Your Cold Heart by ShyShyButterfly
Summary: NejixOC. He thought he could melt the ice surrounding his heart. Unfortunately, it didnít work.
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Chapter 1 by ShyShyButterfly
Author's Notes:
I thought I could melt the ice surrounding your heart. I was wrong. My dear Neji, I don’t understand why your so cold. You and I were meant for each other. You decided to keep your feelings to yourself. I gave up halfway through the waiting. I guess you were off fucking that Gaara kid that melted the ice. You know, I honestly don’t need you. I think I’m okay without you. I could be with you, but not if you didn’t like me. I remember how Kiba would shout Ritsu and run up to me.

I lost all of it.

If I was still next to you, I would shout fucking bastard in your ear. If I knew it wouldn’t work out, I would have stayed with Kiba and Hinata that night. I’m gone though.

I still watch you.

I watch the happiness fade. You stopped seeing that Gaara kid when I left. Was I that important? Or did you just think I would be your toy after you got bored with that kid? I remembered the things you whispered to me. I remember your kind words.

They were false, though.

I still see you smile and say how idiotic I was. I see the way you bully Hinata. If only I stood my place next to Kiba.

But I’m gone now.
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