United Stalkers by Oni_Chan
Summary: Ino and Sakura have given up control of their organization of fan girls. But, who is to take the title of ownership now? A bunch of love sick and slightly insane girls of Konoha and Suna, that's who.
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1. Attention All Stalkers by Oni_Chan

2. The Gathering of Stalkers by Oni_Chan

Attention All Stalkers by Oni_Chan
Author's Notes:
This is Oni! Hey peeps! This is a fic mainly for my close Tonfa friends here! I don't own the Naruto characters. I only own me!

~Oni aka Oni_Chan~ (Me xD)
~Rachael aka Deadly Dream~
~Akina aka Sasuke_Luvr~
~Jess aka CrimsonClover~
It had been near three years since the last Uchiha left Konoha for good. Since then the fan girls had for the most part settled down and left the world alone, all but two. Ino and Sakura were the only original fan girls who deemed it necessary to make sure the age of fan girls never ended. They took it to themselves, the former leaders of the rabid girls, to find the next generation's leaders.

"Ino, are you sure about this," the pink haired one of the duo asked.

"Of course Sakura! This will be the perfect way to find our replacements!" the blonde explained as she clutched the stack of papers to her chest.

"But I mean, a battle to determine the strength of these girls' hearts seems a little weird." Sakura sat down and looked at one of the flyers she and Ino had made up last night. This all seemed so much more logical when she had a little sake in her, Tsunade was rubbing off on her. The flyer read:

Attention All Girls!

Have you got a crush on someone?
Want to express you love with other others who agree?
Do you want to be able to lead a generation of stalkers?

Come to Training Ground 7 Ready to Fight if You Answered Yes
A Contest of the Heart Will Be Held on the Eve the First Organization Was Created

If You Don't Know This Info We Already Deem You Disqualified
Winner or Winners Take Control of the Organization!

Ino smiled at her friend and hit her on the back. "Oh come on Sakura! It will definitely work! I've seen so many love sick girls around the village lately, a lot of them being little sister's to those of our girls! They're bound to come with a little push from their elders," the blonde encouraged. "Now come on! We have loads of flyers to post up before tomorrow."

Sakura sighed and stood up. "If that's what you think is best I'll trust you. But if anything goes wrong, the blame is on your head Ino-Pig."

Ino put her hands on her hips, "And what does that mean Billboard-Brow?" The two glared at each other taunting the other until they started into a fit of giggles. "Haven't done that in awhile."

Sakura shook her head in laughed. "Maybe this will be a good idea," Sakura thought aloud as the giggles subsided.

"That's the spirit! Now hurry up we've got work to do!" Ino cheered punching the air before both girls sprung off in different directions to put up their sake-broken-heart induced flyers.


"Gah! That mission was a disaster! How could he have shown up?" a young jounin growled as she slung her usual black coat over her shoulder. Her short brown hair waved in the wind as she glared at the ground. "We were so damn close to getting that scroll too!"

The kunoichi continued her rant as she walked away from Hokage tower. Her last mission had been disastrous when that one missing nin showed up. Damn Uchihas, all of them knew how to show up at the exact wrong time! Why the hell did her childhood (and current) crush have to be a damn missing nin? A missing nin that happened to target the same treasures she was always after?

As she made her way to her apartment complex where most jounin resided, a bright neon pink paper caught her eye. "What the hell now?" she growled stomping up to the sign. She snatched it off the pole which she leaned on and read it to herself. She had to laugh, it was hard not to.

The Organization, or as she referred to it the United Stalkers of Konoha, was looking for new leadership eh? There was a way to take out her frustrations of the latest failed mission. Who knows? She even had a chance of leading another bunch of United Uchiha Stalkers. She slipped the paper into her pocket and put her coat on correctly.

"Well, this could be fun. Never said the stalkers couldn't chase an S-class missing nin such as Uchiha Itachi," Rachael laughed.


On the other side of town, a girl in an equally foul mood made her way towards her temporary residence. The corset wearing girl swiftly made her way to her home, geared with her fan, her Suna headband reflecting light. "He was there, and Nii-san wasn't this time. Someone is so going to pay," she growled.

Much like her mission partner, she had been on another failed collection mission because he had shown up. The red head was just glad that the two missing nin's sudden appearance in the forest way home had the same effect on the other girl. It would have been odd for the other village's nin to see her that way, even if the two had become good friends since their gennin days, they were jounin now.

