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Name: lovepeacepuppy (Signed) · Date: 10/10/07 - 05:03 pm · For: Depressed?
I just read this whole thing from beginning to end for the first time so I'm gonna remark on pretty much everything.
Ok, first I LOVE BROWNIES!!! YAY!!
Also, I would like to be your friend, but my parents are also very afraid of internet psychos and if they notice me calling you "friend" they would ban me from internet for life. I think they think that EVERYONE on the internet is a psycho...
Another thing... I LOVE BROWNIES!!!
Also, I have an answer to the Yaoi, Yuri thingy...
I agree, in order to survive you need girl and boy couples, but I think I like Yaoi because I believe that if you are truly, truly, in love with someone, no matter who they are, no matter what, you deserve to be with them!!! Ah, true love... I like all kinds of romance.
Ofcourse, some people only llike it because their hormones are seriously screwed...
Also, I like Yaoi better than Yuri but I don't know why...
Maybe because its my female instinct to favor men.
But ofcourse if everyone was like that it would be bad so I guess we should keep a good balance between those two couple...
Last thing, the Haruhi Dance, I'd love to check it out but I need to know if there is anything innappropriate (cursing, a lot of skimpy clothes, etc.) in it because if my parents walk by and see it I would also get in trouble for that. So please tell me.
WOW that was long. I guess I'm just lonely so I felt like having a conversation...

God Bless You if you read all of this!!!
*hands Oshiyama a piece of imaginary chocolate*
Ya done good kid!

Love, peace, and puppies!

Author's Response: What a truly magnificent review you have left me. I've made my own brownies. They were so OISHII! The yaoi and yuri thing is something that I'm really trying to avoid right now. Seeing on the most recent's list everytime I log on is irritating so I'm trying not to think to much on it. Haruhi Dance is just about a girl with a really bad temper and an overactive imagination. The dance is so tight. The show for the most part is very random. Some nasty things from time to time but overall weird. Look it up on youtube or veoh.

Name: DoubleBubbleMax (Signed) · Date: 08/08/07 - 03:39 pm · For: Biography
lol we have the same birthday ^_^ January 15th. hehe your a Capricorn to.

-- Oshiyama : Thanks. Remeber. I'm your #1 FAN!

Name: Wild_Flower (Signed) · Date: 13/06/07 - 04:14 pm · For: Depressed?
Actually, if the world was made up of gay people, we could exist. There's a thing called artificial insemination. Look it up.

-- Oshiyama : YUCK!

Name: Wild_Flower (Signed) · Date: 07/06/07 - 05:08 pm · For: Question?
I added a chapter to your Things I like About You round robin thingy. Hope you don't mind.

-- Oshiyama : Sure I don't mind at all. It's okay with me.

Name: Wild_Flower (Signed) · Date: 06/06/07 - 06:10 pm · For: Question?
I felt the same way when I first became a member of this site, but I learned to love Yaoi, and yuri too. Why? Because it's hott.

-- Oshiyama : I don't like yaoi,yuri, and hentai. It's just not natural. Be regular!

Name: chri_uchain_waterfox (Signed) · Date: 04/06/07 - 05:51 pm · For: Brownies
Wow!! I'm almost like you in personality like! I like talking and I'm pretty hyper! Hi! My name is Himoura Suriki!

Author's Response: Cool! It's nice to meet you. ^-^

Name: A Vampires Butterfly (Signed) · Date: 02/06/07 - 12:20 pm · For: Biography
Yes, I get my pics from photo bucket, and I have found some awesome pics of the person I wanna do. So I'm going to add that now! YAY! Homemade cheesecake? *twitch* It sounds too good to be true! Yeah I'm thinking I'm gonna have to! Call me whatever you want. Because Butterfly, is very pretty! But then Violet would be shorter to write for you, so I thought it might be easier, but seriously call me whatever you want! I think I will call you Riko-chan! Anyhoo With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

