Outsiders by Nikki_Yaoi
Summary: What happens when people from the outside world are sucked into the Naruto world, because one of them was playing around with their powers? Now they are stuck there until they figure out how to get back.
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Confusion by Nikki_Yaoi
Author's Notes:
Yes, 5 OC's. However, these OC's are for normal roleplays, but I really wanted to put them in a Naruto fanfiction. c: Lots of yaoi! And some incest. (Big brothers are such a pain =o)

"Sorry guys," muttered a girl with black hair and green bangs, two blue wolf ears sticking out of her head. She wore a fairly skimpy top, a a black skirt, with black boots, a long blue tail dragging along the ground.
"You're an idiot," a girl with long, light brown hair muttered. Her outfist consisting of earth colors, a dagger pouch on her side, and two pointed ears, "I can`t believe you did this Mika!"
"But Karma-chan...." Mika whined.
"No, now we are stuck with our stupid brothers in a world we don`t even know about!" Karma snapped.
"Shut up you two...." muttered a man who was obviously older then all of them. His hair dark brown and spiky in the back, but soon went into a ponytail, his eyes dark green, and like Karma he had pointed ears. However, he wore all black, a long sleeved shirt and pants.
"Cahal-Oniisan, let them argue, Karma-neechan is right, Mika shouldn`t have done that," hissed a boy only slightly younger then the other man, his hair and eyes lighter. His hair was like Sasuke's except the light brown and his outfit was almost exactly like Cahal's.
One of them stayed in the back, his pink eyes, saddened, his pink and grey ears flat against his head as his large, fluffy pink and grey tail dragged against the ground. His hair was black with pink bangs.
"Ace-kun, what's wrong?" asked the younger brother of Cahal, looking at the boy with worry filled eyes.
"Sorry Isaac-sama, I just wish you guys would stop fighting..." Ace whined.
Isaac smiled at him and winked, "Don`t worry Ace-kun. Karma-neechan, Mika! Shut up!" Isaac exclaimed.
Mika sighed, "If you are going to try to impress Oniisan, don`t tell me to shut up, baka."
"You! Who are you?" exclaimed two people as the five reached the gate.
Mika glared at them, "I am Mika, and the others are Karma, Isaac, Cahal, and Ace, where are we?"
"Konoha," one of them stated.
"What's a Konoha?" Isaac asked.
The two stared, "I`ll take them to Tsunade-sama," one of them muttered.

When they were in the office, the guard bowed and left.
"So, you guys don`t know where you are?" Tsunade asked.
"Well the thing is..." Mika muttered.
"Our friend Mika here, decided she wanted to see everything she could do with her powers, because you see, she is phsycic, a wolf demon too, and she can be quite idiotic," Karma finished.
Tsunade chuckled, "I want to know something about each of you, especially considering there isn`t something quite right about you."
"I am Karma, I am an elf, I am good at using a dagger and I am pretty quick, I can change into a fox somehow, it is something unknown to me," Karma stated.
"I am Isaac, an elf like Karma, I too use daggers as well as a bow and arrow," Isaac stated.
"I am Cahal, not much to say about me, besides the fact I am better at everything then my niisan here," Cahal laughed, getting a nasty glare from Isaac.
"And I`m Ace, i`m Mika's big brother, so I am a wolf demon as well though my skills are better then hers, but I have no special powers other then that, so you can consider me normal," Ace giggled.
"KAWAII!" Isaac squealed.
"Well, since you guys are here and I can sense your chakra is somewhat strong," Tsunade started.
"Chakra?" Mika asked.
"Probably your doing, you probably helped manipulate your friends powers so they could fit in better with this world," Tsunade muttered, "Chakra is an energy you use for special moves in our world."
They all nodded.
"I want you guys to train with Team 7, just train, you might not be here for long so we can`t have you becoming a nuisance on a jounin. Shizune, take them to see Team 7," Tsunade muttered.
The womaan next to the hokage nodded and pushed the five out the door.

Shizune took them to a training area apparently, where a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, a boy with raven hair and eyes was and a girl with pink hair and emerald eyes were.
Watching them was a man with silver hair, who was apparently reading a pronography novel or something of the sort.
The man looked up, "Yes, Shizune-san?"
"Tsunade-sama requested these five train with you, they aren`t an official part of your team, but they should be of some help training these three," Shizune exclaimed.
The man nodded and smiled at the five, "Hello, I`m Hatake Kakashi."

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