She hated having connections to those damn red cloud clad, ring and nail polish wearing nin, it made her life more difficult than necessary. As she made her way into her complex, an insanely bright piece of paper on the bulletin board caught her eye. She walked over to it and roughly snatched it from the pin making passerby's question her delicate demeanor.

The girl read the paper and raised an eyebrow at its contents. "Oh you have to be joking. Rachael wasn't lying about the stalker ways of the kunoichi 'round here," she smirked. She put a hand on her fan after folding the sheet of paper and storing it. She would have to find out the day of this event.

"This should be interesting. Maybe Deidara will get wind of it and see me as more than just Sasori-niisan's sister," Akina mused.


Over by Training Grounds 7, another young jounin kunoichi sat in a slightly foul mode. Her black clothes allowed her to blend with the shadow of the tree she sat under. She was currently thinking about the one guy who was a walking contradiction like herself, he made her life bliss and yet hell all at once. It was annoying as..well hell.

"Damned idiot too..too him for his own good!" she growled as she kicked off her shoes to relax. Her brown hair ruffled in the breeze and she tied it up into its average ponytail. "Stupid stupid cute idiot!" she grumbled.

As she lounged under a tree, said idiot's pink haired team mate came up to her. "Oh here, please take this!" the blossom girl squeaked shoving the equally pink paper into the darker kunoichi's hand. Sakura was off again before the girl got out a word of confusion. She read the paper over and laughed.

This was exactly what she needed for that moron to notice her. She hated calling him a moron, but it was just too true. Only he could go so long without noticing the girl chasing him, must have picked that up from his blonde team mate as well. She stood up and put her shoes on before pocketing the paper.

She rubbed her hands evilly, "Well Sai, you're about to notice me now," giggled Jess.


There was something about today that was putting girls in Konoha into foul moods. Over near the river another kunoichi from Suna sat on a rock tossing stones. Her fiery raven hair blew in her face as she sunk a few more round stones over the surface. "How could Kazakage-sama send me all the way out to Konoha? This isn't fair! I'm supposed to be one of his 'round the clock guards, and I get sent out here," she whined.

She was so very close to joining the ANBU ranks and making her job solely to guard his life, nothing else. But he and his siblings got the idea that she needed to be with her friends for awhile and sent her to Konoha with Akina to be with Rachael and Jess until they called her back. And if the blonde had her way it would be a good damn while too, she was sick of the fiery girl being around so much.

The wind picked up and a bright thing came fluttering at her. She pulled out her katana and struck the paper so it remained on her blade. A blonde up the shore smiled and told her to keep it before dashing off with an armful of the things. The raven girl snatched the paper off and read it over once before falling off the rock laughing.

She lay on the grass looking at the sky as she clutched the paper. Jess had told her about the stalker girls but this was highly amusing. That was one way to make him notice her as more than a guard and get revenge at his sister for sending her away.

"Hmm, I'll make this contest a little more exciting and Gaara will be mine," Oni smirked.
The Gathering of Stalkers by Oni_Chan
Author's Notes:
This is Oni! Hey peeps! This is a fic mainly for my close Tonfa friends here! I don't own the Naruto characters. I only own me!

~Oni aka Oni_Chan~ (Me xD)
~Rachael aka Deadly Dream~
~Akina aka Sasuke_Luvr~
~Jess aka CrimsonClover~
~Alex aka AllieChan~
~Ty aka AisuJin~
In the following twenty four hours, the pink flyers had been posted by they creators and dozens had been either intrigued or amused. Some were going to go just to see who was actually going to compete in this insane competition. Alas, the time had come and Sakura and Ino were eager to see their future successors.

Ino stood admiring their work. Before the two girls stood their two makeshift battlefields and an area cleared for spectators. "Well Sakura, this is probably our last day leading the organization," the blond sighed looking up at the sky.

Sakura leaned against a tree and nodded. "It's been fun while it lasted, ne? But, now all that's left is to wait and judge."

Some time passed before a lone figure clad in black made its way to the clearing. Her hands were shoved in her pockets as she walked up to the other girls. "Hn. Thought no one would show," she mused.

"Hello Alex," Ino snorted glaring at the older girl. "Here to join the competition?" she asked half heartedly.

Alex shock her head. "Sorry, not interested in becoming a stalker. 'Sides, one Sasuke generation is more than enough."

"Well it's not like you ever made an effort to join us before," Sakura stated rather angrily. "You're not a true admirer of him anyway for that."

