Naruto Character's Journal Entries by emogirlS2
Summary: Some of the Naruto character's journal entries.
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Chapter 1 by emogirlS2
Author's Notes:
Poor naruto character's. I envaded thier privacy. Oh well, who cares. It was funny.
Dear Journal,

I HATE SASUKE! One minute he's all mean and has that I'm better than you attitude. And then the next minute he's being all nice and blushes everytime I fuking look at him. Jeez he acts like Sakura dose when she's around him....No way, could it be. SASUKE'S GAY! HAHAHA THAT'S GOT TO BE IT! Wait, so dose that mean that Sasuke has a crush on me? Huh, I never really thought about being gay. I could be though. I don't really have much of an attraction to girls. Sure I think some are pretty but, I never really thought about dating any of them. And Sasuke is kind of cute. He's got a nice built body, pale skin that goes perfect with his raven hair, and dark eyes that make it like your looking into the night sky. Holy shit! I am gay! Well, I quess I should just ask him out on a date. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I'll ask him out on a date tomorrow after our mission.


Dear Journal,

I'm more of a looser than that Dobe. I keep glancing at him and he catches me almost everytime. I think he might be catching on to me liking him. I'm making it pretty obvious for him. Everytime he talks to me, my face turns a bright red, and get all tounge tied. That's it. I can't stand this any more. I'm going to ask him out on a date tomorrow after our mission. No backing down. Uchiha's honor.

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