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I've decided to come back, everyone! Hope you enjoy some of my newer works.

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Summary: Okay, this is a toughie. I want someone to either make me a fic or collaborate( I prefer to colab. since I have ideas for this but can't get around to it with my two other fics.) one about Hatake Sakumo, Konoha's White Fang. You can describe his ch9ildhood, adult life, whatever, just make it sure its stay within the Naruto timeline and stay within the boundaries. Oh, and he has to kill himself when Kakashi is seven years old. I'd prefer no romance,I want it to mainly action/adventure, or at least no Yuri/Yaoi pairings at all. Other stuff: The grammar has to be good, no chatspeak, and try to do your best with it. He can be in love with an OC, for all I care but NO Yaoi,Yuri. I just don't like those kinds of fics, no offense to those you who are really.......and NO LEMONS! Keep it at PG at best. You should explain how he got white chakra or at least how the hell the blade was named and how it can do the white light stuff. He must be real=ted to the Second Hokage in some way, Uncle cousin brother,father one of those hell or even a master. A mention of the Second Ninja World War. He can even be directly in it for all I care,(I'd prefer that) just make a mention somewhere.
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