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Dangerous Game by belovedly_loveless

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: This is a fic I already have up on fanfiction archive, so I hope you like it.
Chapter notes: This is just a prologue telling what Takaira went through the night her family was killed. That's why its so short.
She ran. It was the only thing she could think to do. No one would help her, no one could’ve helped them. “They deserved their fate.” He had said. “They damned me, so I returned the favor.”

His words echoed in her head as she ran, her white nightgown snaring and ripping on tree branches, the bark cutting harsh gashes into her skin, but she didn’t care. The winter cold didn’t matter, the sharp pain in her bare feet didn’t matter, the stinging wind didn’t matter.. Nothing but getting away from the estate, from him mattered.

The forest floor grew even denser here, where the path ended, and she ran until the thorns, weeds and twigs cut too deep, and the frigid wind ran her lungs raw. Her terrified run slowed to a tired walk until she reached the main path to the village.

She was alive. She was still breathing….still walking…but why?

Why would he kill the rest but not her? He had answered this question, but she couldn’t remember his words.

Why was she going to the village? For help? No, there was something else, something she had to do. Every time she thought she had the answer, it slipped away…

“This family I used to call my own condemned me to death and this village turned its back on me. The family has received their payment, and now the village shall see the wrong in their right. I was to be clan head, heir to everything, I was to be the one to bring prosperity and peace to the Land of Lightning, to be Raikage they said.

“They wish to see what kind of power a Denkai can unleash?! Well I’ll show it to them!”

She remembered now. Those final words he had spoken before she fled the estate. To get away from him. To warn the village.

Why? Why should she warn them? Why would that help? Her family was gone, her brother, the one she adored and feared at the same time was gone. What was there to survive for, what was there to run for? Who was she running for?

The innocent families in the village.

Those who would have to witness their loved ones deaths as she had. She didn’t want that. That could not happen.

If Senro reached the village before she did, it would be too late.

But even if she were to reach the village and warn the ninja, would it make a difference? Surely, an entire village of Shinobi plus the Raikage could defeat a single, armed Jounin. Any Jounin who wasn’t Denkai Senro. Prodigy of Kumogakure. He, who knew all the secrets of the Denkai clan that no one but the clan elders knew. Who had dabbled in the forbidden arts and black magic.

Heaven knows what Senro knew. What kind of havoc he wreak. She had to warn them, she had to keep them safe, or at least try.

Thunder crashed and lightning lit up the sky.

Denkai Takaira stopped. It was too late, he had beaten her. She lowered her hands to her sides and gazed up at the darkened sky.

Tears burned her eyes... And the rains came down.
Chapter end notes: Hope you liked it! I love reviews so don't be afraid to post them! :)
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