Naruto Cast List by Mitsuko Okanami
Summary: I have a lot of characters that compose my Naruto world. Here's a brief description of their lives, teamates, and their senseis.
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Team Mamoru by Mitsuko Okanami
Author's Notes:
I do not have any pictures of the characters, and I'm too lazy to have to descibe their appearances for you. So, I'm going to let you use your wildest imagination as to what they look like!
*Mitsuko Okanami - a kunoichi who's clan originated in the Land of Stone; however, her family moved to the Leaf Village. Her father was originally supposed to be Tsuchikage, but later gave that role to his brother. Her clan specializes in Earth style jutsu, such as some of her Kekkei Genkai, the Eternal Landslide jutsu. She loves animals, and is a vegan, but has the strength and attitude of an ox. This appeals very attractive to Kiba. Only one problem.... Mitsuko is in love with Kiba....and INO! Yep, that's right she bisexual, which makes her the unique character most like me (im probably not bi though)
Teamates: Sankul Nirnaya and Ryoko Tisuno
Sensei: Mamoru Okanami (older brother)

*Ryoko Tisuno - she has two sisters her age, making them triplets (Yukino and Kitana) She can be very girly like Kitana, but have that boyish flare like Yukino. The Tisuno clan is a very special clan, however not much is known about their fighting style(personally, I haven't thought of it yet.) Apparently, she is pretty smart, which goes well with Shikamaru. They're together thoroughout the series, but break up shortly after Asuma's death; she fears that Shikamaru would be risking his life to avenge his fallen sensei. That's when he gets annoyed with her, and decides to leave her. But don't worry... the start falling in love with each other again!
Teamates: Mitsuko Okanami and Sankul Nirnaya
Sensei: Mamoru Okanami

Sankul Niraya - Hindi for full of creativity, Sankul is is of Indian descent (much like how Tenten is of Chinese descent). She has a very active personality, taking on the the qualities of a monkey. When she was little, she would tell an amazing story of how her parents migrated through wind and fire from the Land of Fruit to the Leaf Village (of course, she claims you can never find it on the map). Her closest friend is Kichi, considering she's not very well like by most others; but they get along well. Overall, she's a very bubbly character,with a heart as big as her stomach... only not fat.
Teamates: Mitsuko Okanami and Ryoko Tisuno
Sensei: Mamoru Okanami

* try to find them in an upcoming Naruto comic made by my friend. (link given once out)
End Notes:
I'll be back with more eventually. I'll just do so in shifts. PEACE!
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