Outsiders by Nikki_Yaoi
Summary: What happens when people from the outside world are sucked into the Naruto world, because one of them was playing around with their powers? Now they are stuck there until they figure out how to get back.
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1. Confusion by Nikki_Yaoi

2. Jealousy by Nikki_Yaoi

3. Brothers by Nikki_Yaoi

4. Rivalry by Nikki_Yaoi

5. Painful Memories by Nikki_Yaoi

Confusion by Nikki_Yaoi
Author's Notes:
Yes, 5 OC's. However, these OC's are for normal roleplays, but I really wanted to put them in a Naruto fanfiction. c: Lots of yaoi! And some incest. (Big brothers are such a pain =o)

"Sorry guys," muttered a girl with black hair and green bangs, two blue wolf ears sticking out of her head. She wore a fairly skimpy top, a a black skirt, with black boots, a long blue tail dragging along the ground.
"You're an idiot," a girl with long, light brown hair muttered. Her outfist consisting of earth colors, a dagger pouch on her side, and two pointed ears, "I can`t believe you did this Mika!"
"But Karma-chan...." Mika whined.
"No, now we are stuck with our stupid brothers in a world we don`t even know about!" Karma snapped.
"Shut up you two...." muttered a man who was obviously older then all of them. His hair dark brown and spiky in the back, but soon went into a ponytail, his eyes dark green, and like Karma he had pointed ears. However, he wore all black, a long sleeved shirt and pants.
"Cahal-Oniisan, let them argue, Karma-neechan is right, Mika shouldn`t have done that," hissed a boy only slightly younger then the other man, his hair and eyes lighter. His hair was like Sasuke's except the light brown and his outfit was almost exactly like Cahal's.
One of them stayed in the back, his pink eyes, saddened, his pink and grey ears flat against his head as his large, fluffy pink and grey tail dragged against the ground. His hair was black with pink bangs.
"Ace-kun, what's wrong?" asked the younger brother of Cahal, looking at the boy with worry filled eyes.
"Sorry Isaac-sama, I just wish you guys would stop fighting..." Ace whined.
Isaac smiled at him and winked, "Don`t worry Ace-kun. Karma-neechan, Mika! Shut up!" Isaac exclaimed.
Mika sighed, "If you are going to try to impress Oniisan, don`t tell me to shut up, baka."
"You! Who are you?" exclaimed two people as the five reached the gate.
Mika glared at them, "I am Mika, and the others are Karma, Isaac, Cahal, and Ace, where are we?"
"Konoha," one of them stated.
"What's a Konoha?" Isaac asked.
The two stared, "I`ll take them to Tsunade-sama," one of them muttered.

When they were in the office, the guard bowed and left.
"So, you guys don`t know where you are?" Tsunade asked.
"Well the thing is..." Mika muttered.
"Our friend Mika here, decided she wanted to see everything she could do with her powers, because you see, she is phsycic, a wolf demon too, and she can be quite idiotic," Karma finished.
Tsunade chuckled, "I want to know something about each of you, especially considering there isn`t something quite right about you."
"I am Karma, I am an elf, I am good at using a dagger and I am pretty quick, I can change into a fox somehow, it is something unknown to me," Karma stated.
"I am Isaac, an elf like Karma, I too use daggers as well as a bow and arrow," Isaac stated.
"I am Cahal, not much to say about me, besides the fact I am better at everything then my niisan here," Cahal laughed, getting a nasty glare from Isaac.
"And I`m Ace, i`m Mika's big brother, so I am a wolf demon as well though my skills are better then hers, but I have no special powers other then that, so you can consider me normal," Ace giggled.
"KAWAII!" Isaac squealed.
"Well, since you guys are here and I can sense your chakra is somewhat strong," Tsunade started.
"Chakra?" Mika asked.
"Probably your doing, you probably helped manipulate your friends powers so they could fit in better with this world," Tsunade muttered, "Chakra is an energy you use for special moves in our world."
They all nodded.
"I want you guys to train with Team 7, just train, you might not be here for long so we can`t have you becoming a nuisance on a jounin. Shizune, take them to see Team 7," Tsunade muttered.
The womaan next to the hokage nodded and pushed the five out the door.

