A Legacy in the Dust Bingo Book! by Shizake Uchiha
Summary: This is just so I can organize everything to make it easier.
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1. Yoku Nekoshima by Shizake Uchiha

2. Hotaru Hyuuga by Shizake Uchiha

3. Isago Hozuki by Shizake Uchiha

4. Hitomi Hyuuga by Shizake Uchiha

5. Hoshi Keikan by Shizake Uchiha

6. Natsuro Useke by Shizake Uchiha

7. Ryoushi Sousui by Shizake Uchiha

8. Doubutsu Nichibotsu by Shizake Uchiha

9. Umeko Saki by Shizake Uchiha

10. Hajime Hyuuga by Shizake Uchiha

11. Taizen Hinote by Shizake Uchiha

12. Osore Tatari by Shizake Uchiha

13. Niku Burasuto by Shizake Uchiha

Yoku Nekoshima by Shizake Uchiha
Author's Notes:
Here is the first Aku submission, Yoku Nekoshima. Submitted by Sasaui Uchiha.
Name: Yoku Nekoshima
Gender: Female
Animal Partner: None, but cats always listen to her.
Age: 13
Clan: Nekoshima
Country: Water

Family: She has never known her parents, but she does have family that is living. Well, if you consider being a demon living. Her mother was as human as can be, but her father was a cat demon, Toshiro, working for the strongest cat demon. She has two sisters – Kiyoko (19) and Yoru(17).

Background: Her father is, as said above, one of the top cat demons. His master told him to plant seeds within the humans to work as their spies. To do this, Toshiro decided to mate with a human, receiving three children from three different humans. All of the woman died during child birth. Toshiro left them in the human world, knowing their different appearances would lead the humans to hating them. He wanted this to put a seed of hate into his children. It succeeded, and by the age of twelve he went and told his children who they were. With the discoveries, the two eldest instantly joined their father. Yoku, however, hesitated, angered by her father’s neglect. As a child she had been abused and hated, yet he didn’t even try to stop it. Because of this she ran off, joining Aku to get her revenge on humans for their treatment of her. The only reason she works with the other humans is because she believes they will help her kill more.

Personality: She’s cold toward humans, hating their constant abuse and hatred directed toward her. She was only a child, yet they did everything they could to hurt her. She’s very kind toward animals, though. They bring out a kinder side of her. She’ll usually be found speaking to them, and she’ll even use them to kill some humans.


If it doesn't show, here's the link:


She’ll occasionally wear a black cloak over her clothes. Her hair is a dark grey, her shirts a dull brown, and her pants are white.

Best At: Agility, sneaking around, and using animals, usually cats, to kill.

Worst At: Doing anything around water (yeah, like a cat, she hates water), figuring out when a human is telling the truth (she thinks every human is a liar), and following orders without comment.

Fighting Style: She usually kills quickly, using claws she can elongate or animals (as mentioned a few times before). She’ll also sometimes use her tail to strangle opponents. Yoku’s agility is shown a lot during fighting as well. If she ever uses ninjutsu, it’s simply demon style ninjutsu.

Special Abilities: She can make elongated claws, has really good hearing, can see in the dark, and her ability over animals.

Chakra Nature: Demon

Kekkei Genkai: None

Crush: First, she’s only 13. Second, she hates humans.

Other: None that I can think of.

Well, there she is. My first character. I hope you like her. Oh, and the picture is mine.
Hotaru Hyuuga by Shizake Uchiha
Author's Notes:
Here is the future sensei: Hotaru Hyuuga. Submission by Silverwolf1213
Name: Hotaru Hyuuga

Gender: Female

Animal Partner: A ferret named Hiro

Age: 25

Clan: Hyuuga

Country: Nine-tailed Fox Village

Family: She is the granddaughter of the Hyuuga prodigy, Neji Hyuuga. Her parents were also excellent shinobi but died on a mission when she was very young. Her parents' names were Atsushi (father) and Chiharu (mother).

Background: Her parents died when she was only five - she could faintly remember them but she didn't know enough about them. Once they died, she was raised in the Hyuuga compound, but she never knew love. She was raised in the old-fashioned Hyuuga methods: strict and firm. She was fashioned into the ideal cold-hearted strong Hyuuga.

