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[Reviews - 6] LikedPrinter

-Hello there! The name’s Sakura. Just your typical girl looking for some-
-What do you think your doing? What about me?
-What about you, Sasuke? Okay! Uh, lets see, you’re annoying for starters…
-You’re so full of yourself. This is a story about BOTH of us. Not just about you.
-Says who? Besides, I look better in a two piece better than you ever will. That’s reason enough that this story to be mine.
-No, it isn’t. -sigh- Can we just get started on this already?
-Alright alight… -pause- Hey, is that a boner in your pants?

Rating: 15
Category: Het Romance > Top Six Pairs > Sasuke and Sakura
Characters: All
Genres: Action/Adventure, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Sexual Themes
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 10 Completed: No
Words: 12044 Read: 8776
Published: 24/07/08 Updated: 14/02/09

1. Rose Petals by vampirella [Reviews - 3] Liked (1118 words)
this is different than what im used to but i cant resist a challenge so walla

2. Sleepy Time by vampirella [Reviews - 0] (1787 words)
hahaha im having so much writing this lol

3. Up, Down, All Around by vampirella [Reviews - 0] (1587 words)
i had such a laugh as i wrote this lol and im not really sure if guys do that. so if any guy is willing, id really like to talk :>
maybe stroking makes things worse...?? ^^ la8er

4. Stupid Boys by vampirella [Reviews - 0] (1019 words)
honestly, i never thought id make it to the 4th chapter. im such a lazy fart >< enjoy

5. A Leaky Problem by vampirella [Reviews - 0] (1244 words)
this actually works, iv tried it with my bro just for this chapter :3

6. Tag, You're Dead by vampirella [Reviews - 0] (1195 words)
will sakura be able to get away? find out ^^
7. Dummies For Dummies by vampirella [Reviews - 1] Liked (1243 words)
haha naruXsasu!! can there be anything more sexy in the whole world?
8. Selfish Rat by vampirella [Reviews - 2] Liked (1236 words)
i was kind of hoping for you people out there (the ones that actually give a damn) to urge me to write and keep writing this story... but that didnt happen. so whos fault is it....? thats right, the media

enjoy =.=

9. Got-2-Go! by vampirella [Reviews - 0] (936 words)
its soooo good to be back!
Where was i you may ask?
Somewhere where the sun didnt shine and all forms of communication were a thing of the past!

10. The Hush Shush by vampirella [Reviews - 0] (679 words)
happy readings