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My Character, OCC, whaterever you want to call her

Full Name : Hyuuga Niyku Uchiha Shia (too long xDDD)
Name : Hyuuga Shia
Sex : female
Age : 17
Height : ?
Weight : ask at your own risk. xD
Birth : 12.1.92
Uses : Left handed
Clan(s) : Hyuuga, Niyku, Uchiha
Kekkei Genkai : Byakugan, water manipulation(different from water style), Sharingan(complete)
Rank : Jounin/ANBU
Markings : ANBU tattoo on left shoulder, dark purple kanji for darkness on left hand side of stomach that will glow when angered or using negative chakra(to find out what this is read the first chapter of The Music of Love)
Elements : Suiton(water element), katon(fire element), Hyouton(ice element), fuuton(wind element)
Weapon(s) : A small fan with the Niyku symbol imprinted on it.(the symbol is alotus flower.
Countries : Waterfall & Konoha
Attitude : A bit shy, a tad of a temper, rarely shows emotion, strong willed
Complextion or Skin : A bit too pale, healty all the same though
Hair : Pure white.
Eyes : Light lavender (think Hinata), Onxy black ( when angered)

Special Skills : She is one of the few people to ever master using negative chakra. Has successfully masted the highest level of Jyuuken. Is close to the strength of Sakura and Tsunade with no chakra used. Is decently fast. Is best with long ranged fighting.

Weakness : She is easily angered. She can control genjutsu, but has trouble fighting against it. Has difficulty with close ranged combat. She has difficulty fighting people who use earth style.

Apperance : Her white hair is normally worn in a ponytail. She has bangs like Hinata, but keeps part of her hair in two long groups to each side of her bangs. She has a black scarf wrapped around her neck. She has a gray kimono style top with white lotus flowers on it. She wears black shorts that reach a few inches above her knees and are semi tight. She wears bandages around her legs. Her shoes are gray. Her headband has white fabric and is worn on her right leg.

Past : Her mother a Niyku and Uchiha and her father a Hyuuga. Her father hated her and all of the Niyku, but her mother. He killed every person who was in the Niyku and tried to kill Kyoku when she was seven. Before he could Kyoku's mother stopped him and killed him at the same time that she was killed. Before she died her mother told her a few last words. "Never give up, become stronger, and I'll always love you." Her mother soon died and Kyoku was brought to Konoha. One year later, her best friend Miyukai's father came home drunk, at the time Kyoku was visiting, he took control over Kyoku and used her body to kill Miyukai and his mother. He was later killed for taking over a child's body to commit murder. Kyoku then gained the Mangekyou due to his actions.

ExTra InFo

Favorite Food : fruit salad, ice(not a food but hey), fish
Least Fave Food : Some spicey foods
Favorite Color(s) : black, dark purple, white, grey, dark blue
Hobbies : anything involving art, piano, training, swimming, visiting lakes
Intrests : cherry blossoms, wind, rain, snow, water, music, art, stars, flowers, animals
Peeves/hates : stuck up people, people who can't admit defeat, people who hurt her friends, the sun


About Me's

Height : somewhere between 5' and 5'3
Hair : brownish-black
Weight : you'll die before you find out
Personality : I know you : hyper, crazy, easily angered ; I don't know you : shy, quiet, distant ; all together : I hate most, I didn't say all I said most, of humanity, I know when to be serious, I'm a kill joy, I'm normally quiet...
Personal Trait : my brains.. yeah that pretty much sums it up
Groups at School : let's see... I'm in the asian group, anime group, and punk/rocker group....
Race : AZN PRIDE!!! and no I'm not a racist I'm just proud.
Intrests : cherry blossoms, art, music, fanfics, wolves, anime, manga, Naruto, Eureka Seven, and Bleach.
Hobbies : reading/writing fanfics, drawing, listening to music, chatting with friends
Peeves/Hates : anime bashers, people who think they know everything about anime, huge fonts xD, Preps, when my internet stops working


My Favorite Characters

Sai (sexy)
Naruto (kawaii)
Sasuke (don't ask)

My Least Favorite Characters


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