Personality: She's very, very strict. She gives no leeway to her students. Her training is brutal to the point where others literally feel like they are dying. She takes hard work to a whole new level, as she takes to heart the saying, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Her goal is to break the stereotype that says the Hyuuga branch family is inferior to the main family.

Appearance: (Sadly, these are not my pictures)

Best At: Taijutsu and fire-style techniques

Worst At: Genjutsu and using weapons

Fighting Style: She utilizes more offense than defense, though she does know the Hyuuga method of defense. She can use the Hyuuga clan's Eight Trigrams and Gentle Fist techniques, but she usually combines them with her fire-release attacks.

Special Abilities: Combining the Hyuuga method of fighting with her fire-release techniques. She can also use combination fire attacks with Hiro.

Chakra Nature: Fire

Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan

Crush: I don't think she can have one, haha :P

Other: That's it, I believe.

I hope this works for you! Tell me if anything needs changing!
Isago Hozuki by Shizake Uchiha
Author's Notes:
Here is the male student submission, Isago Hozuki. Submitted by Hazard.
Name: Isago Hozuki
Gender: Male
Animal Partner:none as of now
Age: 14
Clan: Hozuki

Country: Nine tailed Fox Village
Family: Has distant relatives that live in Kiri, but his mother moved him away from the "harmful" environment when he was 8 to live else where. He doesn't know exactly who is dad is and unsure of any siblings.

Background:He has been moved around a lot and unsure of what his heritage exactly is. He was trained at a young age in clan techniques back in Kiri, and was quite skilled and intelligent in combat but never liked to really push himself unless he needed to.

Personality: Very Carefree. He likes to do what he wants when he wants, and is hardly ever serious with anybody. Doesn't have much of a temper, but may hold a grudge against somebody who has wronged him. Loves to create conflict and play mind games.

Appearance: Semi-long light brown hair, slightly pale skin, piercing green eyes that almost aren't human, about 5'6", wears a light blue shirt and grey pants with sandals.

Best at: evading attacks and pissing off opponents(maybe a bad things too)

Worst at: Taking a situation seriously.

Fighting style: He uses a mix of taijutsu, clan techniques with water and kenjutsu, and water ninjutsu and basic medial jutsu. Only weapons used are kunai and shurikan, but has experience using a katana. Fair amount of chakra and control.

Special abilities: Being able to liquefy his body at will in exchange for being hydrated. Can also implement this ability with medical ninjutsu to create a healing water of sorts, but it's still in development.

Chakra nature: Water

Kekkei Genkai: Turning body into water.

Crush: none as of yet.

other: Nah

there's the student partner!
Hitomi Hyuuga by Shizake Uchiha
Author's Notes:
The female student, Hitomi Hyuuga. Submitted by Sasaui Uchiha.
Name: Hitomi Hyuuga / Kyuumu
Gender: Female
Animal Partner: None
Age: 13
Clan: Born clan – Hyuuga. Adopted clan – Kyuumu
Country: Nine tailed fox village.

Family: Hitomi is a descendant of a not well known Hyuuga in the lower part of the clan. She is (unknown to both her and her foster parents) part Kyuumu, getting it from her mother’s side. Her mother died in child birth, but nobody knew because they already thought she was dead. She was part of the royal blood in the clan, but didn’t want to be anymore so faked her own death. Then she married Hitomi’s father, Kyo. Her family along the Kyuumu is either unknown or dead. Her adoptive parents are Kagome and Haku Kyuumu.

Background: Being part of the lower branch, she was branded with the cursed seal when she was four. Before that, her life was never good. Her father was angry at her, blaming her for her mother’s death. He took out his pain on her, beating her often. This was unknown to most people, for she hid it because she felt it would please Kyo. It seemed like the older she got and the more pain tolerance she had, the more he beat her. He would also mentally abuse her, sometimes to the point where she wouldn’t leave a dark part of the house until she was near dehydration. She worked even harder when she became an Academy student, trying to achieve the best. She failed, though, always weak from the beatings and sometimes from lack of food and water when Kyo decided to try and make her go through small periods of starvation. She wasn’t saved from this abuse until another Hyuuga found her running away from the abuse once. Usually they just ignored it because her father would lie, saying that she was just upset because she’d failed in training. This Hyuuga, however, saw her after a particularly bad session of abuse because Kyo had been drunk when he’d done it, leaving her with a bloodied nose, black eye, broken arm, and a red mark on her face. Knowing that nobody would subject a young girl to that kind of training, this Hyuuga found out the truth and from there she was taken from her father. From there she was adopted by the Kyuumus. They began to get a tutor from the Hyuuga clan for her, but otherwise she didn’t participate in the Hyuuga things after the age of nine.

