Before and after Rave Parties by Thirteen
Summary: Sasori and Deidara go to a rave party.
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Its Sasodei betch!
Chapter 1 by Thirteen
Author's Notes:
Yes! Its a Sasodei story! Hell yea! I got sick of all these non-sasodei stories so I decided to make my own. Reveiw!
PS. I will you could see the clothes Im talking bout in the end.
Disclaimer: Does it look like I own anything? Im just a girl who dreams of owning Sasori and Deidara. -sniff-
Sasori walked hurrly down the street when someone from behind glomped him.

"Hey Danna!" Great, just the one who he was advoiding. It was Deidara and he must have found him. He really tried to avoid the blonde today by doing something totally out of character; acting like a different person. Apparently, that didnt work, seeing as the blonde found him. He knew exactly what the blonde wanted.

"Danna, I have the tickets to the rave party, un," Deidara said cheerfully. "Now we can go with Konan-chan! Wont that be fun un?"

"Lots,"Sasori sighed. He really didnt want to go anywhere that had a lot of people but Deidara was his love and he didnt want to let him down.

"Come un,"Deidara said dragging him down the street towards Konan and Pein's house. "Konan said she has the cutest outfit for us to go in. I havent seen it yet so I cant tell you exactly what it looks like, un, but she said it like it was diamonds. I wonder what color it is?" The whole time Deidara kept going on and on about the clothes Konan had for them. Sasori didnt mind because, honestly, he thought Deidara looked hot when he's in his own world, going on about anything absent mindedly. The reason why he fell in love with such a creature was plain simple. He just loved the way his eyes lit up when he laughed, his perfect smile showing his pearl white teeth, and golden hair like an angel. Who wouldnt fall in love with him?

They arrived at Konan and Pein's house and knocked on the door. Almost immediately Konan open the door and pulled them both in.

"Finially!"She said. Pein, who sitting on a near by chair reading a magazine, looked up and sighed. Konan let go of Sasori and took Deidara into her's and Pein bedroom and closed the door. Probably to put the outfit on.

"Hello Sasori," Pein said going back to his magazine.

"Hello Pein-sama," Sasori greeted back.

"It seems you dont want to go. Dont worry, your not alone,"Pein said. He turned a page. "Konan and Deidara planned this whole thing. They made the whole Akatsuki go. Konan had to pay for Kakuzu cause he wont go no where that isnt free and Deidara convinced Kisame. Personly I wouldnt care but I'm being dragged in this as well."

"What time does it start?" Sasori asked.

"Um, about 8:50."

"Oh" They sat in silents for about 10 more minutes before Konan came back out of the room, Deidara following behind.

Sasori never beleived in love at second sight but this was an exception. Deidara was wearing a orange shirt that hardly covered his stomach with a short sleve fishingnet underneath; black bell-bottom jeans with orange here and there that hung on his hips with orange shoes. He also had on a orange strap on his neck (Like a dog collar) with orange and
yellow braclets.

"Cute isnt he?" Konan asked Sasori, getting a nod from him. "Just wait till you see your clothes. You two will be all over each other."
End Notes:
Konan is such a yaoi fangirl. Plz reveiw!
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