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Name: rasengan_welch (Signed) · Date: 23/07/07 - 04:24 pm · For: Chapter 1 Introduction
Free Image Hosting at haha,i just couldn't resist.sorry,here's the other pics for real.

-- RamenFox : *Twitches* AHHHHHHHHH!!!! >_< SCARY FREAKY DOG THING!!!

Name: rasengan_welch (Signed) · Date: 23/07/07 - 04:21 pm · For: Chapter 1 Introduction
so you don't know what that thing is? well if you don't then theres some other pictures i want to show you,i'll post them in other reviews..

-- RamenFox : It's probably a dog. >_> A very weird dog...

Name: Wild_Flower (Signed) · Date: 23/07/07 - 01:22 pm · For: Chapter 5 Kakashi
Lol, my letter made Iruka mad. ^_^

Dear Dolphin-chan,
YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! Sorry, just had to say that. But Seriously, I've only seen you and Kaka-kun on the show twice I think. Oh well. Is Kaka-kun always late for dates and stuff? He probably is, that perv. Always reading his books instead of spending time with you. I think he should make you his top priority.
Jenna or Wild_Flower

-- RamenFox : xD Iruka is so adorable. ^_^

Name: rasengan_welch (Signed) · Date: 23/07/07 - 01:02 pm · For: Chapter 1 Introduction
hey i have a favor to ask.since you're good with fictional characters and what not,i need you to tell me what this thing is in my story.go to 'my upcoming stories' and go to chapter 10....and knowing you,you might think that thing is cute...maybe but i don't know..

-- RamenFox : Okay sure! I wouldn't say I am good with fictional characters but i'll look anyway. ^_^ Let's see...

Name: baxter54132 (Signed) · Date: 23/07/07 - 08:33 am · For: Chapter 5 Kakashi
Dear Iruka,
HI!! How did you become gay? Also if you weren't gay who would you date? Oh yea Iruka Obito is kind of dead.

p.s. HI Naruto

-- RamenFox : xD LOL I so can't wait to write this chapter.

Name: rasengan_welch (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 10:02 pm · For: Chapter 1 Introduction
do you read poems? if so,would you read one if i wrote it?

-- RamenFox : Hmmm I do like poems. But sometimes I don't get the meaning of it. I'm pretty slow like that. *sweat drops* Sure I'll read it if you wrote one. ^_^ POEMS!

Name: firefang13 (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 09:38 pm · For: Chapter 5 Kakashi
Iruka is it that hard to be in love with kakashi?
P.S kakashi you still rock!!!!!! ^_^

-- RamenFox : DUDE!!! WHAT THE FUCK!? ... PUT A GOD DAMN 'DEAR' AND A 'FROM, (Your name)' IN YOUR LETTER!!!! FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! ... Sorry. But please do that! If you don't I won't put your letter in here, got it!? good. ^_^ Once again, sorry.

Name: ohyeah (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 08:56 pm · For: Chapter 5 Kakashi
oh sorry this is so long but well

p.s.s.uh naruto you could have just called him lame biscuits weird whatever and uhh iruka this is one of the best question ever for you have ever peeked or read icha icha paradise before *laughs manaicly while falling asleep on keyboard*zzzz wait what im awake and know i did not see kakashis milk with naruo goodnight know seriously it late well actualy not that late but i stayed up till 9:00am last night er today well naruto fans i love you all and garra how did it feel to be drained of shukaku die and get swallowed by a bird by some guy with the worst catch phrase ever no offense deirdra you are still cool and i agrre with you on art

-- RamenFox : I'm sorry. I can't put this P.S.S up. 1) You talk too much 2) More abridged stuff I don't want in and 3) No Shippuuden in here. Everyone is 12 or 13 or whatever and so they don't know about their futures. Have a nice sleep. ^_^

Name: ohyeah (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 08:38 pm · For: Chapter 5 Kakashi
well i read this yay and i wondered the same thing about sprinkles well stop using reverse phycology and oh yeah

Dear Iruka,
well dude your my favorite teacher sorry kakashi well actualy you to are equal well for male teachers okay every god damn fucking teacher is equal okay. well iruka how do you feel as naruto father figure and how did that wound in your back from the giant fumma shuriiken heal and you know we really havnt seen you much and what jutsu's can you use and dude im so sorry that you were friends with that ass mizuki but im realyy freaked out about this okay this is really freaky ive heard rumors of 6 couples with you 1.Irukaxnaruto 2.irukaxkonhahamaru 3.irukaxmizuki 4.irukaxsasuke 5.irukaxanko and kurenai 6.irukaxtsunade. well a lot others you really are popular i guess to bad its in a bad way though and to let you know those couples were really disturbing it actualy made me gag well dude your really awesome and i heard a lot of others but im not saying them well i feel sorry about you and for the people kakashi is going to kill well man your pretty awesome and how did you and kakashi get together.


