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Always by roseofallrosesx

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Chapter notes: SasuTema.
Yes, I am a ShikaTema and SasuSaku shipper.
But I wanted to try a little something new. 8D
Maybe I'm a pioneer, ne?
Temari's slap echoed through the now-empty hallways just as the clock struck three-thirty.
"You always do this to me," she said, feeling the sting of tears forming in the corners of her eyes, threatening to spill over if the dark-eyed male in front of her spoke another word. "Always." Her tone was cold and angry. Quite unusual for someone like her, but at the moment, her words were dripping with poison. Lengthy fingernails covered in chipped nail polish were digging into the smooth skin of her palm, sinking deep enough into her flesh to cause the skin to turn white around the pressure.
"I told you that I'm sorry," Sasuke growled at her in return, each of his words making her face twist a different way to avoid the hot tears of sheer anger. "But I have something else to do." His fingers came up to rest on the beat red spot on his cheek where the blonde girl's hand had collided angrily with his skin. He really did have plans.
"That's what you say all the time, Sasuke. You promise me that you'll come hang out with me and then you say you have something else to do," Temari began, still making odd faces to fight back the tears. She wasn't someone that cried over stupid stuff like this. It was pointless to cry. She should be used to him letting her down like this, right? Why should this time be any different?
"I'll hang out with you another time," he said.
"Classic excuse. Don't even make me count how many times you've used that one on me," she replied. "Sometimes I still lay there at night and ask myself why the hell I'm still dating you."
"Temari, don't say that..." Sasuke trailed off, quite glad that it was after school and no one was here to witness his girlfriend blow up at him for the upteenth time. He was used to it. It was only natural that two people as hot-headed as them clashed, and sometimes he even had the nerve to question himself why he had even asked Temari to be his girlfriend in the first place. They were in constant blow-ups like this one right here, always insulting one another, always trying to compete against each other. Why?
"Why shouldn't I say this, Sasuke?" she countered, voicing the word that had just been going through the Uchiha's mind. "Should I just go on pretending that I'm happy being your little trophy girlfriend? Huh? If you wanted a trophy, why didn't you go out with that little pink-haired bitch that always wants your attention?"
"A trophy?" Sasuke asked. "Where the hell did you get that impression from?"
"Don't even ask me that question!" she sneered.
"Well I'd like to know."
It was then when Sasuke knew that out of pure enjoyment of the argument, he had said the wrong thing. Another slapping sound bounced off the floor and ceiling of the school hallway, this time on the opposite cheek.
"Don't talk to me anymore Sasuke," Temari said, throwing her books to the ground before reaching up and fumbling with the clasp of her necklace. After trying quite a few times, she simply reached up and took hold of the golden chain and wrenched it off of her neck before she thrusted it at him. "You can take this piece of scrap metal back as well." Dropping it in his spare hand, the blonde gathered her books and papers from the floor before turning and walking out of the school without another word.
Sasuke stood there for a few moments, his own hand now recoiled into a fist around the broken necklace that she had given back to him. His eyes were narrowed, silently fuming. Sometimes, that girl could just piss him the hell off and he wouldn't even care. But it was times like this when he did care, because this time he had gone over the line. This time, he had really done it.
This time, he realized, that it was Valentine's Day and he should spend the night with his girlfriend.


Even Gaara and Kankuro had been mildly confused when Temari climbed the stairs at ten o' clock on a Friday night. Normally, she was up on the phone with someone until all hours of the morning, even after Gaara had gone upstairs to his room to stare out the window at nothing for the whole night. But, here she was, laying down in bed and staring at her broken alarm clock that was stuck on the time two-fifteen PM with tears pouring out of her teal eyes. They stained her pillow, they stained her arm, and they stained her face. She knew hat if he was here, her tears wouldn't have to stain anything. But then again, he had never seen her cry. He had never been around to see her cry.
But here she lay, on her side a shell of her normal self, crying for him. She missed him, she wished that she hadn't done that earlier. She was regretting it. It was like she had jumped off a bridge, and now she was halfway down; she was regretting it all. Biting down on her lip, she was trying to stop herself from crying. She never cried. She was always strong. Always.
She glanced outside her window. The night was still, her violet curtains weren't billowing in it. There was no breeze drifting in the open window, which would have been enough to at least erase the tearstains from her face. She did sit up straight when she saw the light from the moon covered, and then come back into sight. What the?
She moved around, trying to feel if there was a breeze, but there was none. What could have...?
Her squirming was stopped when she was pinned down to the bed by strong hands upon her arms, and soft, lush lips upon her own. Two strong knees straddled her waist.
She dared her eyes to open, and close to her own, she saw coal black eyes. Immediately, she pulled away from the kiss.
"Sasuke, you jerk! What are you doing here!?" she whispered.
"Happy Valentines Day, Temari," his voice, normally cold and hard, this time actually bared a small hint of emotion; love.
"Shhh..." Sasuke murmured under his breath. "I don't want anyone coming in to investigate...I have something for you."
"But I thought..."
"Just shut up, Temari."
Reluctantly, the blonde female stopped talking. In her mind she wanted to yell at him for telling her to shut up, but she knew that would ruin the whole moment. She had just been wishing him here, hadn't she? First, from the bag he had placed on the floor, he handed her a small boquet of flowers. Her eyes lit up as she looked down at the hues of the roses; red, white, yellow, lavender, pink, and in the middle of them was a deep purple one, nearly onyx. She looked at them, admiring them with wide eyes.
"Shut up."
Temari growled in protest under her own breath as he handed her chocolates.
"I'm not going to keep these in my bedroom, y'know..."
"I know, but they'll stay here until morning," he gave her an honest answer, making Temari roll her eyes slightly as she set them on her bedside table, making her broken clock fall to the floor.
"And this..." Slowly out of the bag, he pulled a red ribbon. He pulled her up into a sitting position, and then slowly onto his lap before he began to tie the ribbon loosely around her neck, letting the bow fall below her collarbone so that it was sitting on her breasts and not choking her.
"What in hell is this for, Sasuke!?"
"Until I can afford to get your necklace fixed..." he murmured, his arms wrapping around her to keep her from sliding off. "I want you to wear that."
"You really want me back after all of that today?"
"Temari, I'd take you back a thousand times or more. You're the only girl that I can stand to be around for five seconds without wanting to strangle her guts out for clinging to me," he explained while Temari's head rested against his shoulder, his hands moving to stroke through her hair; it was the first time he had seen it down and out of its ponytails.
"I guess I should tell you that you're the only guy that lives up to my expectations," she murmured, smirking against the fabric of his shirt. Now this boosted Sasuke's already blimp-sized ego a little, which could be dangerous for the future. Gently, he pryed her off of him and layed her down on the bed, slowly settling down next to her. She turned her head to look at him, smiling softly.
"Sasuke...I'll always take you back."
"Always, eh?"
And as she turned her head to fall asleep, the supposed-broken alarm clock on the floor struck the time of two-sixteen PM.
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