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An area to store fanfic information, such as bios, maps, political histories. No stories.

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Summary: the title says all. i dont care what kind or its contents, i just find it annoying that there are none at the moment.
Categories: Non-Naruto Fiction > Death Note Characters: None
Summary: Naruto/Bleach Crossover. We all know how Uzumaki Kushina came from the Land of the Whirlpool, but just how long ago was that?  The Land of the Whirlpool is destroyed with Kushina becoming a shinigami in Bleach-verse.  While visiting the Elemental Countries years later, Kushina meets Namikaze Minato, and later helps him seal the Kyuubi into their son.  As Naruto grows up, he gets help from his mother in training his shinigami powers, although no one knows of it, and later helps Ichigo and co. with the Soul Society arc.
Categories: Alternate Universe & Crossovers > Crossovers, General Fiction > Naruto, Non-Naruto Fiction > Bleach, General Fiction > Pre-Series Characters: Clan Uzumaki, Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki, Minato Namikaze (Yondaime Hokage)