"Yes but if you didn't stalk him night and day, he might have had less reasons for leaving," Alex hissed clenching her fist, her hitai-ate of Konoha tied around her arm. The three girls glared at each other before Alex turned around to go sit against one of the ancient trees. She only bothered to stay because her friend from Suna was going to be competing, plus it seemed like a fun show for the board jounin.

In the course of an hour the large clearing filled with people, mostly kunoichi but a few guys showed up as well to watch the 'chick fight of the year' as they were putting it. One guy walked towards Alex and sat nearby, unfazed by her killer intent at the moment. "Yo."

"Hey Ty," Alex said as she pushed away her intent of killing two certain kunoichi. She looked up at the taijutsu master, "So how come you aren't stalking the Hyuuga girl?"

Ty blushed and looked upward. "I don't stalk her okay? Besides, she said she was busy today," he visibly pouted.

"Busy eh?" Alex let her gaze leave Ty to drift over the crowd. "You mean as in she's standing right over there?" she questioned with a soft smirk as she motioned towards the Hyuuga heiress.

Ty's head shot in the direction Alex was looking. Hinata stood amongst the crowd of girls who were in the competition, a bright blush evident on her face as she spoke with someone who Ty couldn't quite make out. As the crowd of girls shifted he could make out the person who was causing Hinata to turn a violent red, Naruto Uzamaki.

Ty's eyes narrowed as he glared at the blonde. Had Hinata lied to get rid of him so she could fight here for that..that...that moron? His fists clenched the grass under him, pulling out tufts with roots and all. Naruto pointed at him and waved and Hinata squeaked before hiding behind Naruto.

Alex laughed, a little bit of her sadistic way showing through. "Someone's plotting a death near by, and today it is not me," she squeak happily leaning against the tree as Ty began to emanate death vibes aimed at a certain orange wearing blonde.

Naruto bid Hinata a farewell before jogging over to Ty and Alex's current spot. "Hey guys!" he greeted plopping down next to Ty. Alex waved her hand in greeting and Ty continued to pull out grass. "Hey Ty, I think you're in for a big surprise," Naruto mused folding his hands behind his head and falling onto the grass behind him.

Ty glared. "I already know Uzamaki," he growled. Alex winced with a smirk near by, Ty only went by last names when he was pissed, and really lethal. No one messed with a taijutsuist.

Naruto gave one of his fox grins and looked up at the sky, "Hmm, we'll see about that." Ty was itching to beat that smile off his face.

Ino and Sakura stood near by the field next to a large boulder where they planned to watch all the fights from. The two jumped up with chakra in the soles of their feet and turned to address the group before them. Sakura stamped her foot on the boulder making a loud cracking noise which got the clearing's total attention. The pink haired girl looked out and began, "I would like to welcome-"

The shinobi was cut off as four separate gusts of wind blew up in the clearing. One gust revealed a brunette with her hair tied up and drabbed in black, bright green leaves fell down around her. The second gust revealed another brunette wearing a long black coat, fiery autumn leaves fell around, looking out of place in the spring forest. The third gust revealed a redhead in a corset, one hand rested on the large open fan from which her gust had come. And the final gust had been one of the sand variety which revealed a raven girl with red streaks, also drabbed in black.

"Stopping the show for us? Why I'm flattered," Rachael laughed faking a pose.

Oni snickered next to her. "Only right seeing as one of us will be victorious."

"Or all, that silly pink sign said there could be more than one successor," Jess reminded them as she waved her hand to the four.

"But of course, us Sand nin have it better," Akina smirked high fiving Oni.

Ino and Sakura rolled their eyes. These four were at it again. Ino was curious though, to see who it was they all chose to fight for. She had seen the girls many a times causing havoc for the their elders in both villages and that made her curious as to who they would be interested in. "Are you four participating or just here to be nuisances?" Ino demanded.

"We're here to fight," the Leaf girls said calmly, shoulder to shoulder.

"And to win!" The Sand nin added, hanging over the shoulder's of their friends.

In the background Alex was heard snickering at her Suna friend's antics. Ty, who was still plotting a blonde's death, also managed a small chuckle as he watched his good friends draw the attention to themselves. It had become something they were all masters of even though they remained highly capable ninja.

Sakura sighed and rubbed her forehead. "Ok then...continuing. We would like to welcome and thank you all for attending today. This will be a process of elimination tournament. First, everyone separate into groups based on who it is you represent today. You will fight all in your group and then move on to fight the other representatives. Got that?"

Ino looked around to see everyone nodding. "Alright! Get to work and we'll start the battles in 10 minutes!"
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