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Reviews For Lithium

Name: HAVEN213 (Signed) · Date: 14/10/07 - 02:49 pm · For: Prologue: He's Back UPDATE.NOW.

Author's Response: There are still more chapters^^

Name: RamenFox (Signed) · Date: 14/10/07 - 12:31 pm · For: Ch. 4: I'm sorry
AW~! This is so damn cute! SasuNaru whoo! Sasuke tastes different? I wonder whats wrong...

Name: pelvic-thrust~ (Anonymous) · Date: 14/10/07 - 09:32 am · For: Ch. 2: Lost in translation
naruto may be cute and all but he's a dumbass XD

Author's Response: LOL, no shit, sherlock!

Name: Pelvic-thrust~ (Anonymous) · Date: 14/10/07 - 09:08 am · For: Ch. 1: Good-bye
GAH! D< i knew my she's a bitch senses were right! i just wanna jump in the story and slap her ass (not literally) silly!

Name: Silent Witness (Signed) · Date: 04/10/07 - 08:40 pm · For: Ch. 1: Good-bye
Battlestar Galactica called. They want their fake curse word back. (^_^)


Sakura's usually my favorite character, but right now I want to choke the life out of her. You're pretty good at making a tragic story. If you can work just a little on the believability, this will be a truly great fic.

Author's Response: OMG lol, I love Battlestar Galactica! (And that's where i got it from XD) Anyway, thanks, and I like Sakura too, but she's not one of my faves ^^; I'll try harder! ^6

Name: Airhead (Anonymous) · Date: 19/08/07 - 10:06 pm · For: Ch. 3: The Kiss
Sad, poor Ino. I feel bad for Naruto too though, poor guy, he must be so confused. To think, he's smart enough to see Ino's feelings in the card (I think that's what you were implying) but too dense to get Sasuke's feelings towards him. Well, I only spotted one mistake, it was near the end "Naruto did nothing the rest of the day, but try to avoid what had happened. But it haunted him like the Plague, and the worst part: he didn’t know hat he thought about it. Nothing. Almost absolutely nothing." do you see the mistake? It's the "hat" part, I think you meant to put "what" though. Good work, keeping writing!

Author's Response: ^^ thanks. Yeah, well, there are actually several other mistakes that I've caught, and I'm just glad that you haven't, because that means that others probably haven't as well.

Name: Airhead (Anonymous) · Date: 19/08/07 - 09:44 pm · For: Ch. 2: Lost in translation
Yes, it could mean that completely, and he knows it! He just doesn't want to admit it! Ino's too nice, but even if I do hate the pink cockroach, I guess, since she feels so bad, I'll let her be comforted without nagging the author. I like the dream, do you think he was reading Sasuke's mind? Seeing what Sasuke wanted to do to him? Lol, anyways, next!

Name: Airhead (Anonymous) · Date: 19/08/07 - 09:14 pm · For: Ch. 1: Good-bye
awwe... that's so sad... except for the breaking up thing, Sakura can cry all she likes, at least Naruto's free for Sasuke-kun now! This one is well written too, sad that you make Naruto and Sasuke fight immediatly after their reunion though. But I guess that that's how they act anyways... Next! Yay!

Name: Airhead (Anonymous) · Date: 19/08/07 - 09:12 pm · For: Prologue: He's Back
Hiya! It's your friend Airhead! Also friend to Chib-ka! Sorry... but that's disgusting, having Naruto date that poor excuse for a human being. More like a pink roach. But the writing is well done. I didn't even see any spelling mistakes! Well. On to read the next chappie!

Name: RamenFox (Signed) · Date: 10/08/07 - 02:45 pm · For: Ch. 3: The Kiss
YAY! Now Sakura would leave Naruto and Sasuke the hell alone and be with Ino! But than again, Ino is hurt, Naruto is confused, and Sasuke is stubborn. The pressure is rising. ^_^

Name: QueenJ (Anonymous) · Date: 10/08/07 - 01:40 pm · For: Ch. 3: The Kiss
OOOHHH Drama drama! I love it. Good stuff.

Name: hina88 (Signed) · Date: 31/07/07 - 03:58 pm · For: Ch. 2: Lost in translation
How could Sakura just do that to him? He even tried to forgive her and she was so hurtful - i wanted to sake her really hard (the nice version of what i wanted to do btw) adn yell at her to go and apologize - and Sasuke was right about one thing, Naruto forgives too easily *sigh* but then that's why we all like him so much ne? cool updates ^_^

Hina xXxx

Name: RamenFox (Signed) · Date: 29/07/07 - 12:14 pm · For: Ch. 2: Lost in translation
Naruto is so in denial! xD YES! DO InoSaku! ^_^ Yay, SasuNaru!

Name: emogirlS2 (Signed) · Date: 29/07/07 - 10:13 am · For: Ch. 2: Lost in translation
I love this story so much! Please Update Soon!! I'm dieing to read the next chapter!

Name: hibiki96 (Anonymous) · Date: 29/07/07 - 12:26 am · For: Prologue: He's Back
Oh... this can only end badly!!! *snickers*

Name: angelgirl555 (Signed) · Date: 28/07/07 - 09:00 am · For: Ch. 1: Good-bye
I hope Naruto realises what Sasuke meant.

Name: emogirlS2 (Signed) · Date: 28/07/07 - 12:07 am · For: Ch. 1: Good-bye
THAT DAMN BITCH! SHE CAN JUST GO ROT IN HELL FOR DOING THAT TO POOR NARUTO! And how could he be so cruel after what Sasuke had said? Although his smug remarks didn't really help the situation did they?

Name: RamenFox (Signed) · Date: 28/07/07 - 12:04 am · For: Ch. 1: Good-bye
O_O....SAKURA THAT BITCH!!!! But...I feel so sorry for her...poor girl, she can't get over Sasuke. BUT POOR NARUTO!!! *cries*

Name: RamenFox (Signed) · Date: 27/07/07 - 01:19 pm · For: Prologue: He's Back
O_o As much as I hate the couple NaruSaku, I couldn't help but read this fic anyway. It's really good. ^_^ Yay, Sasuke-kun a very bad time...
Good job!

Name: puresugar13 (Signed) · Date: 27/07/07 - 10:31 am · For: Prologue: He's Back
Update Soon Please! The ending is killing me!

Name: hina88 (Signed) · Date: 27/07/07 - 08:31 am · For: Prologue: He's Back
Holy crap - so Naruto's with Sakura and Sasuke's just arrived... heh XD can't wait to see what teme's going to do about this ^_6 thanks for the dedication!!! And I can't wait for the next chapter ^_6

Hina xXxx

Name: Nao_angel (Signed) · Date: 27/07/07 - 12:37 am · For: Prologue: He's Back
awww sasu *hugz* lol, i so want to know what's gonna happen now! thats a very nice beginning, keep it up;)

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