p.s.kakashi dont kill konahamaru although there are rumors about him and iruka i hope you trust iruka enough to know he loves you and did not cheat on you with a kid shorter than naruto no offense either of you and in konahamaru defense in the special episode of the crimson clover konahamru is straight and taken oh and konahamru your awesome and a little annoying but sorry about asuma dying i mena nevermind this is tim platten a lawyer for you choose me trust me you will win every case

-- RamenFox : I think I understand your letter. It's like one whole sentence. Poor Konohamaru. IrukaxNaruto? HOT!!! That would be cute! ^_^ IrukaxSasuke? *VOMITES EVERYWERE* I HATE ANY COUPLE WITH SASUKE!!! (except Naruto.) And that's a bad thing. Sasuke has to be Seme for me.

Name: Lamerstu (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 07:56 pm · For: Chapter 5 Kakashi
Thanks for using my letter and not letting Naru-chan name me lame. I am trying to make Iru-chan mad. He's so adorable when he's angry! You know, you drive crazy with the suspense, RamenFox! What'll happen? Must know! *pants, pants*

Dear Iru-chan,

How do you feel about all the nicknames you have? What would you do if Kaka-kun actually WAS together with Obito? *hides under table* Don't hurt me! *continues letter under table* Why do you think people think you are weak? (other than that you constantly get raped by Kaka-kun) How does Kaka-kun look without his mask on? *smirk* Guess that's all. BISCUITS! *maniacal laughter*

-- RamenFox : Your welcome. And you will have to find out on your own. ^_^ Making Iruka mad isn't a good idea. *sweat drops*

Name: rasengan_welch (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 07:45 pm · For: Chapter 1 Introduction
it makes me feel bad when people try to prove a point by saying 'neh' or 'nyah' i'vr brn like that since last year.i need to shake that habit off..oh and add this to my letter to iruka:

P.S,ask sasuke if he got his hair style from bird monthly.

-- RamenFox : Eh, okay. LOL Bird's monthly. xD

Name: rasengan_welch (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 07:13 pm · For: Chapter 1 Introduction
you didn't have to be mean..*sobs and sits in corner*

-- RamenFox : Hey, you just acted like Sasuke! Only in Emo mode. ^_^ How was I mean? With the Oohhh duh! and I smacked myself or the other respond I made?

Name: rasengan_welch (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 07:11 pm · For: Chapter 1 Introduction
the 0's are his eyes and the ^'s are the points in his hair

-- RamenFox : Ooohhhh....duh! *smacks self*

Name: Satoyuki (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 07:03 pm · For: Chapter 5 Kakashi
Dear Iruka,

First off, as always, a note for Sasu-chan: And here I was looking foreward to watching you try to get past all the anti-pervert traps that I had set up. Pity. I hope Itachi kicks your ass. Anyway, on to my question. Iruka, I think we're all wondering the same thing: Why are you putting up with that pervert Kakashi?

Your friend,

-- RamenFox : Oh! Why must you make such horrible questions? That's mean for our poor characters...and who the heck cares!? xD Torture!!! Muhahaha!!!

Name: rasengan_welch (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 06:44 pm · For: Chapter 5 Kakashi
you're a real perv for a girl meg.but anyway,will something bad happen to naru? like he gets kidnapped or something?

dear iruka,
did that scar on your nose get there when you got rape by kakashi?
-rasengan_welch~or ras

-- RamenFox : LOL OMG That question is so funny! xDDD How am I a perv? *shifty eyes* I have no idea what you mean by that. xD Doesn't anyone read what i'm saying. Your not supposed to say anything about what you think is going to happen. I'm not telling you anything. So neh! ^_^

Name: A Vampires Butterfly (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 04:51 pm · For: Chapter 5 Kakashi
*shifty eyes* Shit...What is going to happen to poor, poor Emo-kun and Naru-chan? Shit! *curses more* I need to know! Like now! *cries, biting nails in worry* I'm scared now...I almost don't want to read it! But I must! *strikes a very YOUTHFUL pose* *cough* Um...anyway! *sweat drop* I really shouldn't have mentioned the Obito thing or the hair styling thing...Oh well! *shrugs* On to the letter!

