S.O.S by Sasaui Uchiha
Summary: Basically just my thoughts and kind of a plea. So those of Tonfa, please read it.
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1. Save Our Site by Sasaui Uchiha

2. More thoughts by Hazard

3. The Return by Sasaui Uchiha

Save Our Site by Sasaui Uchiha
Author's Notes:
Okay, this is my SOS, asking for your guy's help. It's a Round Robin, so if you want to submit your thoughts as well, you're welcome to.
I'm going to be blunt - Tonfa is slowly dying. If not dying, at least fading. I've been here since 2008. Although not since the beginning, I've been here longer than a lot of people still around. Because of this, I've seen Tonfa back when it was full of people. Just a small way to prove it - go to Who Would've Known by Tige321 and just look at the chapter reviews to begin with. So many names that are there are not really seen anymore. Even look at the beginning of my fanfiction, Cursed Saint. Out of the 12 or 13 reviewers to begin with, now it is down to 2 for the newest chapter. I'm not complaining and saying I want more. I'm just sad to know those people of just trickled away. They've either become busy or lost interest.

Also look at the Most Recent page. There's only one page. It used to be usual for it to have two pages, sometimes more. Now it can get to the point there's only a couple of stories at once. Usually they only have a couple reviews per chapter. And I understand some people don't want to review. I'm not saying this because I'm trying to get them, but because I know it from experience - lack of reviews can kill a story. I for one love typing to share the worlds I create so others can love them. Not knowing if others like them can be the cause for them to stop. I know one person who has moved to another site partially because of the lack of attention.

So yes, I do want people to review more, simply because that can help people and I am wanting to try something to keep this place alive. It also lets you make friends. Maybe this isn't too big for some people, but it's really one of my favorite thing about Tonfa. I've made so many great friends through it. And you can anonymously review to those who do not have an account. It is still a way to be a part of this site.

Also don't disregard posting fanfiction on here. I know some people don't like where the Naruto plot is going. So make your own. Even if you don't mind where it is going, there's so many ways to create a story in the vast universe. Don't use an excuse like your writing stinks or you aren't original. I was the same when I first started. But I've seen people improve so much while being on here. I've improved so much being on here. And if you love typing, it is so much fun to do.

I'll be honest - I really feel stupid posting this and may even delete it. But I've grown to love this site. My friends have grown to love this site. For me, it hurts to watch it fade from it's former glory. So please, just help save this site and lift it back up. Maybe it'll never completely die, but it's still sad to watch.

So I'm going to challenge you. If you care and want to help this site, whether anonymous or a user, please review and let me know. Let me know there are still people who care. Let me know there are people who want to help. If you don't, though, I guess I'll understand. It'll mean this just didn't change anything. But I had to try something.
More thoughts by Hazard
Hey! It's Hazard chiming in here, just to throw in my two cents I suppose.

I would agree with Sasaui that a lack of traffic has gone down in the site, which none of us writers have any real control over, but it's still frustrating to deal with.I'll be honest when I say I don't review a lot of the stories I do actually since I'm on the go or not, and I usually want to say something construtive instead of, "Yay! Words!" but even that can be motivational for a writer just to see someone cares about what their writing about.

What I'm saying here basically is if you read something, try to throw in your little bit to the writer, us writers love reviews just to know someone out there is giving a shit about what we write, as I write for fun, but it does give me, and many others a sense of happiness to see others are reading the plot or world we are creating.

As a thing to help traffic, I know quite a few people here have Fanfiction.net(which has a large following) accounts so maybe in your author notes just give a shout out to Tonfa and let 'em know that we exist! Maybe have an exclusive story on here for people reading here to re-raise awareness? i dont know, I'm just rambling at this point.

Anyways that was just some of my thoughts I felt were deserving in this piece.

Hazard out.
The Return by Sasaui Uchiha
Author's Notes:
Don't ask about the title. I feel like watching so much Tekking101 has messed with my head. He's a YouTuber by the way. You guys should totally check him out. Anyway, without further ado, another S.O.S installment.
Yes, I am posting another chapter to this. Why? Because there has been some progress made. I doubt it's because they saw this, but oh well. There is more things I wanna say, so I'm saying it.

First off, welcome back to the couple of old faces I've seen randomly appear. You may not have seen this before and may not even read this, but oh well. Just in case, right? I am thrilled when I see the names appear. It's just so nice when I was actually depressed before from the lack of activity. Like I've noticed Fire_and_Ice has reappeared and reviewed this and some of the newer things. Haven't been checking enough to know what all is going on review wise.

Secondly, to the new people if you're reading this. I want to say welcome to you all. You guys weren't here before so you don't know of the decline. Well, if you read the previous chapters, you should know there's a problem.

Now, the real reason for this addition is to tell you all: don't give up. Some of the older readers, I know you've seen some great stuff in the past. Just out of the people I know, I know people used to love Silverwolf1213 and DropDeadThenDance. Perfect example of the decline in these two authors. Silverwolf I know is just busy but she is a good online friend of mine and DropDeadThenDance actually moved to another site because of the lack of activity. Just two of the older, well known examples. Okay, a bit off topic here, but oh well.

Like I've said, I've noticed more of a jump. I think it was close to two pages recently on the Most Recent section. I was so happy about that. That doesn't mean give up though. Keep visiting and keep trying to get others here. Advertise or something. I know Naruto is drawing close to an end with the manga, but that doesn't mean its world must.

Speaking of advertise , just because I love self-advertising, I now of two sites. Of course there's fanfiction writers.webs.com but now there's also otakugathering.webs.com. Feel free to join ^.^

Again, I am putting out the challenge to review this if you care. I noticed there were a lot less reviews than read count. I'm a little sad about that because I am really serious about this, but hey. It's other people's choice, so..... If you've already reviewed you don't have to do so again, by the way.
End Notes:
Yay for advertising seeing as I actually did it a couple times in this....
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