Personality: She is somewhat reserved, what happened in her past still haunting her. Sometimes she still finds herself belittling herself because she somewhat created her own inner bully who pushed her to be better than she could be, saying cruel things to her when she failed. Kinda like Inner Sakura, but mean to herself. Hitomi always tries to be nice to others and makes friends with the people who lack them because she knows what it’s like to be lonely. She’ll take pain for others, knowing she can take it since she’s been through so much, but not knowing the pain tolerance of others. She thinks very little of herself, but she thinks a lot of others, especially those who are nice to her (sheesh, her personality is starting to be a bit like mine…..). Even if she’s not good at seeing other’s pain tolerance, she’s really good at guessing what they’re feeling.

Appearance: I’ll send a picture to you. I don’t have it on the website yet, but I will soon. I’ll tell you when.

Best At: Taking pain, taijutsu, and getting along with others.

Worst At: Self-esteem =P. She’s also worst at seeing when she’s had enough, pushing herself just to make sure that the others don’t feel pain.

Fighting Style: She usually does taijutsu, and when needed she will activate the Byakugan, but only rarely because it’s not very strong. Then she always has her other kekkei genkai…… Which is why the Byakugan isn’t very strong.

Special Abilities: Her kekkei genkais I guess.

Chakra Nature: Wind, though she doesn’t use it too often.

Kekkei Genkai: She has two. One comes from the Hyuuga, the other comes from the Kyuumu side of her blood. The one from the Hyuuga side is weaker. This was another reason she was abused – her familiar at her kekkei genkai. This is the ability that activates when she is knocked out yet her will to protect is still running strong. She becomes an unconscious fighter. Everything becomes better because she doesn’t worry at all and she doesn’t really feel too much. Her will to protect her friends is still there to the point it will actually take away her mercy if it means she’ll protect her friends.

Crush: Hm…… Who do you think it should be?

Other: None that I can think of.
Hoshi Keikan by Shizake Uchiha
Author's Notes:
Here is the female teacher submission, Hoshi Keikan. Submitted by Sasaui Uchiha.
Name: Hoshi Keikan
Gender: Female
Animal Partner: She has a small little rabbit that is always following, but she persistently denies that it’s hers.
Age: 29
Clan: Keikan
Country: Nine Tailed Fox Village

Family: She has a three year old sun named Satoshi. His father is a man named Hokoru. Hoshi’s mother and father live in the Cloud Country. Hoshi had moved away when she was nineteen, so they don’t see each other very often unless one decides to do a random visit.

Background: She had a pretty normal life up to the age of twenty. It was then that she had her first child. The baby girl was killed, though, by a kunai a genin had mistakenly thrown at her while training. This pained Hoshi for weeks, at first creating hatred toward Shinobi. Then she decided to do something. She decided she wanted to teach kids how to be ninja so that a mistake like it would never happen again. So that’s what she did, becoming a teacher at the Academy.

Personality: Her bitterness toward Shinobi from before will occasionally show when she sees a genin, chunin, or anything higher mess up. It’s even worse if they accidentally hurt someone. Otherwise she’s usually quite nice. She tries her best to teach her kids to the best of their abilities, pushing them to make sure that they can do their best. At times she pushes too hard and doesn’t even realize it a majority of the kids are complaining.

Appearance: She wears the usual chunin wear, has bright yellow eyes, and red hair.

Best At: Teaching kids

Worst At: Controlling her temper when it does appear.

Fighting Style: Usually she’ll use her lightning ninjutsu for long range. If she must, though, she’ll use her lightning to speed herself up and use taijutsu.