Shizune took them to a training area apparently, where a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, a boy with raven hair and eyes was and a girl with pink hair and emerald eyes were.
Watching them was a man with silver hair, who was apparently reading a pronography novel or something of the sort.
The man looked up, "Yes, Shizune-san?"
"Tsunade-sama requested these five train with you, they aren`t an official part of your team, but they should be of some help training these three," Shizune exclaimed.
The man nodded and smiled at the five, "Hello, I`m Hatake Kakashi."

Jealousy by Nikki_Yaoi
Author's Notes:
Kyuubi, Karma, Naruto conversation

x3 This is oddly fun to write, violence and yaoi, perverted foxes and all that! FUN!

I do NOT own Naruto

Ace's eyes lit up when he saw the handsome teacher, "I think I could get use to living here."
Isaac twitche, and started glaring at Kakashi.
"I`m Ace!" Ace giggled, blushing.
Kakashi stared at him, then at his ears, then tail.
"Hatake-san, if you could please stop staring at Oniisan's butt, I'd greatly aprreciate it, I`m Mika," Mika said, holding out her hand, smiling.
Kakashi reluctantly shook her hand, then felt a small, but painful shock, "OW!" he yelped.
"Mika-neechan!" Ace snapped.
"It was just a small psycic wave....meant for causing some pain," Mika whispered the last part, her smile growing.
Karma sighed, "I`m Karma, pleasure to meet you Hatake-sensei."
Kakashi smiled, he liked this girl, the others were crazy and mean, atleast Mika was.
"I`m Isaac," Isaac muttered, then walked closer to Kakashi, "Don`t even look at my Ace-kun with lust or love or I`ll kill you," Isaac whispered to him.
Kakashi chuckled, this guys obviously was the possesive type, scary.
"Ignore him, I`m Cahal," Cahal muttered, whacking Isaac on the head.
Kakashi chuckled nervously, "Well then, why don`t you guys go spar with them or something."
Karma started to transform, and Kakashi stared in shock as she turned into a fox, Karma stuck her tongue out at Kakashi, "I`m assuming that kid there has a fox demon in him, a reeks of demon, like those two," Karma muttered, turning her head to look at Mika and Ace.
"We don`t stink," the both whined.
"I didn`t mean that, oh whatever," Karma muttered, running over to Naruto and pawing at his pants leg when he stopped trying to kick Sasuke.
Naruto looked down and blinked, then he heard a conversation going on in his head.
"It's pretty empty in here," Karma muttered.
"I know, it is horrible, hey, wait, who are you?" Kyuubi asked.
Karma giggled, "I`m Karma."
"I`m Kyuubi," Kyuubi said.
"Why is a girl demon in a boy's body? Could that cause problems? Like sexuallity, the possibility of getting pregnant, stuff like that?" Karma asked.
"Me being here didn`t affect to fact that he likes that Uchiha boy, that boy is such a good mate for my little Kit," Kyuubi cooed.
"Kyuu-chan! That is suppose to be a secret, no one besides Sasuke, You, and me know about that!" Naruto whined.
Karma laughed, "What's your name?"
"You got into my mind somehow and you don`t know my name? It is Uzumaki Naruto! The next Hokage!" Naruto exclaimed.
"Cute, I gave up on dreams after being kidnapped, crazy lovesick people basically raping me, well, they would have if I hadn`t stabbed them! Not like I can obtain any of my dreams...my brothers are too overprotective, anyways, please try and reach your goals no matter what the cost is, just remember your friends are more important," Karma laughed, "Hey, Naruto-kun, do you wanna see what I really look like?"
Naruto nodded.
"Well, I guess I should get out of here then... bye Kyuubi-sama," Karma muttered.

