What's In A Name by akados
Summary: A profile for my OC's
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A profile for my OC's
Hmm... by akados
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Name: Kat (no last name)

Gender: Male

Favorite Food: Ask

Least Favorite Food: Depends...

Hobbies: Stuff

Likes: A Lot

Dislikes: A lot

Crush: Hinata, Tenten

Appearence: Lightly tanned with a nice build. He doesn't look like he has a lot of muscle but he does so it's a nice look. Hair and eye color change often.

Personality: Has Multiple Personality Disorder. There is a stable form and each one has names.

Generally quite kind and is very sociable with certain people. He holds great respect for people who try hard and great contempt for people who believe talent is everything.
End Notes:
Yups, that's everything. If there is other info yo want send me a review and I'll try to put it up. I'll probably put the most common answer for other qustions.
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