College Kids by Oni_Chan
Summary: College means studying, frat parties, books, frat parties, more books, and of course frat parties. One gang of teens attending South Harmon for their freshman year have been together since elemetary days. What happens when another group clashes for the better?

Written by Oni and Nikki
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Course Selection by Oni_Chan
Author's Notes:
Oni Here! See me and Nikki-kohai got into the idea of creating crack couples... and welll Some were just to fun to resist so we bring you....this! Read and Review ^_^
"So what classes are you taking?" a hazel haired girl asked looked at a cluster of teens with forums in their hands.

The raven haired boy blinked as he looked at the paper. "None of these seem interesting," he said blankly.

"You're just pissy they don't have a course called 'Pornography 101', Sai," the blonde laughed slapping his raven haired friend on the back.

Sai looked at Naruto and as he opened his mouth another raven broke in, "Hey teme and baka, keep the conversation PG!"

"Who do you think you are, Oni? My mother?" Naruto retorted going to stand in front of her and look down at her paper.

"Trust me, Naruto, if Oni was you mother... You would have had a bullet in your head by now," the hazel haired girl chuckled.

"Nikki," Oni glared with a playful threat.

"Yeah, Nikki, be realistic," another blonde, this one female, snickered, "We'd all have bullets in our skull if she was a mother."

"Hey, beautiful," Sai smiled as Ino moved in closer with the group.

"Hey, dear, we still on for tonight?" she smiled sweetly.

Nikki rolled her eyes, "Ino, are you and Sai still playing that stupid game?"

Naruto nodded, "She knows he thinks she's ugly, no wait in Sai terms a 'hag' and yet they still do this." He scratched a tan and scarred cheek before sighing, "If I ever did this to a girl she'd whack me upside my head, call me a loser, and walk on."

"Oh you mean like this?" Ino offered as she marched up to Naruto, smacked his head, "Loser," and walked away to her seat again leavng everyone laughing except for Naruto.

Oni calmed herself before sighing and looking around. "Hey our group is shy one member..." Everyone looked around blindly before she offered the hint, "Good boy."

"Tobi!" came the group responce as they jumped up to look for their other raven haired spazz of a friend.

They didn't take too long in locating their friend who had some weird obbsesion with speaking in third person at times. Ino and Nikki took the liberty of dragging him by the ear back to the sitting area and away from the plant he deemed a good sitting place.

"That was amusing," Naruto chuckled as he sat back down and kicked his feet up on the small coffe table with his forums in his lap.

Oni sighed and cleaned her glasses, "Come on guys this place closes at like 4pm we need to finish our course applications. We're already behind."

"I don't see why we need to have courses picked when school doesn't start for another week."

"This is the thinking that will get you kicked out, Naruto," Sai sighed as he stared blankly at his course list, again.

"You two are pitiful," Ino sighed waving her completed papers in their faces. "Even Tobi is ahead of you.. That's saying something!"

Nikki and Oni sighed before pushing Naruto away from Sai to help him with his courses. "If you're heading into the manga industry like us, Sai, take the same courses us. We need your brains to cheat from," Nikki giggled as Oni helped Sai check off the courses.

"Ok Sai, you have one last class to pick to get full credits this year, pick one," Oni told him.

"What did you two pick?" he asked as he headed to the last course page to get the class code of the one he had in mind.

"Evolutionary Biology," Nikki replied smartly.

"Caligraphy," Oni answered with a smile.

"Ok I understand Nikki, she likes science. Why are you taking caligraphy?" Ino asked looking up from Tobi's paper she was checking over.

"'Cause I'll use it to make a fake degree. I figure at least two of us won't make it to graduation and will at least need to show a paper to their parents and employeres. I'm not helping them out," she giggled as all gazes fell on both Tobi and Naruto.

Naruto growled before changing the subject, "What's your extra course, Sai?"

"Human Anatomy," Sai answered brightly.

"Figures," the group sighed as the watched their friend back up his papers in the files next to Oni's and Nikki's.

Ino packed up her papers for all her psychology and human development courses and added it to the pile. Naruto, after checking off his courses, add his packet to the pile. His course we're in the polotical area... kid dreamt of being president and yet he couldn't even remember what day elections were held on.

All that was left was Tobi. "Tobi is a good boy, he knows all his courses," the raven giggled.

"What are you majoring in, Tobi?" Sai asked trying to look at the other's paper.

"Tobi is a good boy! He's going into animation!" Tobi cheered punching the air.

Ino shook her head deeply wondering how the kid got into college. She patted his shoulder at sighed, "Yeah, when I become a therapist.. you're my first client, Tobi."

The group giggled before they all gathered their files and handed them into the clerk at admistrations. Side by side they walked out the doors of South Harmon and towards their cars.

"This time next week we'll be moving in here guys," Nikki sighed looking up at the builiding.

"Let the parting begin! I can feel it! I think we'll all find someone at last!" Naruto cheered leaping down a step to his own car with Sai. "Even Tobi," he chuckled.

Oni rolled her eyes, "Like that will happen!"

Tobi looked around wide eyed as everyone got in their cars. "But... Tobi's a good boy!"
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