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How I Adore Him by roseofallrosesx

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Chapter notes: Well, this is my first fic, it's a ShikaTema drabble set in Temari's point of view. :3
I may make it a twoshot, one in Shikamaru's point of view if everyone likes it.
If someone asked Temari the reason that she had chosen Shikamaru over anyone else in the world, she would simply reply, "Well, because!" and continue to ignore the question totally. Why? Well, she wasn't really sure of the reason. Maybe she didn't want to go on to other people about her deep affections for the lazy Nara boy. Maybe people were just annoying. Who knew?
But, inside her mind, when Temari lay there at night next to him, listening to the sound of his breathing as he slept, she would ask heself the same question. Why him, why Shikamaru? Why someone so lazy; the exact opposite of herself?
Then, one night, as she rested her head against his chest, with the moonlight filtering in through the couple's bedroom window, an answer came to her.
Temari loved Shikamaru because he completed her. It was almost like they were meant for one another. He was able to teach her how to relax somewhat, and, whether it had been through a miracle or her constant nagging; Temari had been able to get Shikamaru to be the slightest bit more
active. The slightest, and heck, that was good enough for her.
Then...then came the way that he acted around her, the affectionate words and actions that he saved for her only. The gentle kisses in the evening when they would sit together, the soft touches when she was down, and the constant whispers of 'I love you' at random times throughout the day.
Pssh, like she was going to forget?
Nighttime just happened to be her favorite time to spend with him. When they would lay underneath the blankets together, bodies snuggled against one another, and just talk. Talk about what seemed like nothing at all. They would talk for hours, with Temari constantly nagging him to stay awake with her.
Not that it did much good, because no one could expect /that/ much of a change from Shikamaru. So, Temari would lay awake, much as she was doing now, and think of more reasons to explain her feelings for him. Finally, she was coming to a conclusion that satisfied her.
Temari would never be able to know the reason why she had chosen to love Shikamaru over anyone else in the world. They were soulmates; meant to be together since the first time they laid eyes on one another.
And that...that seemed good enough for her.
Chapter end notes: Like I said, just a ShikaTema drabble. :3
Hope you enjoyed; reviews are appreciated.
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