Special Abilities: Increasing her speed with her lightning

Chakra Nature: Lightning

Kekkei Genkai: None

Crush: None

Other: None
Natsuro Useke by Shizake Uchiha
Author's Notes:
This is the leader of Aku. This OC is my own.
Name: Natsuro Useke
Gender: Male
Animal Partner: None
Age: unknown. Lives by an immortality jutsu
Clan: None
Country: Hidden Leaf Village

Family: A mother and father who cared for him very much. He was just your average kid you know? But one day, fate flipped a card on him and his mother and father were killed in an earthquake.

Background: Without the love of his parents he began to bully kids. Mainly Shizake Uchiha, our hero from the first story. As time went on and he realized others were getting stronger than him, he left the village and found Orochimaru. He was then implanted with a curse seal (one of the early types) and began learning from Orochimaru. Years went passed and he became a trusted henchman for Oro. During a mission to obtain the power from the hidden volcano he was encountered by non other than Shizake Uchiha himself, along with his brother Nitatchi Hyuuga and their two sons. He fought them and was launched off the bridge and presumed dead. The curse mark saved him and he infiltrated the village alone to seek revenge but was instantly beat down again. They tossed his body out to rot but Madara Uchiha found him and and reanimated Natsuro and teaching him all he knew. He was too late to take revenge on Shizake though because Shizake was killed by the Tosokage of the village hidden in the dusk. His immortatlity jutsu let him stay alive as the years passed. Kuzake Uchiha brought the shinobi nations together and Natsuro decided this would be his way of revenge. He formed a group named, Aku (Literally meaning evil) and broke down all of Kuzake's work. Eventually confronting him in the nine tailed fox village and killing him. Now he learns that Kuzake had a son, Zuzake Uchiha and plans to kill him.

Personality: Evil, smug, boasts a lot.

Appearance: Long jet black hair and coal eyes. Wears a long purple cloak with a black shirt under it. Wears black pants also but it's all covered by the cloak.

Best At: Grouping together people. Leading an evil organization

Worst At: underestimates his opponents a lot

Fighting Style: A mix between Kabuto's fighting style and Orochimaru's, along with his own form of sword fighting.

Special Abilities: Curse Mark

Chakra Nature: Earth

Kekkei Genkai: None

Crush: None

Other: Leader of Aku
Ryoushi Sousui by Shizake Uchiha
Author's Notes:
Another Aku member submitted by non other than Sasaui Uchiha.
This is an oc of mine you may see in another story, but I won't tell you which one. Well, with some differences, though.

Name: Ryoushi Sousui
Gender: Male
Animal Partner: None
Age: 23
Clan: Sousui
Country: Cloud

Family: Both his mother and father died in a terrible rogue ninja raid. The only survivor was his younger brother, Korlis, but he vanished. Sometimes when Ryoushi travels, he searches for Korlis, but not often since he's pretty sure that it was just because Korlis didn't want to go down the dark path he had.

Background: When he was young, his parents were killed by a clan of rogues. He got angry when his village leaders did nothing about it. He left soon after, being trained by a man who had been trained by Jirayia. When he finally returned to his village, he began killing everyone, mercilessly destroying those involved while showing mercy to those who had nothing to do with it. Then he left. Korlis followed him for a few years, hoping to find light in his brother. After he joined Aku, Korlis left.

Personality: He is amused by other's struggles and is extremely hard to surprise. He only does thing that benefits himself. There is a kinder side of him, though, that still makes appearances occasionally.

Appearance: This picture isn't drawn by me, but it is my character that someone else drew for me.

Best At: Predicting what people will do, taijutsu, and some water ninjutsu.

Worst At: Genjutsu, working with others

Fighting Style: He usually uses taijutsu and will occasionally use his scythe. His water ninjutsu is another thing he rarely uses because he doesn't really need it.

Special Abilities: None really except his exceptional skill at prediction and seeing what's truly in people's hearts.

Chakra Nature: Water

Kekkei Genkai: None

Crush: None

Other: Not that I can think of as of now.......
Doubutsu Nichibotsu by Shizake Uchiha
Author's Notes:
1 note. By this generation the nine tailed fox country became independent of the leaf village since it was an extension of the leaf village. They now call the Kage, the Bijukage. So this is the Bijukage of the Nine tailed Fox village. Submission by Silver1213!
Okay, here is the Kage.