She turned human outside and smiled as Naruto opened his eyes, "Naruto-kun, Kyuubi-sama is very nice."
"I guess she is okay when she isn`t ciritzing me..." Naruto muttered, "But anyways, you're really pretty!" Naruto exclaimed.
Sasuke came up behind Naruto and started dragging him off.
"And I thought Isaac-niisan was posessive," Karma whispered to herself.
She looked over at Mika who was talking with Sakura.
"Baka, few guys actually like pink hair, I should know, it was my natural hair color, before I got this totally cool hair color," she giggled, "But, I don`t have a large forehead either!"
"Pft, you have two dog ears and a tail, what idiot would date you?" Sakura spat back.
""First off, they are WOLF ears, second of all, I have someone at home, however, I am stuck here...where it is legal to kill someone in self defense..." Mika started to smirk as she trailed off.
Suddenly, Sakura started to glow blue and was lifted off of the ground and was tried to a tree branch by her hair.
Mika laughed and walked away, letting her hold of Sakura.
"OW! OW! OW! My hair!" Sakura cried.
Meanwhile, Cahal was talking to Sasuke who had Naruto chained to him.
"When I was little, my big brother was creepy, I mean, he was a cool big brother and all till he killed my family, but see, I think he had a thing for me or something, it was weird," Sasuke muttered in disgust.
Cahal smirked and looked over at Isaac who was trying to pry Ace off of Kakashi.
Karma sat next to Naruto now, "Don`t even think about it Oniisan, ya, Isaac is fairly attractive, but remember, he is your blood brother," she said stoicly.
"Ace!" Isaac whined, as Ace clung tightly to Kakashi`s arm.
Kakashi stared, wishing the boy would just get off of him before Isaac tried to kill him, besides, what would Iruka think?Oh Kami, scary thought.
He winced, imagining an angry Iruka beating him over the head.
"Hey, Ace-kun, if I hang out with you for the day after training will you please never cling to me....ever again?"Kakashi asked.
Ace smirked, "Okay!"

Brothers by Nikki_Yaoi
Author's Notes:
I need to speed up things a little, don`t I? xD

Mentions of incest are in here and a talking Cahal, this is probably the most he has talked through the whole thing and yes, Isaac does have fangirls, it is a little creepy o_o;

I do NOT own Naruto

Ace sat with a smirking Cahal, which could never be a good sign, but it wasn`t as dangerous as the times he smiled, because behind those smiles was a cruel plan.
"What do you want Cahal-kun?" Ace muttered.
Cahal snickered, "You know, I hope you have no feelings for my brother," he said cheerfully.
Ace blushed a little, "What would it matter if I did?"
Cahal's mouth was close to Ace's ear, "Because, Isaac-niisan is mine," he hissed.
Ace twitched, "Damn it, Cahal, I didn`t know you were into the whole incest thing..."
Cahal glared at him, "Okay, he is like that Sasuke guy, except older and a lot more attractive, except Isaac has a little bit of a friendlier personallity, besides, i could save him from his fangirls."
"They'd never want to drool over Isaac again if they got images of you doing things..." Ace muttered.
Mika was sitting in a tree, resisting the urge to start laughing.
She noticed a rock on the ground and pointed at it and it started glowing blue, then it flew at Cahal's head.
Then another rock was flung at Ace.
They looked up at the tree, but Mika was gone, when they turned around, Mika was giggling.
They both screamed and fell over from shock.
"Oniisan, I thought you liked Hatake-san," she giggled, "And Cahal, you should find some other cute guy besides your brother."
"You heard all of that?" They both exclaimed.
She sat in front of them, "Yup, but, I don`t gossip anyways and can keep secrets, unlike Oneechan!"
Ace twitched, "Oh gosh, not Oneechan!"
"Raiun-san is horrible about keeping secrets... thunder storm is right," Cahal whined.
"Be happy she isn`t here," Mika muttered, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear, and Ace sighed, she only attempted that when she was going to ask for something in return.
Ace turned into a large wolf creature, his fangs got long and he growled, digging his claws into the ground, "If you tell any one, I swear," he barked.
"Meep!" Mika screamed, his demonic form was scary, the normally sweet boy could turn vicous, she sighed in relief when he turned back to his humanoid form.
Isaac and Karma appeared with Team 7.
"Come on guys, we were going to go get some ramen," Isaac sighed.
Ace and Cahal glared at eachother before standing up, both starting to drag Isaac away.
Mika's hand flew out and they were stopped, the blue aura surrounding them, "Not so fast, you guys don`t even know where you are going, and besides, finding housing is more important, and we don`t even have money!"
Naruto looked at Sasuke, "Teme, don`t you have like, a big ass mansion?"
Sasuke nodded.
Mika looked at him expectantly, "Would you mind if we stayed with you for a little?"
"Whatever," Sasuke muttered, putting his hands in his pockets and slowly starting to walk off.
"Naruto-kun, can I stay with you---Oh okay," Karma said, Kyuubi having just told her that Naruto was secretly living with Sasuke.
"Come on, Karma-chan!" Naruto exclaimed, dragging Karma along as Mika let go of her hold on the three boys, she looked at Kakashi and Sakura, "Come on," she said calmly, following the others, hands behind her head. She noticed they weren`t following, both were probably afraid of her after what she had done to them. She shrugged and started to drag them along with her powers, thought it was slightly hard dragging both a grown man and teenage girl with phsycic powers, it put a bit of a strain on Mika, but she ignored it.
"Next time, listen to me," she giggled, winking at them.

