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Name: asm613 (Signed) · Date: 13/02/09 - 03:51 pm · For: Hiding In Plain Sight
cool story. the ending was kind of simple compared to the body of the story; but it was entertaining_could even be expanded.

Name: AphoriditeRose (Signed) · Date: 20/12/08 - 12:24 pm · For: Hiding In Plain Sight
And that is the story of how Hiding In Plain Sight came to be. XD. Pretty epic tbh!
You've adapted their characters to a tee. :o Incredible! ..Was that a lil' sumin-sumin implied between Neji and Shikamaru there? Eh? Eh? XD
Amazing :] x

Btw - You must update on your vampire story :o I hope you havn't given up on it. I would be a total hypocrite if I said that was wrong - Don't think I've ever finished a story which is more than a oneshot O_O
But seriously, it's absolutely amazing. One of my favorite stories ever! ^^ Even If I am against the killing of vampires. (Big twilight fan lol XD)

But yeah. :] Loved this story! Do you plan on continuing with it?
Loves!! xxxxx

Author's Response: Of course that was implied nejishika one of my favourite, albeit random pairings. Don't worry I haven't given up on The Hunt more chapters coming your way! I've also started work on another for this one shot series but I doubt it will appeal to you unless you're an InoSaku fan ^^;rnYou are such a lovely reviewer! Bye darling! x

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