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1. Chie 12-13 by vanillaxxraven

2. Chie 15 by vanillaxxraven

Chie 12-13 by vanillaxxraven
Author's Notes:
I DO NOT own Naruto

I own Chie

this is just when my OC is 12 and 13, I'll add when she is older, later...

Relatives: Rank: Genin/Chuunin

Village: Waterfall [Taki]

Chakras: Wind and Fire

Birthday: Jan 31

Blood Type: O

Height: 137.7 cm

Weight: unsure
Hair:Black - shoulder length bangs a little above the shoulder in the back

Eyes: Yellow with full black pupils...


Song (if she had one): When I'm Gone - 3 Doors Down
Jutsu: She has a fire manipulation kekkei genkai

so pretty much feiry stuff, I might list them later

Summary: Chie has been training ever since she was three years old to use taijutusu

At eight she joins the local dojo so she can be a ninja and train with other students

She excels very quickly and catches the attention of the other genin

They are jealous of her and beat her nearly to death [altogether] they are led by her neighbor's team, Jai, Akane and Gaj

Her mother dies on a mission not soon after and this rocks her to the core

She gives up trying to be a ninja, but her friend, Chijin encouages her [age 9]

Once she starts training again, the genin start to torment her again

Gaj and Akane with Jai beat her again, killing her, but she is rescued from death by her mother [she is NOT immortal it was just this once]

Later that night, at her friend's house [medic nin][to heal her] Chie procures her kekkei genkai

The flame manipulation

She goes on a rampage, and destroys her tormentors

her friend Anakai saw her do it

With her kekkei genkai, Chie is a completely new person, and very violent

once she learns that Anakai saw her kill the genin she rushes after her

Chie's sensei, Ryuu arrives too late to stop Chie from killing Anakai so they flee the village

What Chie doesn't know is that Chijin saw her kill Anakai

A few years later, Chie is a very powerful Genin

she has learned very many jutus from Ryuu, who has the same abilities

they return to the Waterfall village only to find that her father, having lost his wife and child killed himself

Ater this Chie leaves the village to take the Chuunin exams in Konoha

More later....


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Chie 15 by vanillaxxraven
Author's Notes:
so yeah
i need to write something about her
Relatives: Rank: Missing-nin; S-class

Village: None

Chakras: Wind and Fire

Birthday: Jan 31

Blood Type: O

Height: 147.8 cm

Weight: unsure
Hair:Black - shoulder length bangs - hair cut along head and neck in the back

Eyes: Yellow with narrow crescent black pupils...


Song (if she had one): Crimson King-Demons and Wizards
Jutsu: She has a fire manipulation kekkei genkai


After training in Konoha for a year, Chie finally decides to go back to Takigakure; revealing that she is in fact alive

Upon arrival, the village turns against her, as they have discovered that she killed the three youth.

The village ninjas try to assasinate her, in the process, she kills the Leader and destroys much of the village since she did not know the extent of her power and summoned lava

While trying to escape the village, Ryuu, her sensei and cousin tries to stop her. She is forced to make a choice between her life, and her family

In a fierce battle, she kills him and escapes. Now void of any humanity. She flees farther and farther away from her allies

One night, while camping, Chie is discovered by Sasori and Deirdara [sp]. [this is when she is in her late 14s?]

It turns out that they had been watching her progress in killing her sensei and severing ties to her village, they think that she would be perfect for Akatsuki

She has to hide that she is a girl in Akatsuki [if discovered-they may try to take advantage of her]

She cuts her hair very short, keeping her long bangs. She takes the place of Orochimaru...the Void ring [approprate no?]Eventually she is classified as a missing nin. Evidence of her kills is evident and she is classified as S-rank for the demolition of her own village

------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyway i have to write a story about her in Akatsuki y'know....the whole Gaara thing..? So yeah THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE

T______________________________T "

[they haven't even started] Maybe there will be another chapter?
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