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Screw Your Lid Let Me Tell It! by vampirella

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: hahaha im having so much writing this lol

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a beautiful princess named Sakura. She was all the rage. She had it all! Fame, glamour, complete adoration from every guy, even a humongous castle. Yes, she had everything she wanted, from top of the line Louie Vuitton handbags and shoes, to admirers from far away exotic countries. They just couldn't keep their hands off her. She even had her personal unicorn and homegrown money tree. She loved her unicorn. With its big beautiful purple eyes, its white as snow body, and its ability to talk…"Hey, Sakura! Good morning!" And do you want to know if she lived happily ever after?

Well so do I! someone woke me up and it wasn't Pegasus.

I opened my eyes just a bit to see something unpleasant sprinting my way. Oh great, here comes my idiotic steed Naruto right now.

There was a reason to why I turned up my iPod so damn high that I was practically melting my brain and bleeding from the ears. So that if and when the guys showed up it would be a clear sign --even if they were men-- to LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE. But now I was woken up by Naruto's stupid greeting because my iPod was no longer playing.


I twisted my head up to see none other than Mr. Stoic starring at… I had no clue. He was always doing that. And I knew that he couldn't be thinking because…well, what would he be thinking about? 'How can I be more of a statue?' Hmmm, On second thought…

"Sakura! Hey!"

I cringed once more. At first thought, Naruto could be a great opera singer. Sure! Loud, obnoxious, stupid… but then the downside would be listening to him all day, and two minutes was enough for me.

"Sasuke?" Ew, my voice was dry and just that put me in a bad mood. "How long have you been standing there?" And it didn't help improve my mood when he totally blew me off. I knew he wouldn't answer, but still, RUDE MUCH?

"Hey, Sakura! Lovely morning we're having today, eh? Well, not as lovely as you of course!" He grinned and that just set me over the edge. I had to put a stop to this.

Doing a few hand signs, I managed to use the jutsu Tsunade had showed me and that prevented Naruto from talking any further. I smiled at him as his mouth opened and closed, then opened again to hear nothing coming out. Ah, musica to my ears.

"Nice trick."

SO HE DOES TALK! And here I thought he was just standing there for decoration and making the place look more…dead.

Nonetheless, I said, "Thanks," I cleared my throat and tried to rid the sleepies from my eyes without ruining my makeup. "Tsunade taught it to me and said I'd need it. Now I think I know what she meant." Even though it would hurt me more than it would Naruto to undo the jutsu, I knew I had to do it. But first I made a deal with him: "If you promise to talk in a normal tone of voice like normal people in the mornings, I'll undo the jutsu, 'kay?"

He nodded.

"So were you sleeping?"

And for once I looked up at him as if he had just appeared out of thin air. He…actually did as I say! Wow, maybe being married had changed him some…

But Naruto's new tricks didn't change anything about my mood.

Were people blind or were there just so many things a person can be doing with their eyes closed besides being asleep? So annoying! "No, Naruto, I was resting my eyes. There's a difference." I started closing them and I swear I could almost see Pegasus's smiling face, his giant green wings flapping around happy to see me.

"Hey, Sakura?"

Damn, I was so close to getting lost in my world. I opened my eyes and glared at him before responding. "What."

"Are you sick?" Without my response, he reached over to the back of my neck to untie my headband when I suddenly pulled back. "Let me check."

"What for? I'm not sick."

"Just take off your headband will ya?"

Geez, bossy much? Reluctantly, I did remove the metal and brushed off my bangs blocking my forehead. He used the back of his hand.

"Well, what's the diagnosis doctor? Will I live to see my next birthday?" He didn't answer and I scoffed. "I don't see why you're doing this. It's totally unnecessary because I'm feeling-"


"That's right. I'm feeling terr- what?"

"You have a fever."

I must not have heard him right. I couldn't be sick! "What?"

"You know, when your head gets too hot and you look and feel awful. Honestly, Sakura, I thought as a medic ninja you'd know that-"

"I know what that means!" Ok, had to stop the yelling. It wasn't doing me any good. I lifted my hand to cough.

"If you stay out here any longer you'll catch a cold. Let me take you back home."


"But Sakura,"

"NO." I said sternly. See, no yelling. "I don't have a fever. I don't have a cold. I'm not sick. I'm fine."


