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Hi, my name is Christina.
I'm fourteen.
I live in Daegu, South Korea.
I'm a freshman at my unit school. (K-12.)
I lettered in tennis and wrestling.
I play flute and acoustic guitar.
Naruto is life.
Impressed? Yeah, I wasn't either.
All of the stories I have posted onto this profile were written when I was about 12. Nearly all of them have nasty Mary-Sues in them that I find epicly hilarious even to this day. Please do not take any of my work seriously.

Favourites (all time):
Metamorphasis: A Hyuuga Tale by Nefatri
Shi no Me by Zephyras
Choke and Die by Voodoo
No More Running by Dag
You Found Me by inuyashas_only_1

(unfinished) Favourites:
1. The Lost Soul by Katana Haibane
2. Truthspeaker by fUnKyToEs
3. A Twisted Type of Love by Shinosuke
4. Who Would've Known by Tige321

Favourite Pairings:
(TIED FOR 1st)

Hated Pairings:
1. Sasuke/Sakura (Ew!)
2. Naruto/Hinata (-__- Thats the same as Sasu/Saku)
3. Neji/Tenten (RANDOM!)
4. Kiba/Hinata (That's just a crack-pairing.)

Currently beta-ing Down the Sodden Hill by winterstrife!

"Sabaku no Gaara is my favourite character from ANY anime I have ever seen. Bash him, and I'll bash you."

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Summary: I want to read a story that has Shippuuden Naruto still lusting over Sakura. Hinata confesses her love to him, and he still doesn't give up on Sakura. Lust taking over him, he uses Hinata as a replacement for Sakura.
Categories: Het Romance > Top Six Pairs > Naruto and Sakura, Het Romance > Angst, Het Romance > Top Six Pairs > Naruto and Hinata Characters: Hinata Hyuuga, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno