If Only... by Nikki_Yaoi
Summary: Tou never left, Sai and Estu were never alone, and the Uchiha massacre never happened, Root was never created...this would make Konoha a happier place...right?
If only that was the case, but as long as shinobi live on, happiness and peace is merely a dream.

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A Child's Promise by Nikki_Yaoi
Author's Notes:
I shifted ages just a tad >.> Okay?

This chapter sucks :x It's so short, but atleast I did something

I dun own Naruto
"Tou-chan, when we get older will you marry me?" a raven haired boy asked a girl with long raven hair and lilac eyes.

The girl giggled and tackled the boy, "Sai-kun! Of course!" she squealed.

Another raven pouted slightly, her green eyes glaring daggers into Sai, "NYA! Tou-chan is mine!" she whined.

"Estu-chan, Sai-kun, I'll choose when the time comes, but I love you both no matter the outcome!" she yelled, pulling them both into a hug.

But you see, that was when they were eight, and since then, things have changed, another eight years have passed, a now they are sixteen and Sai is an ANBU member, Tou is a jounin, and Estu works in the academy along Shikamaru.

"SAI-KUN! NARUTO-KUN! SASUKE-KUN! TOU-CHAN! Slow down!" came a yell from a girl with long green hair and black bangs, her eyes a bright green.

The four stopped and looked behind them. "Estu-chan, you're still the slowest," a girl with short black hair, and the under part being long a purple, her eyes a light lavender giggled.

Sai pulled her close to him, "You're just too fast, Tou-chan..." he cooed.

Tou blushed, "Aww...."

Estu pushed in between the two and glared at Sai, "Tou-chan is mine!"

A spiky haired blonde sighed, "After all these years you're still arguing about who gets TouTou-chan?"

"Naruto-kun, we wouldn't be arguing if Estu would just give it up...." Sai muttered.

Tou twitched before whacking them both and disappearing in red ribbons.

Another raven with duck butted hair glared, "Dobe, Sai, Estu, you're all stupid. You pissed her off..."

Tou walked through the door of her home, her parents were on missions again...and no one was home.

She took off her black and purple garments when she entered the bathroom, soon stepping into the shower, the warm water hitting her skin in a relaxing fashion.

She soon stepped out, wrapping a towel around herself and walking into her room.

Unknown to her, two visitors were watching her and had been watching her in secrecy - atleast until they had spotted eachother.



"SAI-KUN?! ESTU-CHAN?!" Tou yelped, letting go of her towel.

She kicked them both out of the room and quickly threw on a purple tanktop and black shorts.

She stormed out of the room blushing intensely, "Estu-chan, GET OUT!" she yelled, "I need to talk to Sai-kun alone!"

Estu glared at Sai before stomping out of the home, Tou picking the raven up by his collar.
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