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I've decided to come back, everyone! Hope you enjoy some of my newer works.

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Summary: Demons have exsisted since the dawn of man, eventually fading into the stories of myths and legends. Madara and Hashirama have seen them, and they are worried about how this holds for the future of the village they wish to create. In order for peace to be truly established and the ninja system set up, something must be done about this crisis. They decide to send out a small squad of special ninja to deal with this threat, the two clan heads leading it personally. But will even they, the two Gods of Shinobi, be able to go against this threat, stronger than even the fabled Rikudou Sennin? Years later, Naruto and co. will face off against all kinds of foes in their adventures. They will learn new things about their world, lessons of great importance, ones that will never be forgotten. They will watch civilians at work, all from the poorest peasent to the daimyo; understanding that it is their duty to protect these people, no matter what village they come from. Treaties will made and broken within the nations, power struggles will arise and a new type of foe will soon invade the Great Lands. The people will have to unite against this new foe, else they will be slaughtered and it isn't the Akatsuki! After the threat against the Ninja Nations is over they must go out into the world and see what is waiting for them; their individual destinies.
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