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Memoirs of A Missing-nin by belovedly_loveless

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Table of Contents

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Story notes:

I know the summary was a tad long. But I hope you like this. This was inspired by the song: Already Over by RED.

SEVERE SPOILERS!! You have been warned.

Chapter notes: This chapter is just basically a lengthened version of the summary.

Reality is such a wonderful wake up call. The places you never expected to exist. The people you’d only dreamt of meeting. The events of tomorrow having already passed in your present. Was my reality their illusion? Was their illusion my reality? I haven’t been sure for the past 20 years.

I never did like the path my ‘other life’ as I liked to refer to it, was going. With my father gone, an abusive stepmother and a spoiled, wretched sister, things weren’t looking up. But then I found myself here, and even through all the turmoil, all the danger, all the fear, all the hardship and life threatening situations I’ve endured while being here, I’ve never wanted to go back. Nothing was for me there. Here, I found a clean slate. A home. Friends. A purpose. Here I found a happy life.

Mine is a story that probably should not be told. Even as an outsider, I was hated as missing nin. As a traitor. As the enemy. Like the one I followed, I was wanted in almost every country. I had no regrets however. Well, no regrets when it came to him. Never when it came to him. He was the one I turned to. My leader. My solace.

We were despised. Looked down upon. Hated for our crimes and I have to admit, everyone had every right to hate us. However, despite all this loathing, I feel the need to write what it felt like to live the life that we did, for not many know what really goes on in the obscure world of a rogue ninja.

I can only hope that by reading this, people can better understand us and the paths we have chosen. And I hope they know that our were and are not based on evil ill intent, but loneliness, fear and most of all: pain.

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