"Leave her," I looked up at Sasuke. "If she's refusing help from others than it's her loss."

"Oh, look who's talking." I said and he finally looked at me. The first eye contact of the morning and it was a death glare. I just happen to make friends so early in the morning huh?


"So Kakashi's still not here?" I asked 'cause now that I was awake, they were gonna deal with me talking.

Lucky for me, Naruto was also a chatterbox. Great. "By the look of it, no. So how long have you been here?"

"I left the hospital at three in the morning and then I came here because if I went home after my shift and slept, I knew I'd be late, or worse, I wouldn't wake up. It's now," I looked down at my watch. "Almost six so…yeah. You do the math."

Naruto's eyes nearly popped out. "Sakura! You've been here sleeping for three hours? But it was freezing this morning!"

"Why do you think I'm bundled up like a muffin?" I shrugged. "Besides, I've had a busy two days and I haven't slept much so I wasn't really complaining on how cold it was."

"How busy have you been?" Naruto asked attentively, I bet he was sorry he woke me up. Good.

"Well let's see," I sat up straighter with the rails supporting my back. My legs were out straight in front of me and wearing short-shorts in this weather was probably not the most smart. "I woke up to work at the hospital at four in the morning yesterday and I left at four in the afternoon to go to a photo shoot with my director. Then I left the studio at seven to go back to the hospital because Tsunade and Shizune needed help with these ninjas that had gotten back from an A-rank mission and I left at three in the morning today and now I'm here." I dug my hands deeper into my gray jacket and waited for them to defrost.

"Sakura, you should go home and rest. You haven't slept well in nearly 24 hours. Go eat something warm and just relax."

Hey, that did sound nice. Like a mini vacation.

"Besides," Naruto continued. "I'm sure the mission is something us guys can handle with no problem." He grinned.

From my peripheral vision I could see Sasuke shaking his head lightly, as if he, too, knew that that was the wrong answer. Good for him.

"You know what, Naruto, that does sound nice." His grin grew, like the family cat just done eating the family canary. "But after that last comment of yours I'm going to stay."


"Besides, I can't just leave to go home because I haven't slept in 24 hours. What kind of a shinobi would I be? No, a great ninja must be able to balance work, friends, family and missions."

"But you're already a great ninja."

I knew he meant it too. "Thanks but I'm still not leaving." Seconds later I didn't even know it, but I had closed my eyes and I was asleep once more. Funny how everything looks so…retro and far-out when you sleep. Like this is how life and the real world should look like. A pixilated videogame complete with cheats, extra life points and magic spells to help you out if a jam. Maybe a bright yellow orb to help guide you.

But then, I saw the bright red words flash behind my lids. GAME OVER.

Kakashi was at last here and Naruto was giving him the what for. I love how he was so caring about my lack of sleep.

"About time! What's always taking you?"

I opened my eyes. Hello Kakashi. Guess who's mad you showed up. Besides my head feeling like a thousand pound weight, I also felt something warm and firm against my cheek. Turning my head sideways my cheek brushed against denim. Jeans. Following the fabric up and I noticed I was leaning on Sasuke's pant leg. Oh boy.

I pushed away from him before I got too comfortable. I've been known to drool at times.

"Sakura, were you sleeping?" Kakashi asked me as he ignored Naruto.

He just had to say it, didn't he? He couldn't just…sigh.

This time I couldn't stop myself. I said, "Are you stupid?"

Kakashi probably didn't even hear me or chose to ignore me too. "Alrighty then. Today the three of you will be doing something to help you physically and help you in most of your missions." The three of us waited. "You'll be put through a little water exercise."

"So in other words," I slowly got to my feet with some help from Sasuke.

"We're going swimming." Sasuke finished saying for me.

Kakashi smiled --or at least I think he did. Damn mask. "Get your swim suits on and I'll meet you by the water in five minutes."


-There, now do you feel all high and mighty? Your chapter is longer than mine.

-Of course I do, Uchiha. -smile-

--Sigh- You are so annoying.

-Hey, you're worse than annoying in my book but you don't hear me complaining.

-So what do you call this now?


-The feelings' mutual. Maybe instead of having Naruto wake you up next time, I'll call in Pegasus.

-…Shuttup -mutters-

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