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It Was Only a Kiss. . . by Yumi

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It Was Only a Kiss. . .


Coming out of my cage
And I’ve been doing just fine
Gotta, gotta be down
Because I want it all
It started out with a kiss
How did it end up like this?
It was only a kiss
It was only a kiss.


It started out as just a coincidence. Sasuke needed to finish a college course for him to be done with his education, and Naruto was in the same class. Of course, the only seat that wasn’t being taken by screaming, sighing fangirls was right next to Naruto. Sasuke didn’t mind. The guy seemed kind of nice, and he could finish the class without some girl asking him for an autograph every three minutes. The two met, and got a long fairly well.

Music theory was boring, but Naruto knew what he was doing and Sasuke just followed his lead. Naruto even offered to tutor Sasuke after school so that he wouldn’t fail the class. Soon, random tutor sessions became everyday hangouts. They’d get work done, but the two were more interested about their lives and making music rather than studying theory. Naruto played bass guitar, and Sasuke played lead. The two switched instruments, made up songs, played covers of Sasuke’s songs, and just plucked some strings when their hands were too tired to play anything musical.

“When did you start playing?” Naruto asked.

“Since I was about five.” Sasuke said. “My mom put me on piano, and I hated it. Then about the time I was in middle school there was a guitar class open and I started in the beginning course. What about you?”

“Only a few years.”


“Yep.” Naruto said, sighing. “I was supposed to be a hopeless case, but I started beating on a drum set my friend had. We started a two-man band, but it sucked and I wanted to play something else. He taught me the basics and then I taught myself.”

“Sheesh, and I thought I had informal training!” Naruto smiled.

“Hey! It’s not like I’m a big rock start like you!” Sasuke shrugged.

“It’s fun while you’re doing it, but all the shit that happens afterward isn’t worth it sometimes.” he said, sighing and playing a random chord. “You’d like it.”

“Anyone would!”

“Yeah, but you’d appreciate it more I think.” he said, then letting his fingers play something that was on his mind. “You know hard work, and you love music. It’s not just the fame or the fans. You really like performing.”

“The other stuff's a definite perk, though.” Naruto said, smirking and throwing a guitar pick up in the air. “Wanna jam?”

“Naw, I’m getting something.” Sasuke said, notes just flying from the guitar at lightning speed. The music became faster and faster, Sasuke’s fingers red from overuse. He shut his eyes and strained to think and hear his notes. Naruto just watched in amazement as a solo worthy of any legend of rock poured out into being. When Sasuke stopped, Naruto’s jaw hit the floor.

“Dude. . .”

“I’ve got it!” Sasuke shouted, a smile on his face and a glint of cleverness shining in his eyes. “Why don’t we get a gig at a local place? The place’ll be packed!”

“WE? As in the both of us??”

“Yeah! I’ll get my drummer to come along and we’ll play!”

“But won’t that look bad? I mean, you’re performing without your manager knowing.”

“So? He doesn’t have to know everything that goes on in my life!” Sasuke said, laughing. “So, what d’ya think?”

“Where would we go? I hardly know of any good clubs or bars.”

“I’m sure there’s one good one around here.” Sasuke said, pulling out his phone and beginning to text someone. “My drummer’s from around here. He’d know.”

“Then. . . we have a gig?”


“. . . Dude.” Naruto said, flopping back in his chair and letting that fact sink in. “I. Have. A. REAL. Gig!” Sasuke smirked and sent the text, knowing very soon they’d have a positive reply.

They were the main band on a Friday night at a popular, underground club just outside of the city. Knowing the lead vocalist and guitarist, the house was packed and the club was denying entry to hundreds of fans. Sasuke was used to this type of crowd, but for Naruto it was a new experience. He was excited, and could hardly contain himself when he peeked out from behind the side door and saw the massive mob in the club.

When the makeshift band came out, screams, hollers, and whistles came from everywhere, nearly overwhelming Naruto. It was hardly believable what was happening, and when the first chord struck the magic started happening.

Song after song Naruto and Sasuke rocked as if they had always been playing together and knew each other inside and out. Of course, there were a few things that Sasuke had picked up to please the crowd that Naruto inherently did not know. Sasuke struck some poses that made every girl in the audience swoon and the guys admire about him. However, there was something that Sasuke did, that nearly made Naruto fall apart. In the course of their finale, Sasuke grabbed Naruto’s jaw and kissed him roughly. Naruto, by this time, had no idea what was going on and stopped playing. The drummer filled in with a solo, as if nothing was happening, and the audience began to cheer and scream at the sight. When the two parted, Sasuke gave Naruto a smirk and finished the song with a loud, blazing solo, giving the concert an ending no one would soon forget. Sasuke thanked the club attendees and then walked off the stage, with Naruto close behind him.

Sasuke crashed at Naruto’s apartment that night, after they had both drank more than their share of alcohol at the bar and celebrated their bomb performance. And though Sasuke passed out as soon as his head hit the pillow, Naruto couldn’t sleep. He kept looking at Sasuke and wondering what that kiss was about. The blonde could still barely feel Sasuke’s lips pursed against his, a tongue running sensually across them as well. For a while, Naruto could even deny that the kiss ever happened, however. . . when he looked back at the brunette. . . his heart ached, knowing it probably was a mistake.

“. . . Sasuke?” Naruto whispered, sighing. "What the fuck did you do?"

"Whaddya mean you quit?!" Sasuke yelled the next morning, Naruto turned away. "They LOVED you! Did you not see the 15 girls the bouncers had to pull from the stage?"

"I think that was because of you." Naruto said, bull shitting his way out of the conversation.

"That's not true. What about that one shy girl? The one who picked up that guitar pick you threw to the audience?"

"I don't know."

"What's the matter with you? Isn't that what you wanted?" Naruto stood up and took his breakfast dishes to the sink. "What's wrong?"

"Can. . . I ask you something?" Naruto asked, blushing furiously and hiding it from Sasuke. "It was. . . just a kiss. . . right? Nothing else?" Sasuke blinked with confusion for a moment.


"During the last song. . . You kissed me." Naruto said. "It's just fanservice, right?" Sasuke sighed.

"Is that what this is all about?" Naruto nodded slightly, still refusing to show his face. "Hey, what can I say. Girls are just as perverted as guys."

"So. . . it was nothing else?"

". . ." Sasuke turned his gaze away.

"I guess. . . yeah." Naruto said, cutting himself off.

"Don't get me wrong." Sasuke said, blushing now too. "I don't do that to everyone. I'd have to be really, really drunk to even get bribed into kissing my bass guitarist. It's only a guest artist or when. . ."

"It's okay. I just. . . wanted to make sure that's all." Naruto said, his heart dropping. "It was only a kiss. It's no big deal." Sasuke didn't say anything to that. Honestly, Sasuke was hoping that Naruto wouldn't remember the kiss after all that alcohol because. . . Really. . . he wanted. . .

"Hey," Sasuke said, picking at his cold eggs. "I've had a mind to fire my bass guy. He's a lazy asshole, and a lecher to boot, but I can't just cancel shows because I'm short one person."


"So," Sasuke said, looking up a little from the corner of his eye. "Wanna get more fanservice gigs?" Naruto smirked, still washing the dish.

". . . Only because you're short one person."

Sasuke smiled.

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