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I've been in the Naruto fandom for eight months, coming strangely enough from the Knights of the Old Republic (yeah, that's Star Wars) video game fandom. In any case, I'm a technical writer by trade, working on a sci-fi novel and using fan fic as a means of blowing off steam. I write mostly Yondaime/Kakashi, but also a bit of Naruto/Sasuke and Kakashi/Iruka. I like my characters to switch, so don't expect name order to always denote seme/uke status. And I do my best to combat Gay Ninja Village Syndrome at every possible turn, but...occasionally, I too fall into the trap of too many yaoi couples to be natural. I attribute it to the Kyuubi destroying a girls' dormitory during the attack and killing many of the girls, as well as the diminishing rate of females volunteering to be ninja. O_o

Uh...I guess all that's left is to say that I tend to write angst more than anything, character death, etc. Occasionally I try my hand at a happy story, but to my eyes, they tend to come out seeming rather fake. *shrug* Others like them, so...

Will be adding my older work here over time and then start posting new stuff.


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What we've done? It's wrong, and there are reasons...valid and heavy and growing stronger in the fertile soil of a desperate mind searching for a single justification. A way out.

Blond hair brushes my cheek and I'm jolted awake, already on hands and knees, crawling across an empty bed. Instead of a kunai, I reach for my mask.

Perhaps that's the strongest reason of all.

Every time...every time, there is a scar. And whether it's a scar you can see, a scar you hide, a scar inside that never surfaces beyond your eyes, it hurts it hurts it hurts.

(Kakashi loves Minato ^_^)

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