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You Give Me Butterflies by roseofallrosesx

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: This is chapter one of my fluffy Naruto oneshot series, a SasuSaku oneshot. :3
The next chapter will definately be one that YOU guys request in reviews.
So, if you have a pairing you're in the mood for, don't be afraid to ask.
I'll do canonxoc as well!
"Mm...hmm...Sak...Sakura get off of!" came the grumble of a rather grumpy sounding Sasuke as he turned over onto his stomach, burying his face into the pillow, trying to ignore his whining wife.
"Sasuke! It's Christmas, get up!" she begged, trying to wake him up innocently, nicely at first, before the pummeling and swearing came along.
"I have presents!"
"SASUKE UCHIHA GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED RIGHT NOW!" she screamed, losing her temper. Sasuke finally decided to turn over, looking straight up at Sakura's scowling face.
"Why are you acting so immature? It's Christmas; we're adults, not children," he sighed.
"So? We're a family, that doesn't stop us from celebrating Christmas together," Sakura explained.
"...Are you seriously being this immature?"
"It's not immature. This is our first Christmas as a married couple, and I wanted it to be special..." she sighed, grinning slightly at him and cupping one side of his face in her hand. "I wanted to wake up, the both of breakfast in our pajamas, and then I wanted to give you your presents, and we'd have the rest of the day to ourselves, to be a family..." She trailed off when Sasuke sat up.
"Fine..." he sighed, making her face light up with a smile.
"See, I knew you wanted it too," Sakura said, victorious in this argument.
"Only for you, Sakura..." Sasuke mumbled, as he leaned in and kissed her lightly. She moved sideways and let her feet touch the floor, standing up and making her way out of the room with Sasuke following close behind her. "So what kind of breakfast were you thinking of making?"
"I already made it while you slept your ass off all morning," she teased, handing him a still-warm bowl of rice that she had made earlier.
"How long have you been up?" he asked.
"Longer then you have."
"Oh, Sakura..." he sighed. They finished up eating their breakfast, a smile once again crossing Sakura's face.
"Now it's time for your presents!"
"...And how many did you get me?"
"Not too many, I promise!" At this, Sasuke simply shook his head and sighed, when Sakura presented him with a box. He sighed and took it from her, shaking his head. She had an excited smile on her face as he slowly pulled back the paper, and opened the box. Out of it he pulled a black long sleeved shirt, just the kind he liked to wear when he was at home...just relaxing with her. The last one had been ruined when Naruto had visited...and, well, let's just say that episode hadn't been delightful for either of them. It had been a long time before /he/ had come over again.
"Do you like it?" she asked, a bit curious now that he hadn't spoken for awhile, just seemed to be dazed, staring at the piece of clothing.
"Sakura..." was Sasuke's only word before he tossed the box to the side, and, to the pink-haired medical nin's great surprise, pulling her into his arms in a hug. "Of course I like it."
"I also have another gift for, I can't really wrap it..." Sakura said, drawing a suspicious look from Sasuke.
"And what is that?"
"I'm pregnant."
Sasuke's eyes widened greatly, causing Sakura's face to go gain a slightly uneasy look. So many thoughts were running through her head right now. What if he was mad? What if he left her? What if he didn't want a baby? What if, what if, what if? Instead of a terrible reaction that Sakura had been expecting, a very, very surprising one came instead. An extremely rare smile, that he saved for her eyes only, spread across his face, and his strong arms tightened around Sakura. He began to cover her in kisses. On her head, her forehead, her face, her nose, her lips.
"That...that's wonderful..." he finally said, once he had pulled away from her skin to look down into her shining jade green eyes. Finally, he had completed his goal in life. He had killed Itachi, he was married to the most beautiful girl in Konoha, and she was pregnant with his child. Finally, he was going to be able to rebuild his Clan.
"Really?!" she asked.
"You're happy?"
"I'm happy."
"Good," Sakura said, breathing a sigh of relief. "That's what matters to me."
"Are you happy, Sakura?" Sasuke finally asked, breaking the comfortable silence that had fallen over the two.
"Of course I'm happy..." she beamed up at him. "Ever since we were's been my dream to be with you. To be married to you, to have moments just like this, tell you that I was pregnant with your child."
"Sakura..." He was speechless.
"That was all I worked for. I became stronger...both for myself and you. So that, maybe, you could love me too one day..." She went on, until he silenced her with a deep kiss.
"You still don't know when to shut up," Sasuke smirked down at her, Sakura's simple reaction a scowl.
"You're still-"
He interrupted her.
"You didn't let me finish," he said. "Even though you don't know when to shut up, you were, are, and always will be the only subject of my affections, Sakura. You and our child are the best present that you could have ever given me."
His statement brought tears to her eyes; the first time that Sakura had cried since their wedding.
"You mean it?"
"Of course I do."
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