Name: Doubutsu Nichibotsu

Gender: Male

Animal Partner: A white wolf named Shiromaru

Age: 45

Clan: Nichibotsu

Country: Nine tailed Fox Village

Family: He is currently married to a woman named Aika, but otherwise, he has no other relatives.

Background: His family was not a shinobi family, but ever since he was a young boy, he wanted to be a ninja. His family didn't agree with it, but it was what he wanted. So his father, a very stern yet competitive man, told him that if he could develop some kind of special skill that would help him later on in his shinobi career, then he would enroll his son into the Ninja Academy. For five years, Doubutsu practiced on a variety of different skills, and at the age of ten, he found that he was relatively good at communicating with all animals. So his father placed him in school, even though he was already much older than the other students. Doubutsu didn't care though, and since he had spent five years developing his chakra and techniques just to get enrolled into the school, he graduated in two years, making it in time to graduate with kids his own age. He later found Shiromaru when he was sixteen while returning home from a mission; the wolf was a wounded pup at the time, but Doubutsu took him and trained him to be a ninja wolf. His parents died when he was much older, simply from old age.

Personality: He is very kind and understanding. He will give anyone and everyone a fair chance. But he is also competitive, having inherited that trait from his father.

Appearance: (not my picture, he's the one in the center, ignore the two other people :P )

Best At: Combination attacks with Shiromaru

Worst At: Trusting people

Fighting Style: It can range from using a very aggressive animal-like taijutsu combative style to using his animal-style ninjutsu.

Special Abilities: His ninjutsu are animal-based (I'll let you be creative with that). While using combination attacks with Shiromaru, he can also summon wild animals around the area to help him in combat.

Chakra Nature: Earth

Kekkei Genkai: none

Crush: He's married :P

Other: none

I hope this works for you! Tell me if you need anything changed!
Umeko Saki by Shizake Uchiha
Author's Notes:
Another Aku submission by Hazard!
Name: Umeko Saki
Age: 21
Animal Partner: Scorpion
Clan: N/A
Country: Ishi/ Stone Country
Family: Orphan
gender: female

Background: Raised herself as an orphan and aspired to be a ninja when she was young, and joined the Ishi special medic forces for awhile. Left at age of 20 to seek greater power for herself and to become one of the world's most feared medical ninja.

Personality: Very sarcastic person, and does have a conscious. She does have a tough exterior, but can open up to others and share empathy, also can deceive others quite well.

Appearance: Changes clothes constantly since she is used for recon and undercover missions. Main getup is a pure brown and red ANBU style clothing( Shirt and Skirt) for combat. Has light long brown hair, tanned complexion, and brown eyes.

Best at: Being undercover to scrounge up information and gaining trust. Medical ninjutsu and master of various weapons, most identifiable is a harpoon.

Worst at: Genjutsu and getting sidetracked

Fight style: She will use many poisoned weapons to cripple and slow down foes ranging from knives to bow&arrow, along with a harpoon used as a javelin. Uses medical jutsu to heal herself and others, and can use it also to infect others with disease. Fairly good in taijutsu and is horrible at using genjutsu, and not that great defending it. Uses wind style seldom.

Special Abillity: Reverse healing Medical ninjutsu

Chakra nature: Wind

Kekkia genkai: None

Crush: None as of yet

Other: Nah.
Hajime Hyuuga by Shizake Uchiha
Author's Notes:
Another Aku submission by Hazard.
Name: Hajime Hyuuga
Animal Partner: N/A
Clan: Hyuuga
Country: Kumo/ Lightning Country
gender: male

Family: Takeo and Kimi Hyuuga of the lower branch. Unknown siblings if any.

Background: Stole as a baby and raised by inept foster parents in Kumo. Had a rough childhood being experimented on as Kumo tried to duplicate his Byakugan DNA. At age 20 he traveled to Konoha to learn his heritage, and learned he was from the minor branch and would be treated poorly if we decided to reside there, so he began to travel and train himself. By age 25 he unlocked a special variation of Byakugan that incorporated elite Genjutsu, and stole Hyuuga clan scrolls to learn there techniques for being shunned after returning from Kumo. Growing angery and bitter he joined Aku as an attempt to get his revenge. He held the rank of ANBU captain back in Kumo before defecting.

