Journals of Teenage Ninja by gaaras_girl343
Summary: Just the journals of the Genin in Konoha and Suna. Some Akatsuki too. Please read and review.
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Sakura Haruno by gaaras_girl343
Dear Diary,

Sakura here. Today was kind of normal. Naruto asked me to go out with him again, I asked Sasuke to go out with me again, as usual, we were both rejected. I bet if Sasuke had to go out with me, he would. I would never go out with Naruto. Unless, of course, he got as hot as Sasuke. But that’ll never happen, so he might as well forget about it, because he will never match to Sasuke. Anyway, the abnormal part is that Ino-pig was talking to Sasuke today! I tried to talk to Sasuke, but he shunned me away! What does Ino-pig have that I don't! She even asked him out, that witch! What's that? OMFG! INO-PIG IS WALKING WITH SASUKE! I'M GUNNA PUNCH HER FACE OUT!
Sakura Haruno
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