Author's Response: Yipee! Who are you gonna do? O and sure Violet-chan! ^-^

Author's Response: Homemade cheesecake is very oishii, you're right. I saw a butterfly at wikipedia it was black and blue. It was kawaii. ^-^ Riko Kamori

Name: Wild_Flower (Signed) · Date: 02/06/07 - 12:08 pm · For: What up?!
I wasn't on last night, my computer wasn't working until 9 or 10 o'clock.-_-

Author's Response: Sounds horrible. My cpu was messing up last night so I went to bed. But thankies for reviewing...Riko Kamori

Name: A Vampires Butterfly (Signed) · Date: 02/06/07 - 11:58 am · For: What up?!
Why should you be surprised? I was very happy to post pics! It is a cool idea! I'm thinking about doing some one else today. I have to see if I can find some good pics though! I want the Wii! No body around here has it. Damn is plotting against me....Anyhoo aside from my craziness. Oh and Call me Violet! though I do like the sound of Butterfly-san...*giggles* I had cheesecake! I'm not sure which is better, homemade brownies, or Wal-Mart cheesecake...but still! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

Author's Response: I vote both. I love cheesecake especially homemade cheesecake. I like brownies but not as much. Ice cream would do though! Don't you get your pics from photobucket? Yay! You should totally get a Wii! I think it's way better than a PS3. So better! Sure I can call you Violet-san but Butterfly sounds pretty offense. Riko Kamori Would you like to contribute anything else to the round robin or get anyone else to? ^-^

Author's Response: I don't know...I just thought that no one would want to contribute to anything I do but now I'm glad you and BLOOMOFYOUTH did. You made my day. Arigatou...Riko Kamori

Name: A Vampires Butterfly (Signed) · Date: 02/06/07 - 11:50 am · For: Brownies
jumps up and down* I wanna be your friend!! I am so happy to hear that someone is younger then me! Hehehe...sorry, but I so thought I was the youngest! YAY brownies! So lucky! My mom can't cook, she once burned spaghetti they looked exactly like black worms! But anyway, since she can't cook and my sister (the one who can cook) only likes to cook for herself, I'm usually stuck eating ramen (the only food I can make without a microwave I think I got my mom's cooking skills xP) So no homemade brownies for me! But still...With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

Author's Response: ^-^Sounds kinda nasty that the spaghetti looked like black worms. O.O I'm so glad that we can be friends! Yipee! I can give you a secret on how to cook. It's so easy! O and I made chocolate chip cookies. White chocolate and butterscotch! WOOT! I'm glad I'm young. Still get to enjoy life! Riko Kamori

Name: brokenheart12 (Signed) · Date: 31/05/07 - 06:55 pm · For: Brownies
hello hello hello I'm ur beloved
sure i'll b ur friend

Author's Response: ^-^

Author's Response: Another friend!

Name: stylin_crimson (Signed) · Date: 13/05/07 - 01:22 am · For: Brownies
I'd be your friend. Im also very hyperactive so there you go.

Author's Response: Yay! I have a new friend!

Name: stylin_crimson (Signed) · Date: 11/05/07 - 01:31 pm · For: Biography

Author's Response: Thankies to you!

Name: Wild_Flower (Signed) · Date: 11/05/07 - 12:35 pm · For: Biography
4 ft? And I thought I was rather short.. I love dancing!

Author's Response: No offense taken. Lol. Did you see Sasuke? LOL! Thanks for the review.

Name: ChiyoChan (Signed) · Date: 11/05/07 - 11:54 am · For: Biography
Ha you sound cool... rather hyper, no? lol. And you like wii? I love wii

Author's Response: I am in love with the Wii! I have zelda for the wii and beat it about 50 times! Sorry I had some hersheys this morning and I'm making brownies! What kinda games do you have for it?! Let's be friends!

Name: dw431 (Signed) · Date: 11/05/07 - 11:39 am · For: Biography
coll plz review my story

Author's Response: Sure thing. Thanks for reviewing.

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