Personality: Holds a mutual hate for any "noble" clans and is an angry person inside, so he has a short temper. Not a people person by any means, and a bit of a narcissist.

Appearance: Short, messy brown hair cut of at his shoulders, wears his old Kumo headband across his forehead with a scratch through it, carries no weapons of any kind, wears sandals, ANBU style clothes of Kumo, very light colored skin with pale eyes.

Best At: Using his Kekkei Genkai to enhance genjutsu, taijutsu, and tactics.

Worst At: Water Ninjutsu defence and mid-long range weapon fighting

Fighting Style: Prefers to take advantage of opponents weaknesses by fighting with long range genjutsu and ninjutsu on close combat fighters, and fights with elite taijutsu on long range fighters. An opportunist and tactical fighter.

Special Abilities: Byakugan Genjustu technique

Chakra Nature: Earth

Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan

Crush: Meh.

Other: Smokes cigarettes frequently
Taizen Hinote by Shizake Uchiha
Author's Notes:
Another Aku submission by Sasaui Uchiha.
Name: Taizen Hinote (Calm, Blaze)
Gender: Male
Animal Partner: He has a hawk named Tsubasa.
Age: 18
Clan: Hinote
Country: Iwa

Family: He has a younger brother Keito (17) and a younger sister, Kohana (11), and both his parents, Shun (41) and Shina (43).

Background: As a kid, he had a good life. That all began to change after his older brother, Taro, died when he was thirteen and he was blamed for it. He had been the favorite to everyone, and people believed jealousy had driven Taizen to kill him. Of course, he proved this wrong by finding out who the true killer was, but in doing so he later killed the man who had done it out of rage, making his peers fear him and many adults look down upon him. It was especially surprising since he was such a calm boy. He began to change after that kill. He began to retreat within himself, afraid of the rage within him. It was near this time he met Tsubasa, one of the few things that could quell his anger, as well as other animals. He always had had a love of animals. His own fear of his rage and other’s fear caused him to feel as if he didn’t belong. By the age of fifteen, he ran away. He journeyed around, trying to find a place he belonged. A year later, when he was sixteen, he found out about his kekkei genkai. This kekkei genkai was one that held back a blaze spirit, something that their clan had possessed for years but was rarely ever born with. In moment of rage, the spirit takes over, using their rage to kill, having a very strong blood lust. He found this out by meeting the blaze spirit after the fourth time it had activated since he left. Its name is Gakidou, and its hunger seems to be unable to fill. It takes every chance it can to make Taizen kill since he so rarely gets very angry. Feeling as if this deemed him as a murder, he joined Aku, hating killing but believing that was where he belonged.

Personality: He has a strong sense of fate and destiny like Neji, so he believes that is why he must find his place – it is like finding his destiny. And now he believes his destiny is to kill alongside Aku. In most cases Taizen is very calm and tries to control his anger. He is cunning, but not super smart like Shikamaru. When he is angered, he tries to either withdraw or get away, trying to kill as few people as he can. He is very protective of those he considers his family. He likes some members of Aku, but the blood thirsty ones he doesn’t particularly like. They remind him too much of Gakidou.

Appearance: Again, I have a picture for this, but I’ll have to send it to you later because it isn’t online yet.

Best At: Creating plans, somewhat controlling his rage, and fire style ninjutsu.

Worst At: Controlling his anger in situations that endanger those he cares for, reading people, and thinking things completely through after he starts (if he thinks before hand, he’s good, but not if he’s already started).

Fighting Style: He tends to use a mixture of taijutsu and ninjutsu, sticking more to his fire ninjutsu since he’s good at it. At times he even coats himself in fire and starts fighting with it. He’s slightly fearful of any other fire, though, because of the entire part of Gakidou.

Special Abilities: He can cause other things to catch on fire with either his gaze or pointing his hand at it, but it takes a lot of chakra and seems to make Gakidou draw closer to the surface because of the amount of fire ninjutsu used.

Chakra Nature: Fire and Earth

Kekkei Genkai: The Blaze spirit, which was explained in his background.