Rivalry by Nikki_Yaoi
Author's Notes:
Naruto is such a foolish little boy who doesn`t understand the brotherly love Cahal feels for Isaac x3

I do NOT own Naruto

After Ramen everyone, but Sakura and Kakashi headed to Sasuke's house.
Sasuke turned to look at them, "Okay, some rooms are off limits, so two of you will have to share a room."
Both Cahal and Ace looked at Isaac and smirked.
"I`ll share a room with Isaac," Cahal said in his usual monotone voice, so he wouldn`t make anyone suspicious.
Mika giggled and looked at Sasuke, "I think that will work better then Oniisan and Isaac being together, Isaac might jump Oniisan and I`d prefer that not to happen." She looked at all of them, "Anyone want to argue?" she said, blowing up a light bulb just to make a point.
They all shook their heads no. "Good! Now, Sasuke-kun, take us to our rooms!" Mika exclaimed.
Sasuke first took Ace, Mika, and Karma to their rooms then looked at the last two, smirking, "Oh and I forgot, there is only one bed!"
Naruto bursted out laughing, "Good thing they are brothers."
"Ya...brother," Cahal whispered, smiling.
Isaac blinked, Cahal was smiling? Oh no.

"Mika?" Karma said, poking her head into Mika's room.
"Hn?" Mika asked as she placed her boots aside.
"Wow...your feet are paws..." Karma muttered, staring at Mika's feet.
"No duh, why should I mask the true appearance when I`m relaxing?" Mika asked, falling back onto the bed, "But actually, they are just slippers, I can guarentee you, my feet are quite normal."
"You carry slippers around with you--Oh nevermind, why did you put Cahal and Isaac in the same room?" Karma asked.
"Amusement purposes," Mika simply replied.
"You know, don`t you?" Karma asked.
"What? The sky being blue? My real hair color actually being pink? What do I know?" Mika asked, smiling.
"You know damn well what I`m talking about," Karma hissed.
"Hmmm...Nope!" Mika exclaimed.
"And you also know how to go back, don`t you?" Karma asked, knowing her best friend quite well.
"Nope," Mika lied, actually, she had come up with a way to get back, but why ruin the fun? That was Mika for you, fun comes first.
"Mika..." Karma said in a warning tone.
Mika sighed, "Nope."
"What are you, a robot?" Karma asked, "You keep repeating nope."
"Nope," Mika said again, just to mock Karma.
"Mika, you never change do you?" Karma asked.
Mika sighed, "I`ve changed quite a lot actually, don`t you remember? I use to be evil, I`m suprised you don`t remember the fangs and slitted, angry eyes."
Karma frowned, that was also at the time Mika had beautiful pink hair and was more serious, "True, if it wasn`t for Raiun and Ace you probably would have killed everyone."
"My siblings are my opposites, fighting fire with water always has worked well," Mika said in a serious tone. Karma walked over to Mika and sat next to her.
"I remember when you use to cry when Raiun stole your toy or Ace turned into his cute, puppy demon form and you;d run to me," Karma sighed.
"Ya ya, Karma, I get it, you are older then me, but you are younger then Ace,"Mika muttered.
"You know about Cahal, don`t you?" Karma asked again.
"Some things are better left unsaid, now shoo, I need to sleep," Mika said, smiling weakly.
Karma nodded and stood up, walking out of Mika's room. She sighed when she closed the door and leaned against a wall, "Mika always changes once we bring up her past...of course, being a murderer isn`t something you'd take pride in...."