Dear Iruka,

YOU ARE SO CUTE!!! I mean, sheesh Naru-chan is a adorable, but you, my dear sensei, are just too cute too! Such anger problems..but hey we all love you! What was it like to teach Emo-kun and Naru-chan? I mean we all know you favored Naru-chan, but it must have been weird to teach a little emo kid too. Plus a pink haired one too! Sheesh I feel sorry for you. I've babaysat before. Little kids are monsters. *shivers* Anyhoo! How is KaKa-kun in bed? I mean yeah he is a perv, a smoking hot one at that, but is he really good in bed? Is it true that he copies moves from Icha Icha and uses them on you? Or is it the other way around? Is Jiriaya paying you for that information or Kakashi selling it to him for free? Oh! Oh! Did you give Shika his hairstyle? I mean you guys do share the same ponytail....Um...I guess I want to say sorry about the Obito thing...But seriously the boy was a Uchiha, how can you blame Kakashi for falling for that? Besides, he's dead or at least with Itachi and them if the rumors are true, so you shouldn't have to worry about it. Wow...this letter is getting long...Well I guess I should wrap it up! You are cute! We love you! Or at least me and KaKa-kun do! ^-^ Umm can I ask where you got your scar? With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

-- RamenFox : Wow...really long letter...LOL He is so cute, isn't he? I can't tell you what happens but I'm so hyper and jittery about the next chapter. I mean HOLY SHIT! All the fans will cry! Well, I did. I had to make that awful chapter. *cries so hard* POOR NARU-CHAN!!!

Name: rasengan_welch (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 02:32 pm · For: Chapter 1 Introduction

-- RamenFox : about this? \/^_^\/ What are the 0 for?

Name: rasengan_welch (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 02:07 pm · For: Chapter 1 Introduction
yes he does /^0_0^/........i think.

-- RamenFox : ...he wears glasses? ...That looks kind of like Kabuto then. Only without the \/ stuff. ^_^

Name: rasengan_welch (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 12:37 pm · For: Chapter 1 Introduction
HA! gaara face! (o)_(o)

-- RamenFox : OMG Your right! xDDD (o)_(o) Gaara face! LOL Poor Sasuke, he still doesn't have one.

Name: ohyeah (Signed) · Date: 21/07/07 - 02:23 pm · For: Chapter 1 Introduction
thanks, man i cant get that abridged series off my mind

-- RamenFox : Your welcome. And I know what you mean. Once I watched that series i couldn't stop thinking how Naruto seems more cool in that series. YAY Naruto! Sakura's vocie was hilarious! And Sasuke with that klondike bar was hysterical. xD

Name: A Vampires Butterfly (Signed) · Date: 21/07/07 - 01:12 am · For: Chapter 4 Sakura
*giggles madly, falling off of her bed* Seriously...I did fall off my bed when I read about them saying hi to me...*rubs butt* That kind of hurt too...Uh anyhoo! YAY! I get to ask Kakashi something! I also need a nickname for him...Hmm...

Dear Kakashi,

Hi! Gods...where do I start in my worshiping for you? You are seriously awesome, dude! Okay, okay questions, questions. You know I've heard that you and Obito had something going on once upon a time...How does your Dolphin-chan feel about that? Does Iruka look good with his hair down? When and how did you get to see his hair down first? Oh! Oh! How the heck do you get your hair like that!?! Do you use the Chidori as a hair styling jutsu as well as an attack? Well I guess that's it! Tell Ru-Chan I say hi! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

P.S. I think I'm going to nickname you KaKa-kun ^-^


-- RamenFox : LOL KaKa_kun, how cute! xD

Name: Lamerstu (Signed) · Date: 19/07/07 - 10:36 pm · For: Chapter 4 Sakura
By the way... will you read my fanfic? Thanks. You don't have to though. It's short.

-- RamenFox : I might. ^_^

Name: Lamerstu (Signed) · Date: 19/07/07 - 10:33 pm · For: Chapter 4 Sakura
I'm not sure what quotes I will put in. I WILL make sure you get full credit for the quotes. It's a Ninja Chatroom thingie video...
BISCUITS! *maniacal laughter*

-- RamenFox : Oh! Like the ones on Youtube!? I want to see it! Those are so awesome, xD

Name: Lamerstu (Signed) · Date: 19/07/07 - 05:15 am · For: Chapter 4 Sakura
Nice chapter!

Dear Kakashi,

What do you think of this pairing, Gai and you? And what do you think of Gai and Lee's jumpsuits? I just had to ask. I'd like to see Naruto try to make a nickname for me. BISCUITS! *maniacal laughter*

Btw, RamenFox, can I use some of your quotes from the talk show on a video I'm doing? I'll give you full credit! Pwease? *puppy dog eyes*

-- RamenFox : Nice letter. ^_^ and didn't I say that you could? Make sure I get full credit. Question. What kind of video are you making and what quotes are you going to use? xD

Name: Sky_blue (Signed) · Date: 18/07/07 - 02:52 pm · For: Chapter 4 Sakura
Dear Kakashi,
What do you love about Iruka? And who do you love more, Iruka or Icha Icha books? Just curious.
Lin ~Sky_blue~

-- RamenFox : Ooo~! Why must you people make difficult questions for the poor characters? LOL xD

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