Crush: Any if you want, but it’s up to you.

Other: None
Osore Tatari by Shizake Uchiha
Author's Notes:
Here's another Aku submission from Hazard.
Name: Osore Tatari
Gender: male
Animal Partner: no specific one
Age: 19
Clan: Tatari
Country: Shimo/ Frost Country

Family: Father Yoshi(deceased when he was 13) and mother Yami(deceased when he was 6) both killed on missions.

Background: Being born into frost country had it's hardships on Osore and his family. Them being from a small clan of ninja, shinobi work was there only way to make ends meet. As both of Osore's parents passed away throught his childhood at ages 6 and 13, he received the will. With very little money to offer he was rewarded with old clan scrolls for jutsus. The jutsus were along the line of sorcery that involved controlling spirits and trying to attack enemies souls, rather than them physically and he can do special summons by using a variety of creatures without a contract. With his family forbidden jutsus learned he left Shimo at age 16 and traveled. At age 17 Natsuro found him and persuaded the wayward boy to join Aku, as a new home for him and that he was fascinated by his special ninjutsu. Osore is fairly loyal to Natsuro, but he is still very suspicious of the man and his intentions.

Personality: Likes to speak his mind and doesn't take shit from nobody. Can be nice, but has a very nasty vocabulary.

Appearance: long and straight blond hair, blue eyes, about 5'10'' and decent build. Wears most the time a black cloak with a hood.

Best At: Confusing opponents, being a support fighter is his best role. Can read others quite easily.

Worst At: Shutting up when he should, and neglecting advice. rather give help than accept it. Taijutsu isn't his strong point but not necessarily weak, and isn't too great against weapon users.

Fighting Style: Very support oriented battles style as he uses clan techniques and various summons to do most the battling for him. Not very fast physically, but can preform jutsu extremely fast. Good strength in taijutsu, but preferes to sit back and uses ninjutsu and genjutsu. Has a very large amount of chakra at his disposal.

Special Abilities: Can use a certain clan technique to shoot connect his chakra to an opponents and rip out there soul rendering them practically dead.

Chakra Nature: Lightning

Kekkei Genkai: Soul destructions and manipulation, various summons, and ability to talk and see ghosts.

Crush: Don't care

Other: meh.
Niku Burasuto by Shizake Uchiha
Author's Notes:
The last Aku member. Submitted by Hazard.
Name: Niku Burasuto
Gender: Male
Animal Partner: N/A
Age: 26
Clan: Burasuto
Country: Grass/ Kusagakure
Family: Mother Kenka, father unknown as well as siblings

Background: Feared for inheriting the clans very rare kekkei genkai of chakra enhancement and abosrbtion, he was quarantined since birth as a menace. At age 12 he escaped his prison and roamed the land for about 2 years until Natsuro found him and groomed him to be his ultimate weapon. A pure bred killing machine with a deep hate for most people since being a prisoner of his own people.

Personality: Short-tempered, a bit ignorant. almost animal like.

Appearance: Very large man standing almost 8 feet tall of pure muscle. Wears simple black shirt with red pants with no weapon holster. Shaved head so he doesn't have to deal with hair when fighting, and a slightly pale complexion.

Best At: Being a "tank" in a sense. He can take enormous amounts of damage as well as deal it out. Very durable and hard to kill.

Worst At: Having a plan and thinking ahead. Not very smart. Also very susceptible to genjutsu.

Fighting Style: Usually consists of him charging at his opponent to bash them and fight them in taijutsu, which he can crush people with due to his large size. Due to his training he is extremely strong, almost super human and is unusually fast for his size. If he cannot get in close enough for taijustu he can use pure chakra and launch it at his opponents(almost like a tailed beast bomb).

Special Abilities: Super powerful and devastating in taijutsu combat.

Chakra Nature: Nuetral

Kekkei Genkai: absorb any type of chakra used in nin-jutsu to add it to his own supply, and can use pure chakra to attack his opponents without a nature.

Crush: probably not.

Other: Usually fights along side Osore to cover up his usual weaknesses and serves as Natsuro's bodyguard when needed. When together with Osore, they are very coordinated and extremely difficult to defeat.
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