Painful Memories by Nikki_Yaoi
Author's Notes:
A picture of Mika is at the end~In her new outfit n3n

I dun own Naruto
The next morning Mika woke up to a pink and grey dog like creature with long fangs cuddled up besides her.
She pushed a strand of hair from her face and nudged the animal gently, "Ace-oniichan?" she whispered, making it open it's eyes and look over at Mika.
"Ohayo...." he whispered, before catching the sadness that seemed to flicker in and out of her eyes, he turned human and looked at her worriedly. "...Mika? Neechan?" he asked, getting no response.
Her eyes started to well up with tears as she hugged her older brother sadly.
"I'm a horrible person...." she cried.
"It's okay..." Ace whispered, hugging her, knowing what she was talking about.
The moment was interupted by a loud shriek and Isaac dashing into the room and hiding under the bed, trembling.
Mika wiped the tears from her eyes and looked under the bed at Isaac, "Isaac-kun?"
"I woke up this morning to Cahal's hand in my pants! AND HIM KISSING ME!" Isaac screamed.
"Ne, atleast he is sexy..." Mika muttered under her breath, "Not like my Amphy, but that is besides the point. We know you are gay, just hook up with Cahal-chan."
There was a long silence, "You do realize he is my brother, right?"
"Ya, do you have a problem with twincest?"
"Yes, I do...."
Next was Naruto to come bursting into the room with outfits slung over his arm, "OUTFITS!"
"What's wrong with what I normally wear?" Mika asked.
"You can't run in a skirt, BUT, you can run in what we are about to give you," Naruto beamed, showing her a top much like her original one, but with fishnet filling in the opening, though it still revealed a large amount of cleavage.
Then he showed her the bottom, that was a dark grey skirt with a pink slit up the middle and made so it was like two flaps on the front and back. The last things were the legging like things that went under the skirt and kunai pouch with bandages.
Mika's eyes lit up, "KAWAII~!" she cooed happily, as she grabbed the outfit, pushing everyone out.
Ace sighed, "Amazing how clothes can make her so happy..."

When Mika appeared again she looked at everyone else's outfit. Ace was in a black turtle neck, sleeveless shirt that cut off so his stomach was showing, he also wore tight black jeans and black ninja sandals.
Karma was dressed in a green dress that started right above her chest, the skirt part flowed out into two tail like extensions, her headband was around her waist, and she wore specially made green sandals.
Cahal and Isaac were once again in pretty much matching outfits. Mesh shirts and black capris with blue sandals.
Mika looked at her hands, that were now gloved with black leather gloves that she had found.
Kakashi poofed in, smirking, "Training is not going to happen today, I promised I'd take Ace-kun out on a date..."
Ace practically squealed.
"What happened to Iruka?" Sasuke asked as he walked up behind Kakashi.
"He broke up with me...he'll be back though..." Kakashi laughed.
"Probably because you are such a pervert...." Naruto muttered.
Ace clung to Kakashi's leg, making Kakashi smirk, "Naruto, I like what you've done with Ace-kun..."
Ace's inner self jumped around excitedly, Kakashi, one of the sexiest ninja in the village, was implying that Ace looked hot.
Mika smirked, putting a hand on her hip, "Well, I want to get the hang of this anyways...." she looked at Isaac, "Isaac, Sasuke-kun, come on, Sasuke, you need to teach us!"
Karma grabbed Naruto's hand, and Cahal's, "Come on! Naruto-kun can teach us!"
"AND I GET MY DATE WITH KAKASHI-SENSEI!" Ace yelled, making Kakashi smirk even more beneath his mask.


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