A Legacy in the Dust Bingo Book! by Shizake Uchiha
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Yoku Nekoshima by Shizake Uchiha
Author's Notes:
Here is the first Aku submission, Yoku Nekoshima. Submitted by Sasaui Uchiha.
Name: Yoku Nekoshima
Gender: Female
Animal Partner: None, but cats always listen to her.
Age: 13
Clan: Nekoshima
Country: Water

Family: She has never known her parents, but she does have family that is living. Well, if you consider being a demon living. Her mother was as human as can be, but her father was a cat demon, Toshiro, working for the strongest cat demon. She has two sisters – Kiyoko (19) and Yoru(17).

Background: Her father is, as said above, one of the top cat demons. His master told him to plant seeds within the humans to work as their spies. To do this, Toshiro decided to mate with a human, receiving three children from three different humans. All of the woman died during child birth. Toshiro left them in the human world, knowing their different appearances would lead the humans to hating them. He wanted this to put a seed of hate into his children. It succeeded, and by the age of twelve he went and told his children who they were. With the discoveries, the two eldest instantly joined their father. Yoku, however, hesitated, angered by her father’s neglect. As a child she had been abused and hated, yet he didn’t even try to stop it. Because of this she ran off, joining Aku to get her revenge on humans for their treatment of her. The only reason she works with the other humans is because she believes they will help her kill more.

Personality: She’s cold toward humans, hating their constant abuse and hatred directed toward her. She was only a child, yet they did everything they could to hurt her. She’s very kind toward animals, though. They bring out a kinder side of her. She’ll usually be found speaking to them, and she’ll even use them to kill some humans.


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She’ll occasionally wear a black cloak over her clothes. Her hair is a dark grey, her shirts a dull brown, and her pants are white.

Best At: Agility, sneaking around, and using animals, usually cats, to kill.

Worst At: Doing anything around water (yeah, like a cat, she hates water), figuring out when a human is telling the truth (she thinks every human is a liar), and following orders without comment.

Fighting Style: She usually kills quickly, using claws she can elongate or animals (as mentioned a few times before). She’ll also sometimes use her tail to strangle opponents. Yoku’s agility is shown a lot during fighting as well. If she ever uses ninjutsu, it’s simply demon style ninjutsu.

Special Abilities: She can make elongated claws, has really good hearing, can see in the dark, and her ability over animals.

Chakra Nature: Demon

Kekkei Genkai: None

Crush: First, she’s only 13. Second, she hates humans.

Other: None that I can think of.

Well, there she is. My first character. I hope you like her. Oh, and the picture is mine.
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