the bar I work in, on the bus, or in the queue at the supermarket =)

I think that all experiences in life can be drawn upon in a creative way. I use my writing (not just my fanfiction) as a means of escape, as a way of dealing with things, and a way of expressing my feelings...
I guess that's what writing is all about.

I want people to read and really enjoy my stuff, and I love feedback, positive and negative. I take constructive criticism into account.

I hope you've enjoyed my fanfictions so far. I've been away from it for a while, while sorting through some big life issues, but now I'm back and ready for action =D

My FanFictions:
Hopefully people like my stuff... I've worked really hard on it, and this is the first time I've ever written them. I'm so glad I've had positive reviews. Most of my stuff is soppy, and I suck at battle stuff. I'm better at the emotional stuff, I suppose...

Thanks for reading =)

Ja ne!
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